Christmas Cookie Cutter Ornaments

My trusty glue gun was fired up once again to make some new ornaments for an upcoming exchange.  I made a bunch of these a few years back and thought it was time to revive the tradition. All you need are some cookie cutters and embellishments like buttons or crystals.

Button tree ornament

You’ll need a cookie cutter in the open style made of metal. Start by gluing a loop of ribbon on the top for hanging. Then glue rows of buttons on the cutter, using lots of different types and sizes. Glue more buttons on top of others to fill in spaces. On this ornament, I also glued buttons to the inside.

Button tree ornament 2

I found this red candy cane shape and started with red buttons. I forgot to do the loop first on this one.

Candy Cane Button Ornament 1

Red buttons were glued in rows all the way around.

Candy Cane Button Ornament 2

White buttons glued on top of the red ones create the candy cane look.

Candy Cane Button Ornament 4

The angel started with the cording for hanging.

Angel 1

Then white buttons were added all around.

Angel 2

Another tree started with clear snowflake beads.

Tree crystal 1

Then I added some pearls.

Tree crystal 3

The last tree got satin ribbon roses with small crystals for light accents.

Tree roses

You can really use whatever you have on hand. They make really pretty additions to the Christmas tree, great package tie-ons, and special little gifts for quilters and bakers.

Cutters on tree

Note that I did clean up all the glue strings, LOL!!

Cutters on tree 2

Have you made any cookie cutter ornaments?


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Cookie Cutter Ornaments

  1. I have tried to post more often but I have to be signed in to wordpress in order to do so-and I forgot my password-think I finally found it-lol
    I love this idea for making ornaments-very pretty on the tree too
    Merry Christmas

  2. I love this idea and I love buttons! I have a whole stash of cookie cutters and never use them, I am not a big baker so this is a great idea for me to use them. Thanks for your inspiration and for visiting!

  3. phyllisesmith

    These are so cute! I’d like to find a gingerbread man and lady to do to hang in my kitchen window with my gingerbread people
    and snowflakes as well .
    I’m an ole tar hill myself. Born in Charlotte 75 yrs ago. Wanting to move to the mts. of Ga. Hope to do that soon.
    Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  4. Linda Canada

    Oh my goodness you are so talented. I love them all I would never of thought about using cookie cuttes and buttons like this. Looking forward to seeing more of your work.

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