Sewing Rayon Lounge Top Nightshirt

This tutorial is the companion to the lounge pants in the previous post, using the same rayon fabric.  Click on Rayon Lounge Pants for that tutorial.  Cutting out the rayon uses the same principles of not stretching the fabric, and using pattern weights helps.  For the top, I have a favorite nightshirt that I wanted to copy.

Rayon Pajama Top - 23

For a simple garment, it is really easy to make a pattern from another piece of clothing.  All you need is the garment, some wide freezer paper or newsprint, and some marking tools.  I use my French curve ruler, along with a couple of straight side rulers, a pencil and a sharpie marker to darken the lines.  This works best with super simple lines and few extra seams like darts.

Rayon Pajama Top - 1

I start by laying out the garment right side up and smooth it out so the seams are at the edges. Then I draw around the garment with a pencil.

Rayon Pajama Top - 2

I mark the center, then fold the garment in half to mark the center front line at the bottom.

Rayon Pajama Top - 3

Do the same at the top neck edge, marking the center of the lower neckline too.

Rayon Pajama Top - 4

I remove the garment, go over all the lines with a sharpie. I use a dashed line for the fold line, and mark it with arrows like the commercial patterns do.

Rayon Pajama Top - 5

Then I mark a cutting line 5/8″ away from the edge. Leave this off the fold line so you won’t mistakenly cut that one.

Rayon Pajama Top - 6

Repeat with another piece of paper, and the back side of your garment.

Rayon Pajama Top - 7

Be sure to mark the fold here too.

Rayon Pajama Top - 8

Now, line up the patterns for the front and back and make any adjustments to keep the side seams even. Note that the back is often a bit wider than the front, that is OK.

Rayon Pajama Top - 9

Looking at the lower edge, I’ll make these line up a bit better.

Rayon Pajama Top - 10

Moving the top one, I redraw the lines on the bottom so the side slits line up.

Rayon Pajama Top - 11

Now, using your new pattern, cut out the rayon, being careful to place the fabric and pattern with the folds lining up. If your fabric is one directional, be sure to place the top of the pattern pieces oriented the same way.

Rayon Pajama Top - 12

Serge the side seams and top sleeve seams. Or, with your domestic machine using a walking foot, sew the seams.

Rayon Pajama Top - 13

Press seams inside and outside.

Rayon Pajama Top - 14

Try the garment on and make any adjustments. I wanted this one to be more of a top, so I decided to shorten it. Using the French curve, I drew a new cut line with chalk and cut way the extra length.

Rayon Pajama Top - 15

Now, serge the raw edges of the neckline, hem, and sleeve hem.

Rayon Pajama Top - 16

Turn under and topstitch to finish the edges.  If you don’t have a serger, just turn under 1/4 inch and press, then turn again another 1/4 inch and topstitch.

Rayon Pajama Top - 17

Sometimes the rayon will ruffle a bit while sewing.  Minimize this by not pulling on the fabric as it is taken through the feed dogs.

Rayon Pajama Top - 18

Just press with a bit of steam to flatten it out.

Rayon Pajama Top - 19

OK, all finished with the basic nightshirt or lounge wear top.

Rayon Pajama Top - 20

I like to embellish a bit to make these more interesting. So, I added a lace medallion. Find these in the fabric stores in the bridal area.

Rayon Pajama Top - 21

I use a couching stitch through the lace by hand so the lace floats on the surface and the stitches don’t show.

Rayon Pajama Top - 22

I added a ribbon rose to the center to finish it up.

Rayon Pajama Top - 23

Voila, finished! Ready to wear around the house with the Rayon Pants on a warm day, while relaxing with my next good book.

Rayon Pajama Top finished

Have you ever made a garment from a finished piece?

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9 thoughts on “Sewing Rayon Lounge Top Nightshirt

  1. I found a great knit dress at a yard sale. So comfortable, easy wear, and I looked terrific in it. It finally started to get worn, but I didn’t want to pull it apart, yet. But I managed to make a copy of it. Not as perfect as the original, but pretty darned close! I kept the pattern, I need to make another one of these days.

    Your nightshirt looks terrific.

  2. Awesome tutorial thank you. I have not sewn my own clothes in ages and ages and I have had the urge to make something lately. I hadn’t heard of pattern weights before I think I would like that instead of pinning

  3. I really like the lace detail that you added to your top. I like to copy a piece when you know it fits well. I hope you are enjoying wearing your lounge suit as it looks so comfy.

  4. How did you know I want to make a few of these? Lar is always complaining about me using his tee shirts. Guess I have to get started now! Thanx for the great tut! L

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