Christmas Mystery or Quilt Along?

It is so much fun to play with EQ7, and I have a new design for a Christmas Table Topper.  It will take just a bit to put together, and I thought we could have some fun.  So, today I will give you the fabric requirements and cutting instructions for the project, as well as a question.  The time frame is five weeks, one new instruction every Friday through November, with the final assembly instructions the first Friday in December.  You’ll have time to finish quilting and binding, and be able to use it this year.

I will be using some of my Christmas prints, note that one has a black background.  You’ll need a very dark (black or navy) print, a red print, a green print, and a neutral background.  The pattern pieces will use these colors.

Christmas fabrics

Here are my prints.

Christmas Mystery Quilt Along - 1

Fabric requirements – (estimated using my Quilter’s Fabric Calculator)
Size                                    40 “Table Topper     28” Table Topper     17×64 Runner
Black background print –        3/4 yard                    1/3 yard                         1/2 yard
Red Print –                                 3/4 yard                     1/3 yard                         1/2 yard
Green Print –                             3/4 yard                     1/3 yard                         1/2 yard
Neutral background –              3/4 yard                     1/3 yard                         1/2 yard
Border print                              1/2 yard                      1/4 yard                         1/3 yard
Backing and binding               2-1/2 yards                 2 yards                            2 yards

Some of you may want to use scrappys, and I think that would work as long as you use consistent colors with similar values, like all medium value green prints for the green, all red prints for the reds, and so on.  Make the neutrals truly neutral, tone on tone or solids.

Cutting Instructions
Black background print –
4-1/2-inch squares –                   cut 9                           cut 4                                      cut 5
3-inch squares –                          cut 72                         cut 32                                    cut 40

Red Print –
2-1/2-inch squares –                   cut 72                         cut 32                                   cut 40

Green Print –
3-inch squares –                          cut 72                         cut 32                                    cut 40

Neutral Background –
3-inch squares –                          cut 72                         cut 32                                    cut 40

Now the question, would you like to see the final design up front and do this as a quilt along, or would you like to have it as a mystery?  Vote in the poll below.  You don’t have to comment, but I’d love to read your thoughts.  The answer options will randomize order, so there won’t be a bias as to which answer choice comes up first.  So, what would you like to see?


Quilt Along is the winner!  Click HERE for Step 2!


17 thoughts on “Christmas Mystery or Quilt Along?

  1. pat in Tx.

    I’m afraid I have gotten two of my favorite sites mixed up, Sorry. Comment on the stained glass pansey block was out of order. Yikes!

  2. Dear Carole, Please forgive me for being so very late in posting a reply; today has been very busy, once again. Two of my quilting group ladies came over again this morning and we spent the entire day laughing, talking and even a few stitches were taken. LOL. Plus, hubby got to take Mr. Shakes into the groomers this afternoon. On top of him bringing home a very beautiful poodle instead of the scroungy mass of hair that Mr. Shakes has been for quite some time. I do my best at grooming him because we seldom have the extra 40 dollars a month to have him groomed professionally. I hope that you will take a look over on my blog sometime later in the afternoon tomorrow and see what Mr. Shakes looks like now and also to see the other surprise that hubby came home with for me as an early birthday present.

    In answer to your question, I would prefer to do another one of your fabulous mysteries! I enjoyed this last one so much, but whichever way you go about it, I will be participating! I have to laugh at myself though; here last month, I swore I was going to work non stop to have my quilt quilted and the binding on by the end of the month. Now we are in the first week of November and I just now actually have the quilt set up on my kitchen table ready to begin quilting it. LOL. So, now my new goal is to have it completely finished by the end of next week. It amazes me how just ordinary daily life can bring so many obstacles my way, plus having the Project Linus projects to work at completing and the time I now spend with my new friends….it just seems like I am not accomplishing anything. Which is not true, thank goodness, but quilting/sewing projects are taking longer to complete. I won some beautiful fat quarters throughout the summer that are Christmas prints and I will be using these as my choices for your table runner pattern. I always find it so difficult to cut into new fabrics. Am I the only one or do others have the same problem?

    I had best close and finish up on my computer time and get some dinner fixed! Thank you for sharing another project and am truly excited. Have a wonderful creative day!

  3. I’m in! Going to start my day by checking out what I have in my “scrap storage system” already cut. Fingers crossed. I will doing a scrappy one, as I don’t have a collection of Christmas fabrics on hand. I love using up what I have already cut. Wish me luck.

  4. This looks really fun either way! I would probably have to go scrappy too as I don’t have many Christmas prints! Either QAL or Mystery sounds fun. Thanks for linking up! xo jan

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  6. I love a mystery, but I saw the poll is leaning toward the reveal and I am happy either way. I went ahead and cut my pieces so really the mystery factor is already there for me! Unless I see the plan and decide to change my fabric choices, haha. I will post a pic of my fabrics Monday afternoon:)

  7. I’m trying not to take on any new projects right now, so I’m going to sit this one out, but I’m excited to see what others make! (I will also not vote, since I’m just going to watch this time.) I’m excited about Scrap Dance 2, though, and am eager to participate in that one. Any idea when in 2016 that will start, Carole?

  8. Yvonne

    Thank you for hosting, giving me the incentive to use Christmas stash. Only missing a dark, so off to the fabric store toute suite, they had a cute co-ordinating light to go with the dark, couldn’t resist. Will only be using 2 from the sash. No matter how hard I try that stash never gets smaller!
    Either one would be fine with me…From North of the border

  9. Susan Thompson

    I would love to do the table topper! I have the pieces cut from my endless stash.
    If the mystery is voted in rather than the reveal this week you could sneak me a picture 😁.
    I am opting for the smaller version since We traded dining room sets with the son and his family of five, they needed the serving area.
    Excited Donna

  10. Sounds great. My husband just came back from a trip with a fat quarter bundle of Christmas fabrics for me – isn’t that lovely? So I’m in too. Will also use some scraps to complement with the same value as you suggest. Thanks for the great idea.

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  12. Looks like a great project… thank you. I also wanted to thank you for the poll option, I had been using a plugin for wordpress, but my plugin was wreaking havoc with my polls.. So I tried the you showed on your site and it seems to be working out well… Lets hope it stays that way. Thank you.. as a note, I use, so their is that slight difference, but one doesn’t need to use wordpress at all to use the poll, so I’m thinking it will work out ok.

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