Christmas Mini Quilt

For the first Christmas Quilting project, I have a new mini quilt pattern for you!  Designed by me in EQ7, this mini quilt will come out at 14 inches square, and will fit the 12 inch table stand I have shown you before.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Fabric Requirements
Ecru background
2-1/2-inch squares – 4
3-inch squares – 4
2-1/2-inch squares – 8
3-inch squares – 8
2-1/2-inch squares – 4
3-inch squares – 2
1-1/4-inch wide strips for border – 2 12-inch strips, 2 14-inch strips
3-inch squares – 6
14 inch square (or larger) for backing
2-1/4-inch strips pieced 60 inches long for binding.
2 strips 1-1/2-inches by 4-inches for hangers.

Note – HST stands for half square triangle.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Pair the two gold 3-inch squares with two ecru squares and make HSTs.  See my Chain Piecing HST tutorial for the how-to.

Pair two green 3-inch squares with two ecru squares and make HSTs.

Pair the remaining 6 green 3-inch squares with the 3-inch red squares and make HSTs.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Press towards the darker side.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Square up to 2-1/2-inches square.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Here is the diagram for the HSTs and the 2-1/2 inch squares.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt

Lay out according to the diagram.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Sew in pairs.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Sew the pairs into rows, pressing seams in opposite directions as you go.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Add 1-inch wide 12-inch long red border strips to the top and bottom, then add 14 inch strips to the sides.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Layer top with batting and backing, quilt as desired. I used red thread, and a holly leaf with a bell pantograph.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Make the hangers by using the 1-1/2-inch by 4-inch pieces.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Fold them in half and sew a seam along the short side.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Press the seam open.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Turn right side out, centering the seam in the middle of one side.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Fold them in half, meeting the raw edges, with the seam inside.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Align the raw edges with the raw edge of the top of the quilt about 4 inches in from the sides. Pin in place and stitch close to the edge.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

Stitch the binding on as usual.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

As you turn the binding to the back, it will partially cover the hangers, leaving just enough to go on the rails of the mini quilt stand and not show on the front.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The basic mini quilt is done, but adding a bit of bling would be nice. It is Christmas after all.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

I could easily go overboard with embellishing as you all know, LOL! But this time I decided just to add pearls to the points on the ornament.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The finished size of this mini quilt is 14 inches square.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home

The giveaway with this post is over.  But you can find stands like this at Amazon – Mini Quilt Stands with Toppers.

Christmas Ornament Mini Quilt ~ From My Carolina Home


158 thoughts on “Christmas Mini Quilt

  1. Liz Horgan

    I liked “Galaxy”. I think it would be a good background fabric for Christmas projects. I loved your ornament and I think it will be a good idea for gifts! Thanks!

  2. Awesome tutorial and giveaway Carole, thanks for your generosity and sharing your passion. Lovely details with sewing those “pearls not he points too”.
    Checked out connecting thread seasonal a and the “batty” fabric with a few options on colors is great!

  3. oh such pretty fabrics to choose from. while looking at all the lovely fabrics my mind was picturing table runners, centerpieces, table placemats even oven mitts. such a pretty variety to choose from. i think my favorite is holiday greetings for Christmas but then I liked the bunnies fabric also. the fabric choices get you right into the holiday spirit. thank you for the opportunity to win a table stand.

  4. Lee

    Christmas on Brambleberry Ridge is such a sweet line of fabric -I love the flight print especially!

  5. Rosemaryflower

    Hi Carole, this is really cute!! It would make a great little decoration for mom and dad’s front door.
    I follow you by email 😀

  6. Rosemaryflower

    My favorite prints for the holidays on Connecting threads (I follow them too and get their emails)
    Tiny vine in Berry, Knots and Loops in Red, so pretty, and Red Petals.
    I could not pick one. So sorry.
    Boy, I would LOVE to win that book. That would be so great
    thanks loads for the give away

  7. Joyce Comfort

    Connecting Threads is a great source. I always am pleased with their fabrics. I like the Knots and Loops Christmas fabric.

  8. Jennie Rauch

    Red knots & loops is my favorite Connecting threads pattern for this season. Next would be Pine Boughs! Both would make a nice quilt backing! Love the little project you posted – I think I might even be able to whip that one up by Christmas! My late mother-in-law used to say she should just put the calendar on Dec. 22 all year ’round so she’d get stuff done – not uncommon to get a partially done craft project with knitting needles at a stopping point, then she’d finish it later! Got a lot of her good ideas late in the season. Bet she’d love Pinterest if she were alive today!

    I follow you on From My Carolina Home via e-mail. Fingers crossed!!

  9. Good morning Carole. I love waking up and seeing an email from you.
    I follow you through email and bloglovin.
    I like the Lizzy House collection.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Joyce Comfort

    I follow you via email. I too live in beautiful Carolina. I can see the mointains, but our home is still in the foothills. Absolutely love it!

  11. Thanks for hosting the give-away! I often use Connecting Threads fabrics, and make pillowcases for ‘grands’ as well as hospitalized children. I was tickled to find some Halloween & clearance fabrics. I think the fabric with stockings, lights & presents will be wonderful pillowcases!

  12. Lisa Marie

    I like the Reindeer Play fabric. Connecting Threads is great, I like so many of their products, and they have great prices.

  13. Judy Carter

    Love this little gem!! I am leaving on vacation soon, so I am going to choose my fabrics and get them cut out and put them in a marked clear bag, so I can do it when i get home! Thinking that way I will remember and get it done, thinking it might be a nice Christmas gift for some special friends!! And one for me too!!

  14. Krista Wells

    I’ve been thinking about making some seasonal mini quilts for a while – this would be the perfect way to display them. My favourite is Flurries from Christmas Remembered. Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. Krista Wells

    I love your blog and follow on bloglovin. I’m currently trying to get caught up on my Scrap Dance Tango blocks.

  16. BJ

    Thank you for this adorable mini quilt pattern! There’s plenty of time to make several for gifts. My favorite Connecting Threads designer is Lynette Anderson. Love the whole Christmas Remembered line, especially Star Plaid.

  17. BJ

    I follow you by email. Love your tablescapes almost as much as your quilts. I have so many similar pieces and enjoy watching how you use them. Your tables always look so inviting!

  18. Lesley Gilbert

    I’ve saved your Mini Quilt – hopefully get one made before Christmas. Fingers crossed for the chance to win a Table Stand – thanks 🙂

  19. Christmas Glitz was my favorite collection. Yet, it was really hard to choose from all the spectacular fabrics available. Your tutorial is wonderful. It would be awesome to win any of the Give Away Prizes. Thank You for all that you do! Have a fantastic creative day!

  20. Judy Morin

    How do I follow? I jump to your blog as soon as I see the email! Hope you go your
    sewing machine fixed.

  21. Vicky Huey

    I follow you by email. Love the Christmas pattern. I do have a question. Under the Red in Fabric Requirements, the second line up from Note is says this – ”2-1/14-inch strips pieced 60 inches long for binding.” Did you mean 2-1/4 inch strips? Thanks for all the things you do.


  22. Lori Smanski

    what a wonderful give a way. This would be so fun to have around the house.
    I follow you on email

  23. Laura Puckett

    They are all so beautiful, but I was drawn to the red with the ” tatted ” dailies. You could do some fussy cutting for a really stunning project.

  24. Jan Beckert

    It’s always fun to see what you are up to! This is a very cute little quilt…you may just be inspiring me to make a mini!

  25. Jan Beckert

    Oh, wait, I forgot to mention my favorite — it’s the “Flurries”. I also like the ” Timber Valley” with the trees & deer!

  26. This is a neat design, and you outlined it so well, Lovely stand and giveaways, but I am in New Zealand, and not eligible. Good luck to all those in other countries. And, the red and green fabrics you chose are lovely together, a few pearls added doesn’t dominate the design.

  27. kaholly

    I like the white/gold metallics by Violet Craft the best! What a great giveaway! Thanks to you and to CT!

  28. I liked the fabric named “Portraits” best because is it hard to find a person respresented that doesn’t look either too silly or really dumb.

  29. I love Christmas Remembered. I have it in my cart and meant to order during their sale and forgot. 😦 Love connecting threads.

  30. Laura

    I love traditional Christmas prints, so have to choose Holly Sprigs by Lynette Anderson. The parchment color would make a great neutral for a Christmas themed quilt.

  31. dezertsuz

    Wow, what a giveaway! I am a follower by e-mail. I like this small, actually-might-finish project. =)

  32. dezertsuz

    Twinkly Lights by Michael Miller would make a great border on a fun Christmas quilt, something like one with the presents. It could even be a background for bright simple appliques. I like that one! But I also liked Holly Sprigs. It would make nice stars or four patches with the green Star Plaid, right next to it. Thanks to Connecting Threads for a fabulous giveaway!

  33. Susan Clarkson

    That’s a hard choice. I love so many of the prints. I think my favorite Christmas print is Timber Valley.

  34. sallyqiad

    Christmas Remembered is my fav although I like them all. My very fav was a line with Santa they had a few years ago (tree skirt pattern too)

  35. Great giveaway. I was just thinking about making some Christmas themed mini’s and this book looks like a great way to work on precision piecing skills, as well as make minis. And the frames are adorable. All the fabrics are beautiful, but Christmas Remembered has certainly caught my attention.


  36. mlmcspadden

    I really like the Brambleberry fabric in their Christmas lines. =) thank you for a chance to win!

  37. Kathy E.

    I would be thrilled to win a mini-quilt stand for my table top. They are adorable! My favorite Christmas fabric is Snowflake Rustic. Here in Iowa we get plenty of snow, so this could be part of a mini-quilt for the entire winter!

  38. I already get their newsletter so know when the sales are. My favorite two fabrics are Holly Sprigs and Tiny Vine. I just couldn’t settle one one single one. Rina

  39. June @ QuiltQuest

    Reindeer Play would be great as part of the Christmas Deer pillows I’ll be making! Thanks for the chance.

  40. Cindy Buchite

    Love the Flurries fabric! Winter is my favorite season! I follow your blog via email. Thank you for letting us into your life this way.

  41. Anita SS

    I love both the Mummies and the Holly Sprigs. Thanks for continuing the Christmas in July gift ideas. Good ideas. I love the spool and cookie cutting ornaments And thanks for a chance to win the giveaways.

  42. Michelle Smith

    Connecting Threads is my favorite online shop. Such great fabric and even better prices. I like Lynette Anderson’s line and the Holly Sprigs fabric! I can see myself using it so much

  43. crowcabincreations

    Timber Valley is my favorite. I am sitting on my deck and just had a fawn come into my yard. Thank you for the giveaway.

  44. Judy Zoll

    All the trimmings looks like a fun Christmas line. I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for all your inspiration

  45. I am torn between the Pinecones and Holly in Midnight Blue ( a bargain at 9.76 a yard when it sells on ebay for about 17+ per yard—when you can find it) or the Galaxy fabric in cream and gold….it is a beautiful blender or background for many other Christmas and seasonal fabrics. Yummmmmmm. Those little stands are too cute for words…..I would LOVE to have one…(especially with 4 headers!). Way to go- Connecting Threads. (I already get their newsletters.)

  46. monica

    I love love love

    Flurries (Midnight Blue) by Lynette Jensen in her Christmas Remembered Collection. I think I’m going to buy some now.

  47. Sharon Schipper

    Have to admit I love the autumn colors and the one called Hood River Harvest by Winthur Sempliner (Hood River is a beautiful part of Oregon!) and it says the collection is Quilter’s Candy. I was looking for a line with roses in it, remember seeing a Christmas roses collection in the past, maybe in a catalog. And of course, Lynette Jensen’s Christmas Remembered collection… beautiful! Love your Christmas in July postings on email. Can’t believe we are more than halfway through the year already.

    sharon in colorado

  48. Sophie Brown

    My favorite print is Memoir. I’m loving text prints right now and I love the message. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  49. Thanks for the chance. I love Connecting Threads. Flurries from Christmas Remembered reminds me of Christmas in VT. Not very snowy down in Florida.

  50. Susan Shaw

    I adore Galaxy Light Cream fabric. It is beautiful for a background fabric for holidays (or any time). Thanks to Connecting Threads.

  51. Rhonda R

    So glad to have found your blog, lots of inspiration! Connecting Threads is one of my favorite shops. Favorite holiday fabric may be Pinecones and Holly. Thank you for the ornament instructions, going to try to make one today!

  52. SO many fun giveaways going on! I love Connecting Threads and especially love their Amanda Jean fabric line… yum!
    I would buy a bolt of their Star Plaid because it could be used in a quilt top or for a backing and would make a great binding!

  53. Jeannie

    Thanks for introducing me to Connecting Threads. I chose All the Trimmings by Michael Miller. These fabrics could be used for many Christmas projects.

  54. diane beavers

    Hello Carole,
    I love snowflakes so “Flurries” in Midnight Blue is my favorite Christmas Fabric w/Connecting Threads.
    Thank you for sharing your mini, love your tips, layout and the “mini’ tabs for hanging.

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