Quick Christmas Quilt Along – Nine Patch Star

Ready to use up some Christmas scraps?  Today we’ll start a very fast quilt along with a new block.  This idea came to me about a month ago, and I have done extensive internet searches to see if it has already been published.  I cannot find this exact thing anywhere, and I can hardly believe it hasn’t been published somewhere.  The block is super simple, a nine patch surrounded by a star.  Two different sizes of squares are used to start, and it will use up a bunch of your stash.  Today, we’ll cut and make the first unit, next week we’ll finish the second unit and assemble the stars, then finally will assemble the quilt runner, add borders and quilt it. Ready to quilt along for a fast runner or table topper?

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Hoem

I made mine with a gold center, red squares and green in the star units. Here are the cutting instructions for three blocks.

Red scraps 2-1/2-inch squares = 24
Gold fabric 2-1/2-inch squares = 3
Green fabric or scraps 4-inch squares = 12
White fabric 4-inch squares = 12
White fabric 3-1/2-inch squares = 12

You’ll also need some extra yardage for the border, four WOF strips will do it.  I made mine 2-1/2-inches wide.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Begin the units by making the nine-patches. Place the gold square in the center, red around the edges and sew in rows.  Press each row opposite to make nesting easier, like the top and bottom to the right and the middle to the left.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Nine patch unit complete.  Make 3.  This unit should measure 6-1/2-inches square.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Next, pair up the 4-inch green squares with the 4-inch white squares. Draw sewing lines on the white, 1/4-inch from the diagonal center.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Chain sew on the lines.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Cut apart on the diagonal between the sewing lines.  Make 24 HST units.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

Press to the green, and square to 3-1/2-inches. Here’s where we will end up this week, with the bits laid out for the next steps.  One nine-patch unit, eight HSTs and four white 3-1/2-inch white squares.

Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Home

We’ll continue next week sewing this unit, assembling the runner, and beginning the quilting.  I’ll have a pdf for you then with the whole pattern.  Click HERE for the next step.  Are you going to quilt along?  Or are you working on another Christmas project?

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Nine Patch Star at From My Carolina Hoem

19 thoughts on “Quick Christmas Quilt Along – Nine Patch Star

  1. Love it! I haven’t seen this particular combination before! How big does this one block finish at the point it is in the last photo? I’m looking at my Autumn Jubilee placemats thinking it is time to put them away, and I don’t have any placemats I have made for myself for Christmas time. These LOOK like a good start for the center of a placemat! 🙂

  2. Melanie

    Count me in, I am overrun with Christmas fabric leftovers! And I love both 9 patches and star patterns….How fun!

  3. Linda B

    Looks wonderful and I hope to be sewing along, as soon as it gets really cold (i.e. next week!). Right now the weather is perfect for finishing outdoor chores that I could not do when it was still 80 in November! I do have a PP leaf project I need to finish my part on (a group effort) before I can start anything else, but that should not take long. Will try to catch up. Thanks for putting this together, Carole!

  4. Beautiful star. And, oh boy do I have Christmas fabrics and scraps in my stash. While I have a lot going on, I’m going to try to fit this QAL into my plans. Sounds like fun. Thank you for sharing and hosting.

  5. Love the star, will save it as a prompt for the future. I have two paper-pieced dinosaur wall quilts, a baby doll, tote bag, pillowcases and placemats to finish for my three youngest grands, plus just a few other projects in the works, so have to restrain myself from jumping in this time!

    Thanks for all the great decorating ideas in your recent posts.

  6. Carole you always come up with the best and easiest project that inspire me. I’ve just started another Christmas quilt…but will be watching and will definitely save your pattern for future use. 🙂

  7. I love this in Christmas fabrics, something my stash is sorely lacking in. I used a nine patch star block as the center for my Star Bright pattern published in QW earlier this year. I originally used a four patch but didn’t like the look of it so replaced it with the nine. Stars are probably my favorite blocks, they are so versatile! I wish I had time to sew along!

  8. Wonderful plan, and wonderful block. I might have to mix a few of these into my church dash blocks! You are Advent Day 5 with this post. =)

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