Making Holiday Wreaths

One of the charity projects I’ve done for a few years now is making wreaths for a local Meals on Wheels group for their annual silent auction.  When a friend asked if I wanted all her wreath making stuff to make them this year, I said sure!

Poinsettia Wreath at

She brought over a huge tub – four feet long, two feet wide and three feet deep, overflowing with flowers and elements for making wreaths special like gold and silver balls and curlycues.

Poinsettia Wreath at

I had a straw wreath base, and I wrapped it in red tulle to keep the straw contained.

Poinsettia Wreath at

I tied a bow with gold wire edge ribbon.  See the post Winter Wreath for the step by step on how to do that.

Poinsettia Wreath at

I added a bunch of poinsettias in a deep pink color.

Poinsettia Wreath at

Quick and easy, and it was done.  Before I made another, I decided to check with the charity to see where to take them.  I was a bit astounded at the response.  They have turned over the wreath auction to a committee who placed some ridiculous restrictions on the submissions, like there has to be $75 worth of materials used, or gift cards attached.  To make it worse, you had to register in advance, show up within a window of just a few hours on a certain day to turn it in.  Well, I guess they really didn’t want a nice variety of price points.  How disappointing!!  So, this one went to Safelight for their lobby.  I donated most of the rest of the materials to the humane society thrift store as my enthusiasm for making them went out the window and I didn’t want to store that huge tub for another year.

Poinsettia Wreath at

But, if you’d like to see more ideas for your own wreaths, my post Festival of Wreaths last year had a nice variety of wreaths for every budget.  I made this one for donation in red, white and silver in 2018.

Christmas Wreath at

You might like this post with two Christmas Wreaths, one for my MIL with pine cones and Christmas ornaments…

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

and then I had to make one for me.  This one is on the veranda this year, too.

Christmas Wreaths ~ From My Carolina Home

Do you have a pretty Christmas wreath?

Need a holiday laugh?  If you haven’t seen this Saturday Night Live parody of a Macy’s commercial, it is absolutely hilarious, and (spew alert!!) don’t take a sip of anything or it will be all over your computer screen, LOL!!! SNL Macy’s Parody

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20 thoughts on “Making Holiday Wreaths

  1. That turned out nice. I like how you wrapped that netting around the straw. I looked at some of your otther wreaths. Thanks for the inspiration. It is a real shame that they took such a “snooty” attitude about the wreaths. I guess they are hoping for large donations. I wonder how that works for them. I would think that a lot of smaller, less expensive wreaths would ultimately bring more money.

  2. Diane D.

    Your wreaths are beautiful! The organization is missing out by being so restrictive (greedy?). I love the red, white & silver wreath! Have a wonderful Christmas!

  3. I love ALL your wreathes!! My daughter gathered greenery around her property this week and had a lovely wreath made in no time. What a sad way to run a charity drive, when someone is so willing to put the WORK into the wreath. The best materials I think are the free ones. The price is in your labor, and your talent. I bet Safelight was thrilled to receive your beautiful wreath. I am so glad you thought to take it to them and applaud your generous heart. My senior ladies have been busy sewing Safelight bags. When you have your next collection, I have quite a few to send for Safelight. TIme to put the coffee down and go check out the video!

  4. Joan

    I love hearing from you! Hours before Christmas and you are still taking the time to write.
    Yep I watched the parody and OMG too funny. We have a 4 and a 6 year old and I’m thinking of moving to Tahiti just so I don’t have to put clothes on the little wigglers. I buy mittens in packs of 6 pair so we have mittens by the end of the week.
    And I love your wreaths. Some charities are just too precious. The Boy Scouts usually sell them but it’s 12/22 and they still haven’t come by so I guess I’ll have to live vicariously through your wreaths.
    Happy, safe holidays to you and yours.

  5. Your deep pink wreath with the creamy gold bow is just Luscious! So glad Safelight clients can enjoy that beauty. And i love the cone ones, too! We bought our wreath this year because we traveled the first two weeks in December and I wanted the house to be festive when we got home. (Won’t do that again!). Hope you have a lovely holiday with loved ones. Merry Christmas!

  6. I almost went to a wreath decorating party at a local brewery!! It looked like fun….maybe next year. Other than that, I admittedly buy my wreaths. Two seasonal staples in my decorating are door wreathes and a large garden flag out front. This week’s flag is a cute puppy that says: Santa I don’t bite!! LOL!!!

  7. Marion

    The wreaths are beautiful. Any body would be proud to display them. Wishing you and yours A MERRY CHRISTMAS and A HAPPY,HEALTHY,BLESSED NEW YEAR.
    Marion and Family

  8. farmquilter

    Whoever is in charge of the wreaths for Meals on Wheels made a huge mistake. Your wreaths are beautiful and I’m sorry their wreath chairman was so ignorant. I wouldn’t think they would get very many wreaths if they insist on that price for what goes into them!!!

  9. Carla

    They don’t know what they lost! Your wreaths are so pretty, and would have made it possible for someone like me to afford one. I watched that SNL parody, it was truly one of the funniest things I have seen lately!

  10. Joy B

    What a shame to make such restrictions on the wreaths – I expect that move will hurt their bottom line, as I would have reacted just as you did. Your wreaths are all lovely.

  11. Sylvia Anderson

    Everything I wanted to say, has been voiced by all of the above commenters, so I’ll just say, that anyone who wants something for nothing, SHOULD NOT be so darn picky. Have a very Merry Christmas.

  12. manasotavacation

    Oh Lordy!!! That Macy’s parody was just hysterical…Thank you for sharing.

    I cannot believe that Meals on Wheels had such a drastic change in the fund raising via wreaths….someone left their brains in the dust bin!!! Your wreaths are gorgeous….

  13. Carol

    Sometimes rules have to be set so you don’t get someone’s old, dusty, moldy junk from Grandma’s attic. We have been given dried flower arrangements for our school auction that should have been just tossed out, but since they were donated we had to put them out. No bids were submitted, so we ended up tossing them anyway. So it’s not always about them being “greedy”.

  14. Your wreath is lovely Carole, and I can’t believe the charity put so many restrictions on donations, so ridiculous! That was nice of your friend to give you a big box of stuff, but smart of you to ultimately pass it along…I hope you have a joyful Christmas week!

  15. Your wreath is lovely. Strange how things change – often for the worse. I think at times the meaning of Christmas is forgotten. At least you could donate the items and maybe others can make their own then.

  16. Susan Nixon

    That’s a crazy wreath plan for a charity! I do like the one you made, and I know Safelight was pleased to receive it! No, I don’t have one.

  17. liz

    Love your wreaths. I hope to make some new ones next year. I agree with what already has been said. Safelight won out.

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