Apple Festival 2014

One of the highlights of the year around here is the annual Apple Festival held every Labor Day Weekend.  It is four days of fun, three with vendors and shows on the stage in front of the courthouse, and then the King Apple Parade on Monday. Henderson county grows 85% of the apples in the state.


The number of varieties grown here will boggle the mind. I even found a new one to me this weekend, a sheepnose (also called a crow egg) apple! It is because the bottom of the apple resembles a sheep’s nose. It has a medium balance of tart to sweet.

AppleFestival2014- sheepsnose

There were 14 growers at the fair this year, with all kinds of beautiful apples to buy, taste and just admire.




Here’s my favorite variety, honey crisp!  Nicely sweet, goes really well with peanut butter.


Ever have apple ice cream? It is wonderful! Tastes like an apple pie.


The vendors had all sorts of things to sell to eat using apples, like apple pie..


and fried apple pies…

AppleFestival2014-fried pies

jams, chutneys and butters…


apple bread …


apple bread pudding…

AppleFestival2014-bread pudding



and whole caramel apples.


It was hot, so we didn’t stay but a couple of hours.


And I know I took way too many pictures, but don’t you think this one is pretty?


Here’s what made it home with me.  The big green ones are Jonagolds.


I hope I have enough cinnamon!

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