Quilting To The Nines

When I left off this project last week, I had put on a pieced border, then removed it. The border was just too much white on the edges and I really didn’t like it. After I picked out the stitches and took it off, I loaded on the frame again and got ready to begin the quilting.

But as I looked at it, and prepared to begin, I realized that if I didn’t do something with the edges, I was going to lose my star points. I put a deeper binding on my quilts than just 1/4-inch, so I needed to add something to preserve the points.

I didn’t have a big enough backing for a lot of border, so I added just a thin white border give me more space for a nice deep binding. Then, it was reloaded on the longarm, and I began the quilting. I used this pantograph on the last Quilt of Valor that I did for the local group. It is a ribbon and star design that is perfect for a patriotic theme, called Blue Star for Urban Elementz.

The thread is white Glide in the top with white Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Hobbs 80/20 batting is in the sandwich.

Then, around 2/3 of the way through, I started getting thread breaks, lots of them. I was so close to finishing! I wound a new bobbin and adjusted the bobbin tension, put in a new needle, adjusted the quilt sandwich tension, rethreaded the machine, and at one point I just had to walk away for a bit.

Yesterday, the machine was behaving a bit better, and I finished the quilting. Whew!! Done! This quilt will be added to my trunk show for in-person speaking events, and will also be used as a class sample.

Today the plan is to make the binding and put it on. Then I’ll have a bit of handwork to do while I watch the Super Bowl on Sunday. I still have my other embroidery project too, so enough to keep me busy.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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17 thoughts on “Quilting To The Nines

  1. vivian383

    Isn’t it so frustrating to adjust every little thing on the quilting machine princess, yet she refuses to behave somedays? Yet when you finally give up for the session and walk away for the day, the next time usually she will behave and begin quilting again as before.
    I would love to know why the machine behaves this way ! I gave up on mine finally, and dragged it in for service. It needed adjustment on five or six different items, including the timing before she returned to performance levels. Not something I could achieve. After two years of fixing the inner gremlins myself, I guess it was time. We are all sewing mechanics!

  2. Julie

    Goodness! That quilt really gave you a workout. One of my knitting friends decided she didn’t like sewing because she had to take re-do a seam. (That made me laugh.) You have patience of a saint, taking off border, loading it on the frame, taking it off the frame, putting on a new border, having the longarm go rogue…….I’m glad it all worked out in the end. It’s such a beautiful design and the panto is fitting. I recommend a Dove chocolate or two to celebrate.

  3. Rheanna

    I will hopefully finish tying a baby quilt for a friend who is due in 2 weeks. Then binding. I see her on Wednesday so I hope to give it to her then. It is the first time I have used minky on the back of a quilt. Not sure if I will again.

  4. Linda B

    Lovely QOV! Liked hearing that you take a bit larger than 1/4 inch for your bindings…I do too. Well, except on minis. What is this about a special quilt along? We are preparing for single digit weather Sunday and next week. Brrr. Might go look at a new sewing machine tomorrow…still on the fence. Have a good weekend!

  5. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love that star quilt, Carole! It is a great addition to your trunk show. Glad you worked out the problems with your tension. That can be a booger!! LOL This weekend I plan on doing some work on my secret sewing before I move on with the quilting of my Sunshine Cove block. Have a great weekend! We will watch the Puppy Bowl, but not fans of pro football! Plus DH will be working so I can stitch away!

  6. Catherine B

    This quilt is stunning!!! I’ve loved Patriotic themes since I was a child, happy memories of parades, picnics, sunshine. I am new to the machine quilting concept, I learned to quilt by hand. Could you explain what a pantograph is/does. I know it’s a pattern, but how do you use it? Does the machine do all the work? or do somehow follow the design?

  7. Connie Wolfe

    Looking forward to seeing the finished quilt next week. It’s a great sample for QOV presentations and classes (when these can resume safely).Like you, I am also preparing some handwork for Super Bowl. Either I can get a small Comfort Quilt finished in the next two days or can do some line quilting on another that is already in the pin basted stage.What finger foods and/ or snacks will you prepare for the day?

  8. Hi Carole ! I certainly admire your persistence with the machine. I still have my Autumn Jubilee on the machine, waiting to be “re-rolled” after I did all the stitch removal back in NOVEMBER…hahahah ! I really need to just get out there and do it and you inspire me the way you stick to things. ( I have convinced myself I need 4 hands to do the “re-rolling” to keep things even!) Meanwhile, this weekend I am doing valentines cards for the assisted living center’s 80 residents.

  9. That’s such a beautiful quilt, Carole! I’m glad you worked out what you wanted for the borders. What size do you make/sew your binding at? Do you take a larger seam allowance when sewing it on to the quilt? We’ll be watching the Phoenix Open golf tournament as well as the Super Bowl this weekend. Lots of stitching time included!

  10. Rosemary B

    I love this quilt. It is bright and with that, energetic, encouraging and happy.
    I hope you are enjoying sunshine today, I am going to get out for fresh air today, just to clear out the dust haha
    Have a fun week end.
    All of those tempting things on sale are lovely.

  11. Joan Sheppard

    Love how this is coming along. You have certainly put the time and effort into it. When I use 2 1/2 inch for binding it does get a little “pushy” into the quilt but I go back to front and machine sew as most of my quilts go to babies or dogs and hand sewing wouldn’t stand up to that. (And I’m lazy.) Although this last one has some embroidery on it. Just finished a 10 day internet challenge. Show a quilt a day for 10 days. I’m not computer savvy so the challenge was the computer – not the quilts! LOL Thanks for sharing.

  12. Susan Nixon

    It looks great. I felt your pain as you talked about the breaking thread and what you tried to fix it. I hope it was just a glitch that won’t return! Super Bowl Sunday? Already? I’ll have to look up whose playing! I’ve been sewing today, and if it doesn’t snow too much and get icy overnight, I’ll be in church tomorrow. =)

  13. I think the thin border has worked well.
    What a nuisance to have your machine playing up in the middle of quilting.
    Our weekend involved a surprise visit from our son and grandchildren. They just decided they wanted to visit and have a sleepover. We think that was a wonderful idea.

  14. Nancy Bekedam

    Wonderful quilted quilt!!! I can feel your frustration on the thread breaking so near the end. Glad you could come back to it at a later time and all worked out.

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