Christmas Past and Presents

Looking to past archives for some ideas that you may have missed, or for new readers to see, I’ve picked out some fun ideas from past years for your enjoyment today. Perhaps you’ll see an idea for a last minute gift for this year. Let’s start with a Nine Patch Star Christmas runner. We did this as a quick quilt along in 2017, in three parts.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

This Wool Applique Christmas Penny Rug was perfect for my tiny frolicking reindeer.  This handwork project goes together quickly and the post contains the free pattern download.

Christmas Decorating ~ From My Carolina Home

See my Gifts from the Kitchen for fast, last minute ideas that you won’t find in a store.  This post has a pdf of several gift mixes with printable cards to attach for your recipient.

Gifts From the Kitchen - Double Dutch Brownies | From My Carolina Home

Have a hard-to-buy-for guy on your list?  Have a look at my Gifts for Guys post.

Gifts For Guys ~ From My Carolina Home

Need some inspiration for wrapping, or find this a chore?  See my Making Packages Bright post for a few new ideas to make your gifts pretty and fun to do too!

Gift Wrapping at

This Christmas Kitchen post has several ideas for baked gifts, plus one dedicated to our furkids. There’s a downloadable pdf recipe for Peanut Butter Dog Biscuits.  I use a dog bone shaped cookie cutter and pack them in little goodie bags.

Doggie Treats at

Make a holiday mini quilt with this free pattern – Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Need an idea for a special Christmas Breakfast?  See that post for Blueberry Turnovers and a downloadable pdf of my Christmas Breakfast Casserole.

Easy Blueberry Turnovers at From My Carolina Home

I’m planning a Standing Rib Roast for Christmas dinner this year.  It is easier than you think!  I give you the temperatures to cook to the level of doneness that you like so your holiday dinner is perfect.

Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

How about a quick sewing project for a gift?  Here are my patterns for Camera Cases which provide quilted padding for the camera and uses the camera’s strap for the handle.

Camera Cases at From My Carolina Home

This post is my most viewed of all time, with believe it or not, over 89,000 views!  The free pdf helps, plus it was featured on Fave Quilts.  Christmas Hexagonal Table Topper  Of course, you could do this in any colorway for other holidays or everyday use.  This is another quick-to-sew idea that makes a wonderful hostess gift.

Christmas Hexagonal Table Topper 15

If you have a bit more time, make my original design Christmas Quilt Along Table Runner from 2015.  There are five posts, beginning with the one linked, and each step is linked to the one after.

Christmas Quilt Along finish

A fun project to do with children are Cookie Cutter Ornaments that you make with buttons, ribbon roses, and other bits you may have in your craft box.

Cutters on tree

Lastly from 2014, an elegant tablescape with a sumptuous menu and a recipe for an appetizer with shrimp and avocados.  Christmas Tablescape and an Appetizer recipe.

Shrimp Avocado Remoulade

I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season.  Merry Christmas!

I’m planning to do a quilt along next year with Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas Book, available at Fat Quarter Shop 10% off.  Get your copy as a gift to yourself this Christmas!  There are also some used copies available for less on Amazon – Vintage Christmas Book at Amazon.

Plus, I am very close to having a mystery quilt design, coming in January!  Now’s the time to get a charm packs (yes, it will have some 5-inch squares so a charm pack will greatly reduce your cutting!) or fat quarter bundle so you’ll have plenty of stash!  I’ll be using the line Violet Femme for mine.  It’s on clearance now!

22 thoughts on “Christmas Past and Presents

  1. lynn bourgeois

    Thanks for the recipe for dog treats. My family fur babies are largely vegetarians, and I will make a batch or two up for them. I really appreciated having the.pdf available for printing
    Wishing you a warm and happy Christmas, and a new year filled with joy.

  2. Linda B

    Good Morning Carole and thanks for revisiting those great tutorials! Surely there is time to squeeze in another small project, right? Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, and look forward to the New Year! Always look forward to seeing what you are up to!!

    1. Susan

      So nice to see those tutorials for last minute gifts and decorations! Thank you for sharing your patterns and ideas. Merry Christmas

  3. Pat

    Great round up of ideas! Thank you. I just posted a link back to your post here from your group on Facebook, “Friends of From My Carolina Home Blog”. I hope others reading this today will join your group and share what they are creating with inspiration from your projects and tips. Have a great day!

  4. manasotavacation

    This was a treat! Like a little trip down a delightful memory lane and links to things I need for the holiday. Thank you for a great start of a busy day!!

  5. Rita C.

    Wow, Carole, there are so many great ideas in this post! Love the guy gifts, and that little penny rug for your deer (the deer themselves!) is adorable, and of course, I love ALL the quilted items. If someone gave me that hex topper as a hostess gift as you suggested, you could knock me over with a feather! I so love all the quilted pieces.
    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and happy, healthy start to the new year, new decade!

  6. Rosemaryflower

    Happy Thursday Carole.
    I love the table runner
    Stay healthy.
    I picked up (darn it) some throat thing at the retina doc on Monday (I have a macular pucker, oh goodie) The waiting room was packed but I sat in a corner away from people
    Still I woke up the next day with glop.
    I am gonna get better. I do not feel sick, so bam, I am going to punch it out haha
    Enjoy any sunshine you might get

    1. Great post, Carole! Let’s see . . . I’m definitely going to make the chocolate covered oreos, the dog biscuits, and I’ll work on the Christmas penny rugs for next year. Christmas came quickly this year, and I’m still working on quilted gifts. At this point I am still enjoying the process and not feeling too stressed.
      Have a blessed, Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, creative year ahead!

  7. Phyllis Smith


    Thank you so much for all you share with us. Will be making some egg nog cookies for my foot doctor and a kitty cat scarf. It is easy to find all kind of things with doggies but not so much with kittens and cats so

    I found some cat fleece material so she will get a scarf and some egg nog cookies for her Christmas surprise plus will be making a cat scarf for myself as well, merry Christmas to myself, right.

    So many great things you have made, love the first table scarf pretty rich colors and all your food ideas gracious, and I know they will taste as good as they look.

    Merry Christmas to you and all that love your post ideas,

    Phyllis Smith of Fayetteville, Ga..

  8. Diane Carlton

    Thanks so much for referencing the previous posts with the dog treats and fantasy cookies. I knew I had seen them in an email but didn’t remember which one, and I want to make the dog treats for my 4 grandpuppies (as well as my own furbaby), and some for a friend with 9 dogs! I love your emails, the tablescapes are so lovely, and your recipes, crafts and sewing posts are great. Keep up the good work, and have a happy and healthy Christmas and New Year.

  9. What a great reminder of all the wonderful things we’ve read here over the years! Thank you so much for all the wonderful inspiration and information you have so FREELY shared. You’ve been “paying it forward” for such a long time now I hope you reap the benefits all during the upcoming year.

    I encourage new readers to check out the archived posts. They’ll not be disappointed!

    The standing rib roast looks so very delicious. In my 47 years of married life I have never actually seen one in any grocery store. (There are no local butchers around my area either.) I think I’m going to look at the photo some more…and drool!

    Merry Christmas….Happy New Year….all the best to you and yours.

  10. Bonnie Coleman

    I remember seeing a delicious cranberry sauce you were making on one of your blogs but now I can’t find it. Can you point me in the right direction? Wanted to make this for my family for Christmas Dinner. Thanks! Bonnie in South GA

  11. Such fun and useful ideas! I’ve made the Hexagonal table topper in Christmas fabric as well as Autumn. Such a fast and rewarding project!. And I;m so excited about the Lori Holt’s Vintage Christmas Quilt along!! I ordered my book and can;t wait to get started. Haven’t been to the sewing machine since last winter—card making has taken over the sewing room and I need to get in there and get it re-organized. So that I can make the 9-patch Star runner, which I have coveted since I first saw it! Ha. You and your blog never fail to inspire me. Hope you have a lovely holiday season ! Merry Christmas!

  12. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Thank you, Carole, for being so generous with your ideas all through the year. Last minute gift ideas are always welcome and we ARE getting down to the last minute!! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas!!🎄🎁 🎄

  13. Rebecca Burch

    I’m so excited about your up-coming mystery! I have some of the Violet Femme charms & yardage that I was wondering what to do with & now I know! Yee haw! C’mon 2020!

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