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With the romance of Valentine’s day on the horizon, it is time to think about a romantic dinner for two at home.  I am delighted to join Chloe for her blog hop Romantic Table for Two, ideas and tablescapes.  Perhaps the 14th will have you eating out, so a nice meal at home may be the weekend before or after – a wonderful way to extend the romance.  Whether it is breakfast or dinner, a pretty tablescape sets a mood for love and appreciation of all you share together.  When I think of romance, the place that comes to mind is Paris, France.  DH and I spent a wonderful week there years ago, so romantic, in a small hotel where we had a suite of rooms on the top floor (the 6th floor) with a marvelous stone balcony, overlooking the lights of the city of light.  So, of course, Paris was the first thing that came to mind for a tablescape. I ordered an Eiffel Tower online, and set the table looking out to the view of the mountains.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

The placemats and napkins are wine labels.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Some time ago, I scored these French storefront plates at the thrift store. Lovely aren’t they?  I liked the look of the square salad plates with the square chargers.  I picked out the boulangerie…

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

and the bookstore for our place settings, set on top of my white-on-white china plates and gold chargers.  Naturally, the good silverware has to be on the table, too.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

The pretty pink wine glasses are etched glass from the depression era. You can see a bit more of our mountain views in this photo.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Looking closer at the centerpiece, I found the graceful arc candle holder just last week at the thrift store, and it reminded me of the graceful arcing stone bridges over the River Seine in the heart of Paris.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Then, after I had set this table, I found the Cafe sign at another thrift store. It was just so perfect, and completed the tablescape. The greenery is faux grape leaves with bunches of grapes. Continuing the theme, I set out my grape cluster glass dishes to serve the appetizer course.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, for some romance, lets lower the lights, and light the candles, shall we?

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

I closed the curtains for the photos, but we will be looking out on a moonlit night.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Here’s my menu for dinner – click on the color ones for my original recipes here on my blog.

Shrimp and Avocado Romoulade

Spinach Salad with Cranberry Vinaigrette

White Wine Chicken and Mushrooms

Sourdough Rolls with Creamery Butter

Parsley New Potatoes with Sour Cream Sauce

Individual Creme Brulees – recipe coming soon

And now, a giveaway!  When I ordered the little Eiffel Tower on my tablescape, I ordered two of them.  I’ll send one to a lucky reader for your Romantic Table for Two tablescape.  To enter, just leave a comment on this post with where you have had a romantic dinner in the past.  Maybe it was a wonderful restaurant, a special occasion, in a park, on a trip, or at home.   Followers may leave a second comment for a second entry just saying how you follow.  Yes, I will ship internationally, so all are welcome to enter!  Forgive me if I cannot do individual email replies on this post as there are usually too many on a giveaway.  The drawing will be held Thursday evening after 5 pm Eastern time and the winner notified by email. Drawing has been held.


Visit the other wonderful bloggers today and through the week for more romantic ideas.  This post will remain on the main page on this blog through Thursday, so come back each day to see that day’s Romantic Tables for Two. Here is the schedule for the blog hop.

Romantic Dinner for Two ~ From My Carolina Home

Where have you had a Romantic Dinner for Two?



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66 thoughts on “Romantic Table for Two Blog Hop

  1. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I love your Parisian tablescape! We like to vacation in the Rocky Mountains and one of my remembered favorite meals with my husband was a picnic lunch we shared two years ago on the Gunnison River (Colorado) at the bottom of the Black Canyon. Hearing the water rush by and watching the golden aspen leaves shimmer in the sunlight was perfect.

  2. I have had a lovely dinner for 2 up the Eiffel Tower. It was very special. The last special romantic dinner for 2 was on a cruise for my 30th wedding anniversary. We actually had a table for 2 which was lovely too. I follow you in your blog… I think I am going to be starting your mystery on Thursday…

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  4. Carole, I’ve never had the opportunity to visit Paris but I love doing so via your romantic table, complete with the the Eiffel Tower! Your pretty etched pink goblets pair perfectly with your wine label placemats and French market plates. There is nothing prettier than the NC mountains and I love to escape there for a weekend getaway. I just clicked over to your mountain living and thoroughly enjoyed all your bird visitors to your feeders, including your turkeys! Next fall after pumpkin season, I’m going to follow your suggestion of sprinkling pumpkins halves with birdseed. 🙂

  5. Carole, what a beautiful and romantic table!! Paris is definitely a city of romance…love your Eiffel Tower and the arc candleholder! Your dinnerware is so perfect for your Paris-themed table and the pink etched wine glasses round out a lovely table with a view! Have a wonderful Monday!

  6. As usual, your tablescape is so lovely…and this one evokes romance beautifully. Honestly, after 44 years of marriage I’m not sure if my husband would even notice this beautiful setting…but I’d like to find out. I think our most romantic dinner…please don’t laugh…was on the day we were married. We were both in college and we eloped to neighboring Kentucky where one didn’t have to be 21 to get married. After the wedding we returned Marshall University’s cafeteria and had supper (it was ALREADY PAID FOR….lol)–me in my pretty white dress and he in his brand-new suit. Heads turned and questions were asked…but it was if we were alone in that large hall.k

  7. Love your romantic view and Paris theme. I love Paris also and have enjoyed a very romantic dinner at the Eiffel Tower that I will never forget.
    Thank you for bringing back lovely memories. I hear La Vie En Rose in my head. Your lovely table was created with much thought and love.

  8. Beautiful Carole! And how special to bring back the wonderful memories of your trip to Paris- the wine label mats and napkins are so perfect with your theme and unique plates! C’est bon! Tres romantique!

  9. Jennifer Rauch

    Many years ago, 2 kiddoes, 1 income. . . purchased clam chowder from a local seafood restaurant/market. Bought some crusty bread, made a salad, put the kids to bed, lit the fireplace & had a simple, delightful picnic there. A fond memory! Your lovely tablescapes are always inspiring!

  10. Lois Stimax

    Many years ago we knew a chef who came and made dinner for us in our home! His wife was the waitress and they set up a table in the living room in front of the fireplace. We had gone out shopping for nothing in particular, and when we got home, the fire and candles were all ready for us! What a surprise! What a great memory!

  11. One of my favorites was the year my husband made dinner…he did a fancy green salad, crab and steak with strawberry cheese cake for dessert!!! I came home to the China, candles and even flowers! It was quite the treat, especially for our one income family.

  12. Paris, what a wonderful choice for setting a romantic table for two. I know that Paris is a love of my husband’s so he would appreciate such a lovely themed dinner table. The placemats, salad plates and napkins all carry out your theme so perfectly. Thank you so much for being a part of the tablescape blog hop!

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  15. Belle Bleu Interiors

    Carole, what a beautiful and romantic table for two. What a brilliant idea to incorporate Paris into your table. You have carried that theme out wonderfully. I am so happy that I am participating with you and the other wonderful girls. You are all so talented! I hope that you enjoy your day!!!

  16. ladydukes

    I LOVE your place setting! I recently picked up some lovely dishes similar to yours, and I’m looking for more. For me, we enjoy a romantic dinner on our deck, overlooking the Yakima River and Horse Heaven Hills. The view is spectacular, making the dinner even more enjoyable.

  17. Camille

    We have had many romantic dinners for two. One that stands out was at an outdoor cafe in Nice, France… summer, Mediterranean breezes and great food are unbeatable. Your table setting is lovely. I need to get my creative juices flowing for Valentines dinner this year. Thanks for the nudge.

  18. Rosemaryflower

    This romantic dinner set up is so adorable.
    The last romantic dinner the two of us had, was…. at The Blue Ridge Grill in Leesburg. I love the atmosphere at that original location.
    We also have a Clydes restaurant right down the street, right in our neighborhood. we have walked there many times to eat dinner. All of their seating is quiet and romantic.
    You have a lot of pretty things.
    I went to first grade in Paris. I used to speak French, German and Dutch and knew a little Italian, pretty fluently.
    Now…. those languages are kind of rusty and dusty, but I can understand perfectly

  19. I think our most romantic dinner was at a ski lodge, we bought bread, salami and cheese. We ate in front of the fire. No table, just the beautiful fire, with the curtains open and the moon shining on the snow.

  20. Linda Wagner

    Carole…beautiful table scene and very romantic! No need to respond. Hope you’re resting, drinking fluids, & taking it easy. Linda

  21. Phyllis Smith

    Hi Carole,
    Well my goodness, this is just my kind of eating for a very special dinner with my better half. I don’t have that privilege any more but I’d make it for myself anyhow and have my candlelite dinner and think of him. This chicken recipe sounds like the one you had posted a few months back and I made and had it over yellow rice and it was so good but I had misplaced and had asked you about it, is this the same recipe?
    I’ve been on getting so many ideas about getting rid of my clutter and setting some time away each day to try and get that new years project started, so far I’ve been able to do some of the things on a daily basis so so far so good. Working on a belated gift for one of my friends now, ran into a stumbling block but am treading on. Hope to have it done by the weekend and she and I can go to Red Lobster and have our treat for the month. While on Hometalk I seen so many things I’d like to make, sometimes I think the Lord just gave me too many talents and the ability to do and make so many different things till I wonder what he really wants me to do sometimes, I want to do them all, like the little saying so much to do and not enough time. Oh well, the day isn’t over yet is it?
    Talk again later, have a great evening.

  22. Lee Brinkley

    Until my husband and I found our mountain property, our favorite place to go was the Morritt’s Tortuga Club and Grand Resort, East End, Grand Cayman. They have a lovely open air dining room on the water. It is always so romantic after the sun goes down with little white twinkling lights in the ceiling/rafters and the candles on the tables. Of course, the food and wait staff make it all the more special. Oh the memories!!!

  23. What a beautiful romantic table for two! It reminds me on my first trip on Paris with my husband. When you are in Paris everything is romantic. I bought the same Eiffel tour as a memory from that unforgettable trip. Thanks for sharing

  24. Nancy

    We live by the SF bay and love to go to a restaurant on the bay. They have a table for two that lets you sit side by side, and when we do splurge and go out for a romantic dinner, we make reservations for that table!

  25. Hello Carole,

    Paris is definitely one of the most romantic cities in the world. I do love your french cafe/bistro theme table for two. The store front plates are perfect for your theme as as as the pretty Eiffel Tower. Your wine label placemats and napkins are brilliant also. Such attention to detail. Lovely table for two.

    Thank you for bringing back memories of Paris. Best trip I ever took.

    So glad to be joining you on this fun Romantic Table for Two blog hop.

  26. Jane

    Love the “grand Paris” theme and the Eiffel Tower center piece is perfect!
    Bon nuit!
    PS: if you like reading The Nightingale is a great read and it takes place mainly in France.

    1. Jane

      My romantic dinner for two is not where but with whom! Casual, proper , it doesn’t matter it’s just being with my guy.

  27. Carole, The first time my husband asked to marry him was in Paris at the George V hotel for dinner. It was freezing cold, but a very romantic trip 20 years ago. Thanks for sharing on the tablescape blog hop.

  28. Barb K.

    We enjoyed a special ” Valentines’ Day Dinner for Two” some years ago in a little restaurant in O’Neill, Nebraska (known as the “Irish Capital” of Nebraska).

  29. Lovely tablescape. A French theme is so romantic. We have had many romantic dinners in Paris, London, Australia, and home. Keeping the romance alive is wonderful.

  30. Sandy

    Our romantic dinner for two would take place nearly every Friday. My day would have been filled with laundry, lots of cleaning (bathrooms, the refrigerator, etc.) and a thorough vacuuming of the house. Front and back doors, too, would be tidied. My husband would usually arrive home from work as I was finishing the dusting. Oh, I should mention that our two long haired dogs (one a Sheltie and the other a Sheltie mix) would have been brushed earlier in the day. Anyway, the dogs knew that all this activity signalled the start of our weekend. A bottle of wine and a pizza in the oven may not sound “romantic” to everyone, but it was perfect for us.

    The two old dogs are gone now and my husband has retired, but we still enjoy our Friday dinners. We have a new little dog, too, who enjoys our Friday grooming sessions.

    I especially love your grape cluster glass dishes and the beautiful pink wine glasses. Your tablescape is just lovely.

  31. So nice to be participating in this blog hop with you! I love that your table reflects a special romantic time that you and your hubby enjoyed. You’ve captured the feeling of Paris perfectly with the items you’ve used. The Eifel tower is an amazing centerpiece and with the arched candleholder, greenery and Café sign, it looks terrific. Love tables for two where you can put the “centerpiece” more on the side 🙂 The French pics on the square plates are so pretty. I’m a ‘mountain gal’ too and think you couldn’t ask for a better view while you enjoy your Valentine meal. The menu sounds delish!

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  34. This is beautiful and you have definitely set the mood. What makes it even more special is the beautiful memories that you have shared. Our favorite romantic dinners have always been shared at home.

  35. Lynne Stucke

    Our most romantic dinner was at a little hole-in-the-wall place in Biloxi, MS, called The Steak Pit. They only had about 8 tables, and we were newly in the military, so we didn’t have much money. They, however, treated us like royalty, and we had the best candlelit steak dinner we’ve ever shared. They even managed to make our “steak for two” medium-well for hubby and medium-rare for me — all one steak! Thank you for prompting me to this memory! I love, love, love your blog! (lynnstck[at]

  36. Blue

    Romantic… I haven’t thought of that word.. in years.. I watch a lot of Hallmark movies, always hoping.. it’s romance, will touch my life, like Tinker bells wand, and the white sparkles will illuminate my heart with hope… Romantic .. sigh.. I was about 30, engaged and very self sufficient. . I had goals. I saw my path.. because my best friend saw that , and more, in me. He believed I was capable of every goodness, and I was darned if I wasn’t going to live up to that. It was my birthday. He invited me to his brothers house a couple days before. Inside, he set the table with a hand appliqué cobalt blue tablecloth with white cut out and roses.. all sprinkled with sparkly stuff and porcelain tableware and depression Era glasses and white chocolate and silver roses and white tulips filling 2 vases… he sat next to me.. and said, I’d be honored I’d you’d be my wife .. I was shocked, amazed.. bewildered. . I asked.. could I think first, he said Yes!! So he brought in all his family and they yelled, Happy Birthday! With joy and presents. What a night.. I was warm with all that love.. flying on that magic carpet ride.. he drove me home.. said, he never had a more special time. So I agreed.
    … why you may ask, I didn’t say yes right away.. I was afraid of love and romance. . But he gave me faith instead of fear.. I said yes.. but I still held back.. saying , let me finish this college yr.. he hugged me, said, he could wait forever. .
    …he was killed on his motorcycle on his way home..
    to this day, I have his class ring he gave me.. and remember that special time he gave me.. a time of faith.

    thank you for this memory walk, it’s been over 30 yrs now.. since I basked in the sparkle of Romantic. ♡♡

  37. Fonda Rush

    Our most romantic dinners are those when we are together. To us, romance doesn’t happen in a place or at a certain time. When I planned to ask my sweet to marry me, I learned that it was Sweetest Day. Barf! So, I waited until after midnight. My now wife was very tired and a little crabby at the time. She said yes anyway. We don’t do anything on the day it was intended, and actively avoid doing special things on special days. But, when we make dinner and sit together with the TV off (and the cats fed), it may not be the kissy, kissy, touchy, touchy time some couples might have, but we feel a deep contentment and an overwhelming gush of being loved.

  38. Fonda Rush

    I’m a new follower, visiting through an email connection. I love that Eiffel Tower! Some day we might get to Paris, then we would slip out of town to find out of the way places to enjoy the rest of our time there. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

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  43. Hello Carole! After reading your delightful post and seeing all of the lovely photos, especially the ones with the curtains drawn closed with the lights off and the candles lit; it is really rather disappointing for me to answer this question. I just do not remember any romantic dinners that my Husband and I have had together. Of course, you know the reason for this; but it makes me feel dreadful being in a give away that I truly am not following the guidelines.

    Please, Do Not Enter me for the give away! I am thrilled to have viewed another one of your spectacular table settings and the bits of information you include along the way. By the way Carole, this truly is a lovely romantic setting where you and your husband will enjoy for the memories it brings about and the memories it forms.

    Thank you for sharing!

  44. What a lovely Paris themed tablescape Carole. It’s my favourite city, and the hubby and I were also there a few years ago and hopefully will go back one day. I brought one of those Eiffel Towers home with me, and I have a cafe sign that looks twin-like to yours. I also found mine at a thrift store. You don’t need to enter me in the giveaway. I’m in Canada so I might not qualify anyway. One of these days I just might create a tablescape as lovely as yours. Thanks for the inspiration!

  45. Your Parisian table for two fits our love of Paris. We’ve spent much time there through the years, and I’m always ready to return. Setting a table with an Eiffel Tower would be perfect. I’d love to be entered. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day.

  46. I forgot to mention where we’ve had a romantic dinner. I’d have to say the most romantic dinner was in Marrakech – private room, rose petals on the table, music, candle light, – absolutely perfect!
    I’m a follower on Bloglivin’. Thanks again!

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  48. Phyllis Smith

    Hi there Carole,

    I’m responding to a post on the 23rd of Jan I have been saving till I got some ink for my printer. I got the white wine chicken recipe again plus the cranberry vinegar, shrimp avocado romoulade and

    New potatoes with sour cream sauce. I like your recipes cause they are for small amounts and will keep for several days. I’m only fixing for one so you have been a great help for me , thank you so much

    For sharing your recipes with all of us.

    Don’t remember if I told you I fixed the white wine chicken and had it over yellow rice and it was wonderful, think I’ll try it over wild brown rice next time. Have a few more e-mails to go through and get

    Patterns on other ideas off of from pinterest and hometalk so better get busy. Have a good evening.


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