Legal Stuff

Privacy policies are getting a lot of attention with the new regulations going into effect in the European Union, and here in the US. For my blog, I do not personally use cookies, nor do I sell or transfer your information to other entities.  I keep your name and email address associated with comments made on this blog in order to respond personally. Your email address is saved in order to send periodic emails for my posts when you sign up to follow by email.  The security of the information is managed by WordPress, which does use cookies.  Purchases made of my patterns and other items are managed by outside entities such as Etsy, Ebay, via Paypal, and those entities are responsible for protecting your personal information.  I do not collect any payment information.   I do not sell email lists, or any information collected by the blog. View the individual privacy policies of all the services and affiliates associated with my blog at these links.
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Facebook – Long known to collect a great deal of data about you whether you are logged in or not, Facebook has updated its policy here.  I only use Facebook to display links to posts here on this blog, and have a group to share ideas, progress and projects inspired by my blog generated by users.  I would highly recommend using a Facebook Container add on extension or plug in to your browser to compartmentalize what Facebook has access to. When you install this extension it will delete your Facebook cookies and log you out of Facebook. The next time you visit Facebook it will open in a new blue-colored browser tab (aka “container tab”).  See the link for a full explanation of how it works.  The container add on for Firefox can be found here to stop Facebook from tracking your use of websites via cookies.

Affiliate Disclosure
I’m now an affiliate for Amazon, Fat Quarter Shop, Impression Obsession, Madam Sew, Sulky Threads and C&T Publishing.  Using my links will enable me to make a small commission on any sales without affecting your prices so I can pay the costs of producing great free content on this blog. You can still use your existing accounts with those vendors. From My Carolina Home is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and the ShareASale Affiliate Program. Both are affiliate advertising programs designed to provide a means to earn fees by linking to,,,,, and affiliated sites.  These entities use cookies to track clicks from my blog to credit me with the small commissions.  Thank you for using my links!!