Here’s the Plan, and a Couple of Questions for You

I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely holiday weekend.  It is Apple Festival time here, and the fair starts next weekend.  The King Apple Parade will be tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll be down there again to enjoy this uniquely small town event.

King Apple Parade 2018 at

You can see my previous posts on this fun weekend with Apple Festival 2018, showing the windows in town and the vintage car show, Apple Festival 2014 featuring the various varieties of apples, and Apple Festival 2015 highlighting the apple growers, each showing a different angle of the four day event.

King Apple Parade 2018 at

There used to be a quilt show with the festival, and a few years ago I entered this one.  They aren’t doing it anymore, but I had to show my Farmer’s Market Quilt just one more time for my newer readers.


I want to let you all in on the plan for the coming weeks.  I have been hard at work on Autumn Jubilee, and it will begin October 2.  Great prizes are lined up with both returning and new vendors, and I’ll have a quilt along, several small sewing projects, crafting projects, card stamping and a wool stitch along, as well as more fun with cooking, reading and a few surprises.  I changed the header photo over to Autumn as I am getting really pumped up about this event.

In the meantime, I am going to take a break from blogging for two weeks.   I have scheduled the next Teacups block for September 13, a week late so this post stays on the top longer for more readers to participate in the polls below.  Then I’ll be back with a new post on Sunday the 15th.  In the meantime, I need your help with a couple of questions.

One of the things I need to decide is how much to do outside of creating and writing.  I spend a lot of time doing extra posts and patterns for other entities to help people find my blog and get new readers and followers, which translates into more goodies for you come giveaway time.  The problem is I do not know where it is most profitable to spend my time, and what I can discontinue.  So, I need your help.  While I am off, please answer this poll question about how you found my blog.  If you are unsure, just select the option that is most likely or the way you usually find blogs to read.  Click on the button for your answer, then click “vote” at the bottom of the poll.  There is an option if you just cannot remember.  I really need to see at least 100 responses to make it meaningful, and I do appreciate you giving me the feedback.  You can also leave me any comment about this.

I enjoy doing blog hops but they can be a lot of work, so I need a majority of readers to help me decide if it is something I want to continue. I have to create the hop post, visit all the other blogs on the hop to leave comments, publish the links and then update them daily to permalinks.   For example, if you only click on other blogs active on the day of my post, then I will want to schedule myself late in the hop so you have more to see.   If you see them all, I would ask to be at the beginning so more people from the other participants will see my blog.  If you don’t like them, then I might want to decrease my participation.  Sometimes the statistics don’t show a lot of interaction in referrals from other blogs, or clicks on the hop blogger links.  Do you like them, and click on the other blogger posts on the hop?  Do you come back later to see the blogs later than my post?  Choose an answer and click “vote”.  You can leave a comment about this too if you like.

Thank you for taking the time to answer these two questions!  It will really help me determine what you, the readers, want to see so I can bring you more of what you like.

Apple Tablescape at

One more thing I am considering is changing the pages at the top to combine into fewer ones, or changing them to drop down menus with just general categories showing to reduce the size of the header.  Dropping some pages altogether might be an option as the categories on the sidebar pull up the same info, although not with pictures.  Are the pictures important for the pages, or would simple text links be enough?  I could show Quilting on the top, with drop downs for Projects, Basics, Fixing Problems.  What do you think of that?  Would it make things just as easy to find or be a pain?

For the next two weeks, I hope you’ll come back to just play and explore on the blog, shop my affiliate sponsors, and use the categories on the sidebar to see posts you might have missed on subjects you are interested in seeing. I have over 1000 posts now, so lots to see, free patterns to download, cards to make, tables to set, recipes to print, and more!!  Leave comments on the questions from today’s post, but I will not be personally answering those while I am off.  I will read and do appreciate each and every one.   Share your projects in our Facebook Sharing Group.  If you haven’t joined yet, be sure to answer the questions or the moderators may not approve you.

Thank you to everyone that uses my affiliate links when you are shopping.  It helps to pay my costs for the blog and shipping expense for prizes so I can bring you more free patterns, mystery quilt alongs and fun.  Here are some of the latest bargains from my affiliate sponsors –

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See you soon!!

Note – first time comments are held for moderation, so if you’ve never commented before it won’t show right away.  I’ll approve all of those when I return to blogging.  If you’ve commented in the past, yours will post immediately.

74 thoughts on “Here’s the Plan, and a Couple of Questions for You

  1. Joy B

    I think I found your blog from Between Naps on the Porch’s link party (Tablescape Thursday) But I don’t remember for sure. I enjoy quilting and cardmaking,too, so I now follow your blog and enjoy it greatly. Enjoy your time off and have fun at the Apple Festival.

    1. Chris

      Follow you from the blog roll (is that the right term for the list of people a blogger follows) of Kevin the Quilter. I started following him from Bonnie Hunter at quiltville when she used to provide a list of those blogs she followed.

  2. I think I found your blog because you entered a JFF challenge, or another card challenge. Often, a good way to find those with similar interests to your blog is by visiting the other blogs who enter the same challenge/contest. I wish you luck on finding ways to spend your time! I would say consider what to cut out by what it is you enjoy doing versus what is not enjoyable.

  3. Since your blog title is “From My Carolina Home”, I think you do a really good job of balancing all that you do and share it with us. I am sorry that I can’t remember how I came across your site. If I had to make a wild guess, I probably found you on a quilting blog hop. I stick around because I like your variety and love seeing the plants and wild life that you share. I would surely miss those turkeys, deer and, of course, the bear! I pretty much have tunnel vision for quilting but your site has kept me coming back. I hope that helps in some way. I know that posting is very time consuming and I understand if you feel the need to cut some out. Maybe you could just post about a particular thing one day a week or one day a month? Or maybe, just don’t post every day.

  4. Edy

    I’m pretty sure I found your blog by doing an internet search for mystery quilts. I’ve had a lot of fun with those the last few years.

  5. Enjoy your blogging break. Will miss your posts, but look forward to what’s in the works, especially Autumn Jubilee! I found your blog on a Linky party (tablescape, I think) from My ThriftStore Addiction about a year and a half ago.

  6. Irena.

    I’m not sure how i found you. But no doubt your From My Caroline home. Called to me. Im in Australia. And I love your blog. The quilting. The tablescapes. Never heard of them before. Your garden the flowers birds the animals. Love the variety. Your tutorials are easy to understand. What ever you post I will enjoy. I don’t always. Comment. But. Do love all you do.

    1. Bonnie Coleman

      I found your blog during the H2H blog, or the Carolina Quilt Project…can’t remember which. I enjoy reading GOOD blog, with substance. By that I mean those with real content, inspiration and with a personal perspective. Yours has these elements! I enjoy seeing what other people are doing, not just about quilting but real life events too, although quilting is my favorite hobby. I always learn something from you and also look forward to how I can contribute to charity work, like the Safelight project. I believe there are many of us retired individuals who want to support needs of others with our sewing/quilting skills but finding the right avenue to do that is difficult. Not every blogger can be trusted. So blog “would-be “ followers are out here shopping for trustworthy info with a desire to help others if we can. After following you for a while, I believe you are trustworthy and sincere, so I hope you keep the blog going, even though I know it is a lot of work for you. Thank you!

  7. Rosemaryflower

    I do not remember when or how I found your blog. That is kind of sad in a funny sort of way…. haha
    Happy Week-end. It is drabby here. I am happy we live ‘inland” and do not have to worry about 115mph winds. I love your parades. We have them in Leesburg and we take the grandgirls to them.

  8. Cathy B.

    Believe I found your blog via a quilt photo on Pinterest, then followed the source back to you. In a case like this, I usually poke around the site first before signing up to subscribe by email. The email prompts are important to me because I would probably forget to go back periodically to browse. I especially love your mystery quilts – thank you!

  9. Carla B

    I agree with the above person who posted, meaning I too have tunnel vision for quilting. As for me, I am a retired Registered Nurse who worked in my field for 52 years after graduation. And I am a very busy person. I have horses, quilt, garden and am always working on an in-house renovation project now that I have the time. Since my job career included time intensive documentation, I am always aware of the labor that bloggers invest with their blogs. Matter of fact, that is why I have not gone this route myself. So for me, following blogs (which I learned about after I had retired) is a way to be connected with the quilt world. So, I can stay connected and learn about soooo many different ideas and just plain things! Then on days I have the time, I can read each and every blog that I subscribe to. Other days, I just skim over a blog if it isn’t directly related to quilting. Many times I skim over blog hops, quilt a longs, and mystery quilts. Many times I can take the time to post a comment which I always try to make meaningful and praiseworthy. I well know that it is impossible for the person who blogs to meet the needs/desires of each of us who read the blog. Therefore, for me, I feel that it is best for me to subscribe to many, many blogs and read the ones that interest me on the day I read it and just skip the ones that hold either no or little interest for me on that particular day. Now saying that, It ‘isn’t written in stone’ as I joined a Quilt-A-Long a year or so ago hosted by Temecula Quilt that was a Snow Ball quilt. I completely enjoyed the entire QAL. My finished quilt is not only gorgeous but my husband loves it too and looking forward to putting it out as soon as the snow falls this year. And I have learned so many things from blogs. And blogs have influenced me in some ways. For one, I now want to hand quilt a quilt again. And I have added a ‘Slow Stitching Sunday’ to my habits tho for me it is a Tuesday. For me, when I am ill, it is also a special time that I actually spend a lot of time going back to OLD blog posts. Meaning ones I have never read. I will sometimes go back a few years and read each and every blog for a year or so. My mind is ever active and it gives me something useful to do. Last thought is that Blogs have become an important part of my life and I am always extremely thankful for the wonderful people who blog. They have made me a better quilter and person. They have also influenced me to start making a pile of donation quilts for my local area. Have a wonderful time off the next few weeks. I applaud your desire to see how you can use your time and energy so that it has the greatest impact on the readers, therefore the community. Happy quilting.

    1. Nanc

      Hello Carole! I’m not sure how I found your blog but have been following you for several years. If I could only pick one blog, it would be yours. I check your site daily and enjoy everything that you share. You have a lovely knack for photography and I love the pictures of your garden, yard and all of the visitors (i.e., the bear and Clarence), my husband and I enjoy the cars, shows and rod runs. Your table scapes are beautiful-you have quite an eye. It’s fun to read about your local fairs and festivities and hope you do well with your entries this year.
      We have a Pfaff Creative 7550 also and I found your information very helpful. Ours only speaks German, he can’t be changed, and was built in the town where we lived in Germany- Herr Pfaff is very special to us and sews up a storm!
      May I also say thank you for the information that you have shared-the importance of proper preparation for long arming and the correct method for borders. Several of your Port Softies were sent to someone very special to us and he was able to share them with others that needed that added touch of comfort.
      Your organizing skills and efforts certainly are admirable. You have put so much time and effort into the Hurricane and Safelite projects and I am happy to be able to share my skills and resources with you. I’m planning to send more Safelite items this next time. I was glad when you announced there would be another and I have time to prepare several sets. As someone mentioned – it’s good to know that you can be trusted.
      Thank you for all you do with your blog. I appreciate the way you write, I frequently use your blog as a reference guide it’s easy to get around and find what I’m looking for, and am so glad there are no pop ups and nothing moves. Your links that provide a cash amount back to you are a great idea and I’ll try to use them more often. About your potential changes; do what is best for you.
      Just to share: I did participate in your survey. Blog Hops, quilt-a-longs and mystery quilts aren’t my thing but I’m sure there are plenty of others who enjoy and appreciate all you have to offer. Used to be a stamper but fabric and Pfaff’s won! Even though I don’t stamp anymore, I enjoy seeing what you make.
      Thank you so much for all you have shared with the rest of the world. Enjoy your vacation!

  10. I have been following so long and have no idea how I found you. Probably the blog title caught my eye. As for moving the pages/changes /etc. If you are like me, I get a lot of questions that are easily found by just looking for the info either on the pages at top or along the sidebar. So I am not sure a change will alter how many view a blog. If they do not blog they tend to have no idea how to search it or access the info.
    In general a little up-date always is fun and can bring in new interest. We I was seeking to grow my blog I found that fave quilts was good, and so were linky parties. Blog hops not so much. I think people do those for prizes and care little in following regularly.

  11. Keysha

    I found your blog while googling on how to repair a 1930s quilt I bought in Nebraska. That was in 2018 when I started following your blog. I like seeing the blog hop and I enjoy the pictures. Truth be told, I am actively following due to your social responsibility aspects using our quilting/sewing talents, quilt repair expertise/fixing problems, and longarm quilting experience. The recipe sharing keeps me following as well. Maybe if the categories were somehow listed by a drop down menu it would be easier to find posts. I enjoy reading everything you post. Thanks!

  12. Rita Calloway

    I really enjoy all of your posts, tablescapes ,garden ,and quilt repairs. I do not do facebook so your blog is my source for you.I also like your charity projects and try to participate when I can.

  13. Brenda

    I know for sure that I found you during the Hurricane quilting that your were hosting because I was looking for a way to contribute blocks. I admire you so much for doing that and all the hard work that went into it. I have continued to follow you because I just love your posts and look forward to getting my email every day. I will miss you while you are on vacation from it all, but I totally understand the need. I enjoy all the photographs of your tablescapes, nature, wildlife, and anything quilting, especially patterns and tutorials. I would give a lot to have your energy to do all that you do.

    I do have a question. My sister has a quilt top flimsy that was in a hope chest left to her by my aunt. She had mostly forgotten about it until I became interested in quilting. It is a Dresden fan kind of pattern, I think, and I think it is mostly hand pieced. We want to do something with it because we think it may have been done by my grandmother but we don’t know what to do or if it can be finished into a quilt, due to it being hand pieced and maybe it will be too hard to do. I was wondering if you ever look at something like this and give an opinion? If and when you have the time, if you can let me know at brendafurlong at

    Back to your questions, I am old and not too active in following too much and it feels overwhelming to me and I love all the quilting information.

    1. Sally

      I found your blog through Kevin the Quilter’s blog roll. I go to his blog every day and check his list of blogs. There, I can see who has updated their blog since I last read them. I use his links to visit the blogs. I like to check his blog roll because he follows most of my favorite blogs (which I was reading before I found his list).

  14. Jeanie C.

    I really can’t remember how I found you or when. I enjoy the table settings, your pictures as I love the mountains, never get enough of woods. Live in surrounding concrete every where. I love your blogs of trips and pictures of everything, house plants, animal, and quilting, cards and other crafts you show. I am now 80 and can’t do some of the things I use to do and love but I can follow your blogs and dream—–. Please continue as you are doing. Love it.

  15. stephzw

    Thanks for all you do for us. Yours was they only mystery quilt I finished, and gave it away to charity. I think I found your biog when you asked for blocks for the hurricane recovery. I did answer the questions. Enjoy your, well deserved, break.

  16. Sylvia anderson

    Good morning Carole, I came across Blog after reading one of your posts on Wanda’s Blog, and have enjoyed reading all about the various crafts, along with quilting and sewing that you do.

  17. I forget how exactly I found your blog, but it was when you were doing the Scrap Dance Tango I believe. I made that one & enjoyed it so I also did Scrap Dance Waltz. Now that I think about it, I probably found you on Kathy’s Quilts blog (I believe that’s what it’s called). She always posts about new QALs so that’s probably how I originally got going. I like your writing & have similar interests…quilting, gardening, thrifting.

  18. Enjoy your break, Carole. You really do keep this site hopping, so I can understand taking a break. I think I found you through your Scrap Tango(?) pattern. It’s been so long I can’t recall, but I think it might have been during or right at the end of the QAL for that pattern? Anyway, with QALs or hops, I usually try to visit each blog for that day so I don’t fall behind. Sometimes it depends on whether I’m participating or not, or if I have the time for that day. Not sure if that helps.

  19. Enjoy your time away from the computer Carole. Everyone needs that now and then. I honestly don’t remember how I discovered your site. I do enjoy it – I am a sporadic reader and not terribly consistent about commenting. Life is busy… but as you know, I have a chronic illness. When I am not up and around, I love catching up on all the blogs I enjoy – yours being one of them.

  20. Diane Nickerson

    I cannot remember how I found your blog. Most likely, however, it was mentioned or linked to in someone else’s blog and something about it made me want to check yours out. Obviously, I liked it enough to stay!

  21. karenfae

    I know I got to your blog from someone else’s but I don’t remember where as it as been several years. I don’t care for blog hops as there are too many of them to visit – like sometimes there are 10-20 listed and I just don’t have the time to keep up with it even if prizes are involved I just don’t bother – it takes too much time. I rarely also keep up with tutorials given and such – I just like to read and see what others are doing and making.
    Love seeing that apple festival looks like fun

  22. Sue Munn

    I found your blog from a Pinterest post of one of your tutorials. Love your tutorials and free patterns. I used to like blog hops but they are a lot of work not only to participate in as a blogger, but to follow. I can take or leave them.

  23. Linda B

    Don’t remember how I found you either Carole, maybe blog-lovin? Or from someother blog, but I do not generally follow blog hops…maybe do the first time, then things just in the way and only so much time to explore. Your tutorials are just the best and I am always interested in. I need to check your amazon link… a while ago it would not open the app on my ipad and something did not work right. Hope you have a great getaway and look forward to your return!!

  24. A blog hop takes a LOT of planning, and a lot of time, before and during, every day.Not sure how I found you, but your enthusiasm, the car rallies, your garden over the seasons, the Jubilee QAL’s, and more, I am in awe of all you accomplish and manage to do, apart from putting out a post with so much and so many photos. This all takes time and effort, and as I get older,find that time and effort takes more of each. Enjoy your break.We have had spring days down here, sunshine, and warm enough to sit in the sunshine and watch the cars go by.

    1. Carla

      This is so true! So many other bloggers only do short posts on what they are working on, where your blog is true content, something interesting or fun to read, with way more tutorials. It is your clear instructions and great photos that set your blog apart. I love the quilting posts, but realize we are not just quilters, but sometimes we like to cook or plant a flower too.

  25. I think you found my blog, through which your comments led me to your always very comprehensive and informative blog. I am not the typical quilter so my responses to your inquiry about the fabulous services you provide wouldn’t be pertinent. I rarely follow blog hops and never make projects from patterns. I say bravo for your efforts and think it’s wise for you to reexamine the time/effort you expend. Hopefully your followers will support you by utilizing your affiliate links. With all this said, I’m happy our paths crossed and we’ve become blog buddies….now we need to meet up again and as they say “do lunch”.

  26. Carol Nolans

    I don’t recall how I found your blog, but the first thing it was for the free tea cups BOM. As a new quilter I really appreciate the free patterns. When I’m better, I’ll buy patterns (like I have a zillion patterns for cross stitch and embroidery, my other hobbies), but for now, I prefer the free pattern with blogger giving instructions, video instructions being my favorites as I’m a visual learner). But I can usually find on youtube video doing the procedure I need help with. I love blog hops because I get to see what other people are doing and have found new bloggers to follow that way. I look for bloggers that do quilts my style (like your tea cups!) first and foremost…..then if they post free, well, that always gets my attention…..then if there is other stuff I find interesting that’s a plus (like your tablescapes, lovely to look at even if all I have for plates is the Corelle and the plastic, lol). Also loving your parade posts and other things about the Carolina lifestyle…..I’m on the West Coast so it is all very different and interesting to me! I really like your way of writing too….very much like if I was at a friend’s house. I used your Amazon link to buy the teacup book and I’ll try to remember to use it more for you! I like and appreciate all that you are doing, and hope that you’ll find the right balance that makes you happy……and that it includes the quilts and tablescapes are my vote, lol.

  27. I found your blog when searching for quilt blogs on word press. Enjoy your break and the fair. I am looking forward to Autumn Jubilee this year, I am hoping to be caught up enough to to try more things!

  28. janohio47

    I think it was a link from A Thrift Store Addiction, which intrigued me. I enjoy reading about quilting – my mother, aunt, grandmothers all quilted; I made one fantastic small piece & decided not for me. I enjoy when you show items from thrifting, your car rallies, your charity ideas, but mainly because you show beautiful scenes from North Carolina, so near to my upstate SC childhood home.

  29. Melanie

    I don’t remember how or when I found your blog; it’s been quite awhile, but I enjoy the variety, most subjects interest me a lot. I think drop down menus would be fine, and I’d follow along no matter what. Actually, blog hops take so much time away from my sewing that I don’t follow usually. Enjoy a few weeks away from blogging. 🙂 m

  30. Rebecca

    I have no idea how I stumbled onto your blog (it may have been thru the Carolina Hurricane Project but I wouldn’t take that to the bank) but I’m sure glad I did! I love seeing both your quilty stuff & all your other posts. Please keep it up (yes, I’m selfish like that!)!!! Have a happy holiday weekend & have fun at the fair!

  31. Doris Thiroe

    I do not remember how I came to your site, but look for your posts each week. I enjoy the pictures of your projects as it keeps me thinking of what can be done, and possibly a better way for me to accomplish the craft. I like being exposed to the different crafts or styles, your charity projects, and being stimulated. I enjoy your pictures and stories of the events and scenery where you live. I am a quilter and sewer, but have wanted to do stamping, love your tablescape ideas for each season. I like on your site that I do not have to move to other pages as is all on on the same page, does take more time to move to other links from drop down menus. Thank you for your site, time and energy.

  32. Diane H

    Took the poll for you, Carole. Now that I’ve read the other comments, it was probably over at Kevin the Quilter’s blog where I first found you. Just wanted to say that yours is my absolute favourite blog. You put your heart and soul into everything you do, it is always a pleasure to read your posts. I’m sure all of your readers feel the same. I also want to say how much I appreciate that I can follow your blog via email, but I enjoy visiting your blog to look back at older posts, as well. I appreciate that your blog isn’t covered with advertisement videos that suck up my daily data limit. Enjoy your break, and thank you for all you do.

  33. Mary C

    I only found you about 6 months ago, I think thru a link in another quilt blog– but I think the subject was tablescapes. I was surprised to find another quilt blog! I keep a list of blogs I like bookmarked and just look when I want– no emails etc. That works for me. My list is almost all quilt blogs, but I enjoy all your varied subjects– esp tablescapes, gardens and thrift finds. I have not been doing anything with mystery quilts.

  34. I’m pretty sure I found you through the big Grow your blog event years ago. It’s interesting to see the results of the surveys. Carole you create a blog that is full of variety and talent. I’m so glad we met and appreciate your inspiration and friendship.

  35. Your blog posts are a pleasure to read. I enjoy the gardening and tablescapes. Quilting is my favorite hobby though. I can imagine myself at whatever car festival you describe through your descriptions.
    I do not utilize Pinterest or Facebook, just IG. Enjoy your break.

  36. Linda Brayton

    I’ve voted separately indicating I found you from another blogger’s link party. It was Crazy Mom Quilts (gone but not forgotten) during your block drive for the California fire victims.

    1. Mary D.

      I found you through Pinterest searching for fall quilt patterns! I discovered Autumn Jubilee and have enjoyed this series. Your enthusiasm for multiple craft areas is contagious! Thanks for all your informative posts. I find drop down menus quicker to navigate than reading through multiple titles. Pictures are always appreciated! Enjoy your blogging vacation

  37. thedarlingdogwood

    I stumbled upon a post that was a clearinghouse of active QALs and Mystery Quilts. I had not been to that site before or since. But I had always been intrigued by mystery quilts and had never done one, and the timing was fortuitous because you had just started your original Scrap Dance mystery. No idea what that site was, but that’s what brought me to you! I love the annual mystery quilt and hope those are an element you keep. I’ve done 3 of your 5, I believe. Enjoy your break!

  38. Camille

    I follow your blog primarily for the quilting segments but also enjoy the various other topics as they appear. As to changes for your website organization and layout, I suggest that you make that decision based on what is best from your perspective. If you would prefer a change and think it will will be better for you, do it. If change is too much work with very little gain, skip it.

  39. Looks like a perfect weekend. Enjoy the festivities. I hope you also enjoy your two week blogging break. Looks like you have a lot in the works with your blog. I will go back and do the survey and read through all your thoughts again. Good luck.
    I think we first met up through one of Amy’s quilt festivals.

  40. Daphne. Freeth

    I found you by internet search a couple of yrs ago, but family serious health problems and computer crash, intervened and I have just found you again, so really a newbie in New Zealand, you have Been life saver for my machine problems and I will look forward to your continued involvement in whatever format you decide on

  41. I’ve followed Kathy’s Quilts for many years and she often participates in your quilt alongs. That’s how I first found your blog.

  42. Lenora

    Carole, more than likely I googled something similar to “where can I donate …?” I just Know I enjoy all you share with us. While I could never even attempt to do most that you share I feel like you have become a friend I haven’t met. Whatever you decide to do in the future I will continue to connect with your posts while having my morning coffee. Thank You!

  43. Niki W

    I enjoy your blog very much. I read each post through the e-mail feed. I seldom visit your actual blog unless I’m looking for something I saw in a past post. I like the diversity of your posts and the glimpses you provide into various fairs, car club events and small town living.

  44. Susan Salo

    I found your blog probably through Kathy’s quilts when she was doing one of your mystery QALs. I do love your QALs so that’s when I started following you.

  45. Linda

    I found you on Everyone Deserves a Quilt. My sister has a cabin in near you. I love to visit the the mountains. So your location is one reason I started reading your blog. I am a quilter also but don’t do hops. We have similar tastes in books.

  46. Monica

    Good Morning. I found your blog when searching for a way to help people who had been through Hurricane Michael. Unfortunately (or fortunately) before I could get back to you, a friend sent information about the Panama City (FL) Bay County Council on Aging, and I donated a couple of quilts to them. I still check on your blog about once a week, to see what you have going on. Thank you for your work, your design ideas, and your chatty blog. Monica in Colorado. (no blog)

  47. Lynne

    I found your blog when a friend shared the post on the right way to do borders. I had no idea what a difference it could make. I enjoy the quilting tips. Although I am not a tablecaper I like seeing what you do. I am just starting some card making so maybe I’ll start getting more tips on that too. I love to see what you come up with at the thrift store and follow you on your car adventures.

  48. Nancy Krier

    I first visited your blog by following the link in your comments on MQR. I have done several of your mystery quilts and some of your recipes – loved them all! Thank you!

  49. Patricia Evans

    I don’t really remember how I first found your blog, but it was probably from a linky party. I know I visited several times before I finally signed up to follow. Regarding blog hops, I have to say that I don’t go to all the links on most blog hops. There are simply too many these days and I already follow too many blogs and don’t spend enough time actually quilting. I especially dislike the blog hops that are a week long and have up to 8 blogs to visit in a day. I certainly appreciate the time and effort you put into your blog, your QALs and your charity projects.

  50. Wendy O

    I prefer the images to navigate to different places on your blog. Drop down boxes would be alright but, in that drop down Special Characters (#@$%&) would be helpful, as would alphabetical lists.

    I generally know where I want to go but, “Hints” help.

    I am blind. My field of view is very narrow and, having to read too much to get where I want to be, causes me to walk away in frustration. And return later with a better idea of where I want to be on your blog.

    Hope you enjoyed your break!

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