Some Valentine Ideas

Well, I cannot decide if it was bad news day or good news day yesterday. My dental appointment that I have dreaded for days was postponed due to snow. We didn’t get any snow at our place, but apparently the area where my dentist lives did. So, all that anxiety will now be postponed to next week, and then 10 days after that. Ugh. Good news, I got to eat the chocolate pudding I made as a reward for myself. What the hey, it wouldn’t last to next week anyway. Then, our power went out yesterday, and the generator didn’t come on. So, more bad news as without it I couldn’t sew, or watch TV, or read, or much of anything. My laptop only had a little battery charge left, so I couldn’t do that for long. My Sweet Babboo had to figure out the cause and fix that. Good news is he can fix anything, just meant a trip to the hardware store. This easily could have occurred when there was a foot of snow on the mountain and we couldn’t leave the house. Having it happen on a reasonably clear day meant he could get what was needed and get it going again. We have to be thankful for that. So, while I could still get a little done, I did a roundup of Valentine inspiration for you for today. I am hoping my hyacinth bulbs bloom this year, but nothing yet. These delicate pink flowers were last year’s delight. I love the delicate colors and marvelous fragrance of hyacinths.

A Valentine table is not something I do every year, but I did this one a few years ago with reds and pinks. I put lace paper doilies on red chargers, and topped those with some pink Depression glass dishes, a pattern by Jeannette Glass called Cherryblossom Pink. White napkins, and pink glass goblets completed the settings. The centerpiece was an Eiffel Tower set in a ring of red votives, flanked with heart cut out cups holding white flowers and little red hearts.

It was a nicely romantic table for two, perfect for my Valentine Breakfast of Popovers with Black Cherry Creme, recipes on that post.

I still think this Romantic Table for Two is my favorite of all the February Tablescapes. It is done in gold rather than the red or pink that is usual for February tables. I did this one with a Paris, France theme with my Eiffel Tower, a bridge of votive candle lights and my French plates. See the post for details and links to the blog hop if you are in the mood to see tablescapes.

I made this Valentine card for my mother in law in 2015. It has a lovely flower stamped on pink cardstock, with a vellum overlay stamped Valentine Greetings.

This cute Darby Love, with Heart stamp, and the Berry Sweet stamp set from Impression Obsession make adorable cards. If you are a card maker, find inspirational sentiments stamps at Impression Obsession HERE and check out the Featured Category of the month for special sales.

Feel like making a heart table topper this year? My Hearts Around Table Topper is easy, just click on that link for the full free pattern.

Use the same block, just orient all the hearts the same way for my Hearts Wall Hanging. Small projects like this are great to try new quilting techniques on your domestic machine. See my tutorial on MadamSew’s blog for How to Stipple Quilt, and check out their deals while you are there.

The piece looks wonderful on a red theme table too. I set this one up just for decor, as we didn’t have any plans.

Make my wool applique project with hearts and silk ribbon accents, Valentine Penny Rug. The link to the tutorial post also has a pdf download with the free pattern.

I’m wondering who we can show some appreciation to this pandemic year. It wouldn’t take much to make up some bags of goodies, and deliver them to your local firehouse for the first responders. Some thank you cards, handmade or store bought with some candy would go far to showing appreciation for their work this year. Of course, your local domestic violence shelter’s current residents can always use a little support, too.

Then you can reward yourself with my Creme Brulee!

There are some great new Valentine inspired fabrics at Fat Quarter Shop, with new items coming in, and of course the daily Flash Sale. I ordered this Holiday Flourish Layer Cake on the Precuts sale of the week yesterday, and I’ll be doing a special quilt along with it soon. Get yours this week while it is on sale if you’d like to quilt along with me later this year on a table topper.

Are you doing anything special for Valentine fun this year?

25 thoughts on “Some Valentine Ideas

  1. Mary Stori

    Ouch….the thought of the dentist is about equal with the thought of being w/o power (we have no generator). Sounds like, though disruptive, all is well given the chocolate pudding!

  2. Rita C.

    What great ideas, all! I remember your Paris table very well, and it was beautiful. It goes without saying the same of ALL your quilting.
    Well, I’m sorry the anxiety of the dental appts lingers…..I’ve had to actually take a small dose valium for past procedures. Most of my siblings hate going to the dentist too…..we have lots of history of fillings from the past, which now translate to crowns. Only fitting for kings and queens, right??

  3. Julie

    Timely post, I’ve been sewing valentine themed items for days. I’m doing your adorable table topper next.

  4. Elaine Nemeth

    Can’t wait to get home and make my flying geese for mystery.
    Two weeks of helping friend recover from knee replacement has me ready to get on the long arm and quilt away. Great wool heart project is on the agenda now. Thanks for your post.

    1. Linda B

      We have our dental cleaning appmts coming up in April (again… had cancelled all in 2020), and hope it is not a mistake. And wonderful your DH is so handy! Losing power is no fun!! Love your valentine ideas… might try to resize your scrappy Hearts Around to make a little mini for my stand…thinking about that. And love the penny rug! Thanks for sharing your fun ideas!! Stay warm!


    The hearts table topper is so pretty. I am busy making dresses for my 5 Great Granddaughters so no time for quilting.

  6. What a delightful post! A bright spot at the start of this cold grey day. Love all the heart-y ideas. I’m heading to the sewing room in a minute to gather the supplies for the wool work. Been looking for a handwork project lately and this is just the ticket! Sorry for your dental delay—I find the waiting for something unpleasant to happen is the worst part, worse than getting on dealing with the reality of it. But whatever comes, you have shown you can marshal your resources and make the best of circumstances. Well done!

  7. I just love the “hearts around” quilt. Of course, I had to go check the pattern, and then the blog with the quilting and loved your method for the ribbon candy. So smart to mark it instead of “winging it” which is the way I do things. 🙂 Hang in there. Beautiful post.

  8. Mary Ed Williams

    OK,I need to stop looking at your recipes – the popovers have me drooling. If I make them, I will eat them all, which is not a good thing. Your Valentine’s post is so wonderful. Thanks.
    Mary Ed

  9. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Sorry you lost power and also had to postpone your dental appointment. I also hate going to the dentist, even for a cleaning! But, I did love seeing all your Valentine ideas! I love that little penny rug and may just have to try my hand at that! Thanks for the link!

  10. Donna

    We lost power during the night on Saturday. It came on a few hours after we got up but luckily it was a sunny morning so we could still read. I haven’t been in the mood for Valentine’s. Your table setting are so pretty!!

  11. Susan Salo

    Lovely pictures for Valentine’s Day. Our anniversary is the 4th (married in a Michigan blizzard-so silly!) so we celebrate that and Valentines not so much. It will be our 44th this year.

  12. What an inspirational post for Valentine ideas (not dental, other than the chocolate pudding). I need to start preparing our table. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement.

  13. Joan Sheppard

    When we moved into our first house, the men were unloading the van, my SIL and I were still in the car when we heard KABOOM. Furnace blew up. Jan, -8 below. So it’s very funny NOW. Not so much back then. The plumber just came in, “small leak”. This falls under the heading of “this too shall pass” and thankfully your beloved is handy. And you certainly brightened our day with all the lovely heart and candles and lovely settings. Thanks for brightening the day!

  14. It sounds like the best thing to come of your good news/bad news day is that you can make dome chocolate pudding again next week! It’s great to have a husband who can fix just about anything, isn’t it? I’m lucky that way, too. Love seeing your Valentine ideas – especially those patchwork hearts. I may have to make one of those!

  15. Mary

    I think everybody has this anxiousness about dental appointments. All linked to childhood memories I guess. The good thing is that they don’t last long unless it is major dentistry. And then to cope with power outages and non working generators. Thank goodness for CREME BRÛLÉE!!!! :)))

  16. I am sure Paul and I will eat pizza out of the box while watching TV. However, I will imagine that I am sitting at your fancy table with votives and lace doilies enjoying a gourmet meal, served by gloved waiters 😀 Whether I have Paris or not, I always have my very fertile imagination 🙂 Hope your dental issues are addressed as painlessly as possible.

  17. Your Sweet Baboo is also Handyman Extraordinaire! I think the popovers might be just the ticket for a special breakfast. Maybe with sausage gravy for DH, I’ll have to check the recipe and do some creative thinking! For me, raspberry cream sounds pretty ideal!

  18. Rosalind Martz

    Enjoyed your letter for the week. Really liked the simple craft idea of the valentine mat with all the instructions. Great hand work for watching tv. Table scapes were beautiful as always.Keep the letters coming.

  19. thedarlingdogwood

    Creme brule, yum!!! One of my favorites, though I’ve never made my own. Love your different romantic/Valentine’s tablescapes.

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