Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Block A

Today is the beginning of a four week quilt along for Autumn Jubilee!!  This will be a two block quilt, so you can do just a few blocks for a table topper, or a lot of blocks for a quilt.  I’ve been sewing like mad lately, and got a really good head start on the project at the recent Quilt Retreat.  Some of the pictures of construction are from those days, I was really productive!!  I am making a larger quilt, with 10 “A” blocks, and 10 “B” blocks for a 20-block quilt.  This is part mystery, so you won’t get the whole design until week 3.  Quilt alongs posts will appear every Monday for four weeks.

Update – See my Buy My Patterns Page to purchase this pattern.

Last year we did 6-inch blocks, and I thought this year we’d go big in a hurry with 12-inch blocks.  It isn’t Autumn without pumpkins, so here we go!  Gather some pumpkin fabrics for a big and easy block that goes together quickly.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

You’ll need
6 pumpkin color strips 2-1/2-inches x 10-1/2-inches
4 background squares 3-inches
2 background strips 2-1/2-inches x 5-1/2-inches
1  2-1/2-inch square for the stem

Begin by sewing together the six pumpkin strips.  I sewed these at retreat on my little portable machine.  Having a big mug of coffee helped make the early start more enjoyable.  I really had a great time, sewing with friends and making good progress at the same time.  Lots of chatting went on too!

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

On the background squares, draw a diagonal line from one corner to the opposite corner. Place the squares on the corners of the pumpkin strips. Sew on the line.  The squares are larger than the strips, and will cross over one and a half strips to make the perspective right.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

Trim to a quarter inch seam allowance.  Press the seam to one side, or open as you prefer.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

Sew a background strip to each side of the stem square.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

Sew the stem unit to the pumpkin unit.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

I know many of you out there believe I can’t think in terms other than autumn colors, LOL, but here’s an idea to prove I can.  This alternate colorway has a white pumpkin on a black background, and is my idea of putting a bit of a modern edge to a traditional look.  You can make your pumpkins any color you choose.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

Multiply the number of pieces for one block by the number of blocks you want to make, I did 10 pumpkins.  The blocks will be 12-1/2-inches at this stage so you can figure the size you want.  Four blocks – two A and two B (next week) – would make a 24-inch square table topper.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

Today’s Giveaway is from Madam Sew!  This 32-piece set fits almost any machine with the adapter that makes it possible to use the snap-on feet.   I have used feet from this set on all four of my sewing machines made by Pfaff, Janome, Kenmore and Brother.  It is wonderful to have just the right thing when you need a specialty foot for free motion quilting, accurate piecing with the quarter inch, paper piecing with the open toe, and lots more.  Madam Sew also has a blog, with lots of good information and fun projects.  I’ve written a few posts for them, and have more coming up soon, including a fun Christmas project.  I have quite a few Madam Sew products, and they are all high quality.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post, then click on the Giveaway button to go to the rafflecopter entry page.  Open to International entries too!!  The more you do, the more chances you get.  Extra entry today for blogging about Autumn Jubilee this week between today and Sunday.  Entries close this coming Sunday the 14th at 11:59 pm.  Giveaway done.

Do you like the pumpkin block?  What new foot would you say you need the most?

Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian Readers!!

See my Buy My Patterns Page to purchase this pattern.

Autumn Jubilee 2018 Quilt Along at

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102 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Block A

  1. Jennifer Rauch

    For some reason, I love making pumpkin blocks! Favorite color, easy to do, & NOW my daughter has gotten into blowing glass. You guessed it – she is now making glass pumpkins to sell @ their annual Glass Pumpkins Patch this coming weekend. Oh it is a sight to see! All shapes, sizes, colors. . . they work on this fundraiser all year. One year they made 905 & sold all but TWO in the hours 10 to 3. She started with just the stems, & how gloriously curly they were, passed those on to someone else experienced in making the p’kin part. . . The sale is outdoors on their Courthouse lawn, arranged on & around hay bales & shade trees, with sun glinting on all those glass gourds! NOW they’ve opened a local hot shop with the proceeds, so won’t have to travel an hour each way to create. Google Bloomington, IN Glass Pumpkin Patch event to get a gander. Now I feel the need to give her a table runner of pumpkins!

  2. connie wolfe

    Orange is my favorite color. These pumpkins made into a bed sized quilt for the season are tempting me to start another project.

  3. Karen MacKnight

    Since turning 75 I decided to enter the craft show where I live in Florida….Making several table runners has been one if my favorite vthings to make.
    I love the pumpkin square and will try to get that going one of these weekends….thank you , love your web site
    Karen in Florida

  4. Ann Ormston

    Simple design. Why not use the colors of the many varieties of apples? Perhaps turned into placemats?

  5. Love the pumpkin blocks, I picked up a box of scraps the other day and used up all of the orange for some impromptu pumpkin blocks for pot holders and mug rugs. What a fantastically fabulous way to use scraps!

  6. Mary C

    You have inspired me to make an autumn quilt. I do like the alternative colorway but will go with traditional colors. Always looking for new gadgets to make qulting quicker, I am sure there is a foot or two that would be very useful!

  7. Darlene Slocum

    The pumpkin looks easy to make. I would like to try the roller foot and learn to sew bindings on by machine.

  8. lv2bquilting2

    Carole, I think your blog just keeps getting better and better, and really enjoyed the book reviews yesterday. As an avid ‘listener’ of audio books, I am always looking for other people’s reviews, so I will continue to check out your Book app in the sidebar.
    Your pumpkins are adorable and while they will make up great looking runners, placemats, quilts, etc., I have a hard time liking the squared off ones, and prefer to applique pumpkins with rounded edges. Guess my age is showing.

  9. Linda

    I love doing your quilt alongs and am looking forward to this one. If I could have one foot I would like a 1/4 inch foot.

  10. nicholsas

    I just started trying to free motion quilt on my home machine. It’s not going very well so maybe there’s a free motion quilting foot in the kit that will help!!! Love your pumpkins.

  11. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    We have one end of our huge garden full of different varieties of pumpkins and they are from huge to small, dark orange to almost whjte. My husband decided to use all the leftover seeds from years past and I think every seed sprouted and grew and produced!! He keeps piling a pumpkin from each variety on each side of the doorway. I love your pumpkin and I can envision it in all shades of cream to deep red orange with a deep brown background. Thank you for your efforts to make all of us happy crafters!!

  12. Eileen

    Great pumpkin pattern, will start it today !! Would love to win , and try some free motion quilting !, Tthanks for the giveaway.

  13. Kathryn Laposata

    I love the white pumpkin a lot. We just went pumpkin picking with grandchildren this weekend. They had a lot of white pumpkins.

  14. BJ

    I love using my fall fabrics, so I may just have to add this QAL to my list. Great block! I think I’ll try to adjust it a tad so I can use 10″ squares instead of 10.5″ strips. I’d like to have a foot that transitions from denim to cotton sewn together. I used to have a Jean-a-ma-Jig but even that required manual manipulation. Thanks for the QAL and the prize opportunities!

  15. Debra Miller

    Love the pumpkin block and have been buying orangey fabrics lately-now I know what to do with them! I could use another 1/4″ foot as I am always losing mine!

  16. Niki W

    The pumpkin block is very fun. I can see making some in various pumpkin color shades for a table runner. I would like a foot to guide an accurate 1/4″ seam. The foot I have tends to snag the fabric, not good!

  17. ANN D

    I would like to get a new walking foot. The one i have doesn’t have a good edge to sew on bindings. thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Christine Y

    I love the Autumn Jubilee quilt along! And could not even get any better then some pumpkins to start off Autumn Jubilee and maybe some white pumpkins too boot! My favorite presser foot is my 1/4″. Thank you again for hosting Autumn Jubilee.

  19. Loris Mills

    Thank you for the fun pumpkin block. I love pumpkins too!
    The machine foot collection looks interesting. I just watched a video using a foot for attaching bindings by machine. I’ll have to think about this for utility quilts.

  20. Teresa Chabot

    Don’t know how I got to this site, but love the pumpkin block. A new project in my favorite colors. Woo! Hoo! Am looking forward to getting started.

  21. Tina W from Oregon

    I hope there’s a special foot to help with applying binding on quilts. That’s what I’d like to try. Love the pumpkins too and will definitely make some. Thanks!

  22. Teri

    Love the pumpkin block! I need a quarter inch foot to help piece accuracy. Thank you for all your wonderful inspiration.

  23. Donna W

    Your pumpkin blocks are great. I am going to a guild quilt retreat at the end of the month, and these would be fun to make there. THANKS for sharing with us.

  24. I do believe I’ll do a wall hanging with three purple pumpkins and one orange one…or maybe the other way around? I’ve been dying to do a purple pumpkin and this block just lends itself to it so well!! I love paying with ‘feet’ … there are such a wide variety in today’s prize package … WOW! 🙂

  25. Doris

    I love Autumn and Autumn colors. I’m excited to get to the fabric store and pick out some fabric for this pumpkin!

  26. Claire

    Hi Carole – I wondered what it was going to look like – all those orange pieces at Retreat!!! Looks great and even simple enough for me to do quickly!! Claire

  27. Bonniep

    Since retirement I have been looking for projects to do. I haven’t quilted in years and looking forward to this. Thank you for the quilt along.

  28. Lynne Mulder

    I like the pumpkin block, I have a stash of fabrics to make a fall quilt with. I am interested in seeing how the bias binding foot works. There are so many great feet to try in that box!

  29. Sherry V.

    Oh goody! A nice BIG block! LOL I have been working with some small blocks lately and it takes forever to see any progress.

    I love pumpkins so this is a doubly nice thing.

    As for sewing machine feet. . . . . I love a nice 1/4″ foot.

  30. I may have just enough orange and gold to make a table topper, and this looks like my speed at the moment! I am agog looking at that box of feet! I have immediate use for the piping foot, the darning foot, an invisible zipper foot, bias foot…I haven’t seen most of these since opening up my Grandma’s Necchi. Fall bounty indeed!

  31. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, There is no way I can resist this quilt along with you! I was just looking at all of my oranges and browns last night for some tea towels I am going to be making. I must get started right away and spend the day getting these done. So, thank you for creating another fun and I know beautiful quilt for us. Have a splendid day!

    1. Brenda Ackerman

      OOPS…I did not do this commenting the correct way. I am not totally positive, but believe my pumpkin blocks will be a mixture of Oranges with some brown oranges thrown in if they look and blend correctly. As for the foot I would want the most, I am not positive…maybe the 1/4 inch foot. So many quilters rave about what a difference it makes. Yet, I have also wanted a ruffle foot for quite a long time also. I would absolutely love to win this prize! Thank you for doing all of your special before hand work to make this all possible Carole! You are a Special and Magnificent Blogger!!!

  32. That is a lovely assortment of sewing machine feet. I’m not sure what they all do; the one I use most is the 1/4” foot for quilting and the all-purpose foot for regular sewing. I’m not crazy about the zipper foot that came with my machine, so a new one would be lovely! Have all my orange strips cut for the darling pumpkin blocks, but the darn background has stopped me till I get to the store. Thank you, Carole, for this fun Autumn Jubilee celebration!

  33. EllenB

    I’ve made small blocks like this in red for apples, but I like the larger pumpkin blocks because, well, pumpkins are bigger and would make a project quicker!

  34. Vicki Anderson

    I love your pumpkin blocks. I think I would do a mixture of colors, some the traditional orange maybe some with a little bit of green around the edges and definitely the white. Thank you for sharing this

  35. Love your Autumn Jubilee Quilt-Alongs. You give us lots of options – small, medium & large!! I hope to spend some time in my sewing cave looking for pumpkin colors!

  36. Lou M.

    What a fun block for the fall! I do tend to like traditional fall colors but the white pumpkin with the black background is elegant. Thanks for putting this together for us.

  37. Joyce Carter

    I really love your pumpkin blocks. I have just finished making some 6 inch ones. Thank you for the larger pattern and the awesome giveaway. I really need a 1/4 inch .foot

  38. Barbara Ann

    I think I’d like a quilting foot, since lately, I’ve been trying my hand at machine quilting. The oranges or the pumpkin look great, and so do the white ones. Maybe a combination would look great.

  39. Marcia in Texas

    The one I need most is an accurate 1/4″ foot. The 2nd most would be a darning/quilting foot. Thank you for this QAL and the others you have done. Love the pics of the hills and animals. Hugs, Marcia

  40. Sherri in Iowa

    Love the pumpkins! Can see applicaying eyes, nose, mouths for fun kids quilt or wall hanging for classroom.

  41. I’ve been collecting orange fabric because I have pumpkins on the brain! I made one and I’m working on a wall hanging that has a pumpkin, kitty and some leaves. I bought way to much orange fabric so I can make your blocks too! Your pumpkin block is perfect!
    Those feet and case are sweet! I think the first one I would try is the stitch in the ditch one…I can’t seem to keep my stitches in the ditches!!!!

  42. Melanie

    I love the traditional colors of pumpkins, yet orange is not a favorite color. Whodathunk? But I love pumpkins mixed with all the other colors of fall, greens, browns, golds, so guess those bright oranges play nicely to brighten things up, and fall is definitely a bright and colorful season. Interesting assortment of feet! I do have basics, so I think a nice quarter inch foot would be helpful and lessen the concentration factor while sewing. Looking forward to this mystery quilt pattern!

  43. I love pumpkin blocks! The foot I need the most is an applique foot. I bought one a while ago only to find that it doesn’t work with my machine. Frustrating! Thanks!

  44. MaryAnn B

    Love the pumpkin blocks so cute. The sewing feet are awesome how do you decide which one to use as they are all looking fun to me.

  45. Thunder

    I have not made any pumpkin blocks in ages. Maybe it’s time.? !! Hmmmm.
    Thanks for the chance at such a great prize.

    1. Please just hold onto them for now, my studio is covered up in Autumn Jubilee, and I still do not have all the arrangements made. I’ll give addresses in early November. The need will go on for a year or more, so we have plenty of time. Flood waters may rise again this week due to the hurricane Michael, too. The assessment of need hasn’t really even begun yet.

  46. I do really like the pumpkin block, so appropriate for this time of year! I actually really need a new Walking foot. I have used mine so much that it doesn’t want to sit correctly on the pin any longer. Thank you

  47. Sue

    Pumpkin blocks certainly say fall. Madame Sew is a new sewing resource for me. I am most interested in the Invisible Zipper foot.

    Carole, thank you for all the work you put into the blog, and for heading up the Quilts for Carolina.

  48. Diane Nickerson

    I love the look of this pumpkin block!! Looking forward to making it when I finish the current 2 projects I have going. I can’t say I have a particular foot that I really need, but would love to play with different feet!!

  49. dezertsuz

    I was so busy getting ready for my trip, I don’t even know if I stopped by and commented on this! Thanks for a great pumpkin pattern. I’ve seen some white pumpkins lately!

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