Speaker Programs – In Person or Zoom

I am available for speaking to quilting groups and guilds in live events and on Zoom.  I now have three programs for you to choose from. I am offering two on Zoom, and all three are available for in-person meetings. Please use the form at the bottom to contact me regarding fees, availability and a contract. All three programs run just over an hour, both in person and on Zoom, with extra time allowed for questions. In-person programs have handouts and pass-around examples to make the learning fun and interesting. Typically, I provide one or more door prizes as well. The contract may also include a workshop for the same day or next day for my To The Nines pattern or another of my Scrap Dance patterns in table topper size. I am willing to come a reasonable driving distance from western North Carolina for in person programs. See the comments below for previous audience feedback.

A visit to Ashe County Piecemakers

Scrap Dancing – Zoom and In-Person

Scrap Dancing is a program of ideas to use up the bits and pieces left over from other projects, along with free patterns. Topics covered include scrap saving systems, color matching, small projects up to larger projects with many ideas for gift sewing, home decor and more, featuring my Scrap Dance pattern line. The program runs just over one hour. This program will primarily cover cotton quilting fabrics, small projects and improv ideas. In person includes a trunk show of my original Scrap Dance quilts. 

How many scraps of material have you saved?  Do you have uneven pieces from cutting, partial yard leftovers, old clothes you can’t stand to give away because of the fabric or a pretty embroidery, bits and pieces of this and that?  Do you buy 4 yards of fabric when the pattern calls for 3? 
“I’m going to use up all these pieces before I go buy anything else.” 
“This year, I’m going to make all my holiday gifts.” 
Have you ever said any or all of these things? 
There is a way to use those scraps, but there are a few things you need to know.   Large pieces all the way down to 1-inch square can be successfully used given the right project. Scrap Dancing can show you how!

Well Loved Quilt Repair – Zoom and In Person

This program is available for both Zoom and In Person presentations. I have pulled together my tips and tricks, and organized the program according to the types of repairs needed. Everything from small holes, and dog chewed corners up to major damage is covered, with advice on starting your own repair business. This program will run about an hour and 15 minutes.

I am offering this class as a stand alone available for individual sign up for a Zoom presentation with Q&A at the end. The class will include information on starting your own repair business and runs about 90 minutes. Class fee $30 per person. The next class is May 10. Click HERE to sign up. I am keeping a wait list for a class in late Summer 2022. If you would like to be on the waiting list for the class, click on Repair Class Wait List and fill out the form. I’ll send you a paypal invoice when a date and time are set.

Decisions Decisions – In Person Only Program

My program “Decisions, Decisions!!” deals with the details to consider after the quilt top is made and before it is quilted.   Considerations include an extensive lecture on the reasons for putting borders on correctly, thread and batting choices, how to decide on quilting designs, and tips to get more from your longarm quilting service.  Choosing quilting designs for your tops, with a large trunk show to illustrate ideas is part of the fun.  There are also several interesting tips to make your preparations easier and check for accuracy.  Most of the program is applicable to those who do their own quilting, with few tips on using a longarm quilter.  The program runs about an hour and 15 minutes to 1-1/2 hours, depending on questions asked.   The program includes a trunk show of quilts to illustrate points, with some materials to pass in the audience for close inspection. Decisions, Decisions is only available for in-person events, and I am currently booking for 2023. Please see the comments below on this very popular and informative program.

A visit to Ashe County Piecemakers

Contact me with this form, please include your location.

6 thoughts on “Speaker Programs – In Person or Zoom

  1. Jeanne Theodore

    A wonderful program with tons of touch, see, feel examples of thread, batting, and borders on quilts that Carole has made/designed. Applicable to both those with and without a long arm machine.

  2. Sharon Ellison

    Interesting program with many things to think about, and the trunk show has great examples of the points made. Carole shows the difference thread color and type can make in a quilt. She had lots of batting samples to touch and feel with ideas on how to use them beyond the usual cotton. Then her tips gave even more considerations, and notes on what to ask a longarm quilter. Great program for any quilter.

  3. Susan Bennett

    Hi Carole, I’m a member of the Piecemakers quilt and attended your lecture and trunk show today. That was the best lecture/trunk show I’ve been to in a long time. It was so informative and loved all your information and tips. Your quilts and quilting is beautiful. I started using Aurafil thread a few years ago and love it. I don’t have a Longarm mainly because of space. One of the reasons I love Aurafil is exactly what you said about filling the bobbin so much less. I too love Quilting, wool work, cross stitch, gardening and cooking/baking. I have a lot of stamping supplies and may get back in after today. I bet Sally’s get well card was adorable. I talked to her on the way home to let her know how awesome you were today as our guest speaker. Also to check on how she was feeling. Thanks again.

  4. Martha E

    Carole spoke at our group last month, and I have to tell you that this was absolutely the most jam-packed, inforamtive lecture and trunk show I have ever seen. She had so many good tips! I’ve never thought about putting all the decisions together the way she does, gave me a whole new perspective on my own quilting choices. She is funny and interesting, the time just flew by. Book her as soon as you can!

  5. Susan Bennett

    Hi Carole, I have been tackling some unfinished quilts during the “shelter in” in TN. You visited our quilt in Sevierville last year. You told us a tip for washing fabric without is getting all twisted up. I can’t find my notes from the lecture and would love to know that tip. I have a large piece of fabric to wash for backing. Would appreciate your help.

  6. Julie Webster SHQC

    I am interested in having you present on zoom for Smoky Hill Quilt club. We are meeting via zoom presently which creates a flexibility in having out of state presenters. I read your history article. It was very interesting. Do you have anything like this for a zoom format? If not, I may be interested in one of your other topics. We meet on the third Thursday of the month, 630 pm to 830 pm. Normally the presentation starts at 730 and goes for an hour. I am looking to schedule April or May 2021 at this time. Please let me know if you are interested. Thank you. Julie Webster

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