Hearts Around Table Topper

Scrappy reds are so pretty, and I really like these fabrics with their burgundy and cream colors.  What better motif for scrappy reds than hearts?   This table topper with its hearts facing different ways makes a wonderful centerpiece and everyone has the same view.  Its finished size is about 28 inches square.

Hearts Around - 22

Start by cutting your pieces, here’s what you need.

Scrappy Reds
24 2-1/2-inch squares
16 2-7/8-inch squares

Background Ecru
16 2-7/8-inch squares
8 2-1/2-inch squares

Sashing and Cornerstones
9 2-1/2-inch red print cornerstone squares
12 strips 2-1/2 inches x 8-1/2 inches ecru with sparse red print

1/2 yard red fabric cut into 3-1/2 inch wide strips

Draw a diagonal line on the back of your 2-7/8-inch background squares.

Hearts Around - 1

Pair them up with the 2-7/8-inch scrappy reds and sew 1/4 inch away from the line on both sides.

Hearts Around - 3

Chain stitch both ways.

Hearts Around - 4

Cut on the line, press to the red side, and Square Up to 2-1/2 inches.

Hearts Around - 6

Now, lay out groups for each heart so you end up nice and scrappy. You’ll need six red squares, two background squares, and eight HSTs for each one.

Hearts Around - 7

Lay out each heart one at a time, making sure you have the prints distributed nicely.

Hearts Around - 8

Sew in rows.

Hearts Around - 9

Press each row with seams going in opposite directions from the row above to nest the seams.

Hearts Around - 10

Repeat for the next three blocks.  The hearts should measure 8-1/2 inches square. Lay out the blocks with the hearts facing all four directions.  Here’s the layout.

Hearts Around

The bottom right will be upright, then the bottom left will face left, the upper left will face up, and the upper right will face right. Place your cornerstone squares and sashing strips.  Note that each sashing strip has been cut to measurement, just like you do a border. This will keep the quilt flat and prevent those C- and D-cups that form in the middle from sashing that is too long.  See my tutorial on Quilt Borders Understanding the Why to see how measuring makes a difference.  For even more information, see my post Another Lesson on Measuring Borders.

Hearts Around - 14

Sew in rows, making sure you sew with the patchwork up to be sure you sew through the ‘x’ at the points.

Hearts Around - 15

Chain stitch here too.

Hearts Around - 16

Press towards the cornerstones and towards the patchwork hearts. This will do two things, it will nest the seams for the rows to join, and it will keep the stronger red color from being seen under the lighter sashing strips when it is quilted.

Hearts Around - 17

Add a dark red border 3-1/2 inches wide, using the Measure and Cut Border Technique.

Hearts Around - 19

Quilt as desired and bind as usual.

Hearts Around - 20

Enjoy!  It took a while to get the quilting done, see Quilting Hearts Around for the finish.

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27 thoughts on “Hearts Around Table Topper

    1. Emma Barton

      I’ve always seen that called the “Chase” pattern, thus this is the “Chasing Hearts”. I knew it had to be fab!

  1. This is so cute!! It’s a great way to use the red scraps, too.
    And thank you for the lovely tutorial! I want to make this before February!!

  2. Stephanie

    Another beautiful creation, Carole! I was thinking maybe I would make one heart square and make a pot holder out of it…. that might be my afternoon project 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing at Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

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