Special Holiday Dinner – Standing Rib Roast

Over the past few years, I have become a convert to the English tradition of serving beef for Christmas dinner.  Growing up we always did turkey, but just having finished off the Thanksgiving bird, the idea of something different and really special was appealing.  I have done a goose before too, but I like a standing rib roast the best.  Also known as a prime rib, the ‘prime’ actually refers to the grade of meat, not the cut.  Yes, this is an expensive cut of meat, so cooking it takes some special care.  I promise, the results are worth it.  You could also do some Yorkshire puddings with it, which are more like popovers than what we Americans think of as pudding.  I am told by my local grocer that this cut will go on sale for Christmas this week, so I’ll look to your local grocer for one.  Just one rib will serve two with leftovers.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

This is just a single rib section, as you can see it is a big roast even with just one rib. Let it sit out on the counter (covered with plastic) for about an hour before cooking.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

I season only with sea salt and fresh ground pepper.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

Cook the roast on a raised rack, so it doesn’t sit in its juices as it cooks and the air can circulate around the roast.  For a single rib, this is the only way I have to keep it upright.  If you have two or more ribs, it will likely sit on the ribs without any additional help.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

Roast slowly, on a low oven at 300 degrees for 20 minutes per pound.  You really will need a digital read thermometer for this.  Take the roast out when the proper temperature is reached for your desired degree of doneness on the scale below.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

Roast to a temperature of 120-125 for rare, 130-135 for medium, and 140-145 for well done.  Know that the temperature will rise at least 5 degrees as it rests, so take it out at the proper time for the doneness you want.  Err on the cautious side, you can always put it back in the oven if it isn’t quite done enough, but you can’t turn the clock backwards if you overshoot the mark. Let it rest at least 15-20 minutes covered with foil for the meat to reabsorb the juices.  Don’t worry, it will stay warm.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

I roast to 125 in  the center before the resting period, when it will rise to 130 degrees.  This will yield a medium rare center that I like, and a medium edge that DH likes.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

Slow roasting at 300 degrees gives an evenly cooked slice, without the overdone edges.  This may be too pink for you, but just follow the temps I gave you above for a bit more done.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

Heaven on a plate, a wonderful main course for Christmas dinner.  The top has that nice crust too.

Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

Nothing like a prime rib sandwich with horseradish sauce on sourdough bread for lunch on Boxing Day.  With the leftovers and the bones, I’ll make a Beef and Barley soup that I’ll show you after Christmas if I remember to take pictures, LOL!!

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

Merry Christmas dinner!  I have so many recipes to share with you this year, click on Cheddar Onion Potatoes to go with it.  The Spinach Bake with Roasted Garlic will be on the menu again this year too.

Holiday Dinner Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

What do you do for your holiday dinner?

Standing Rib Roast at From My Carolina Home

16 thoughts on “Special Holiday Dinner – Standing Rib Roast

  1. Linda B

    So delish looking!! I cheat a bit. We buy a nice organic turkey at Thanksgiving, and enjoy eating the dark meat ourselves, and freeze the breast. Then at Christmas, when we have the family over for dinner, it is pretty easy to just warm up the breast. One less big thing to cook. We usually have one of the spiral hams too…again, bought at Thanksgiving, freeze most of it, and enjoy a little while. Trader Joe’s has not disappointed on either. My stomach is growling…need to get on with making breakfast! Have a good day!

  2. Shirley

    We also have a standing rib roast for Christmas Day along with a spiral ham plus all the fixings. I season the rib roast with salt, pepper and fresh rosemary. My family likes horseradish sauce served with the roast beef also. My grandkids have named it the “feast.”

  3. Frieda

    We have a whole tenderloin that hubby cooks on the grill.(the only time he cooks) We have a variety of sides and wonderful desserts.

  4. We had our rib roast dinner last weekend. It is my favorite – with Yorkshire Pudding, of course. The only thing I dislike about meal preparation for the roast is the drama of watching that temperature to have things done at the proper time. Since our dinner is for 22 people a roast that large is difficult to time, but it always sits well if finished ahead of time.

  5. Loris Mills

    Fun idea! And thanks for explaining all that…I was clueless 😉 however, I have enjoyed some delish meals such as your in a classic restaurant in Beverly Hills…Lawry’s. Some fun memories for me!

  6. lois92346

    Oh, Carole! That roast looks fabulous. I’ll be spending Christmas with my two grown sons in Arizona. Son #1 is the host and a masterful cook. He’ll prepare his traditional standing rib roast and a lasagna that’s to die for! He makes a fantastic frittata on Christmas morning and the cousins, aunts, and uncles drop by to share. Merry Christmas!

  7. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole; I want to say a huge Thank You for your thorough tutorial on your Standing Rib Roast! I have never seen a Prime Rib done in this way and the way that you described it and the photos, it does look scrumptious. Both hubby and I would go for more done, but with your directions that would be followed to a tee, I know it would come out perfectly. I look forward to trying it and to experiencing more of your recipes throughout the New Year! Have a great day!

  8. Your dinner looks marvelous. We have a chicken casserole on Christmas Day, one that is easy, yet festive. Because I was the church organist, I needed something that could be done ahead. We often had 25 to 30 people for that meal.

  9. BJ

    Your roast looks yummy! I’m already planning the meal! When my stepson was born (on a Christmas afternoon) his arrival interrupted a standing rib roast dinner party hosted by his parents. They had hot dogs at the hospital instead lol. Since his dad & I have been together, we’ve served rib roast for Christmas if we’re all together. The story gets retold every time, but we never get tired of it. I love it with Yorkshire pudding and creamed horseradish. Veggies depend on who’s joining us. Thank you for the great tutorial!

  10. Melanie

    Oh my gosh, that looks delicious. And I LOVE horseradish, too! Standing rib is my favoritre Christmas dinner, too, but this year I’m doing ham. We haven’t had ham in quite awhile, so for us, it will be a special dinner. I can’t wait to see your sidedish potato recipe. I’m all for new and different side dishes!

  11. Late with writing, but thank you for sharing your recipes for Christmas dinner. I’ve been having ham for Christmas, but this year’s guest does not eat pork so I was so glad to read your posts and be able to use your ideas. We had your standing rib roast, spinach, cheddar potatoes – I also made popovers, my mom’s corn casserole, croutons and Caesar salad dressing! My son and I made six kinds of cookies and brownies for dessert. Everyone enjoyed the meal and time together. Thank you!

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