Teacups Quilt Along Block 14 Sun Tea

This month, I was looking for some teacup fabric to use as filler for when we begin putting the blocks together later in the year.  I was not successful, but while I was researching with the word teacup, I clicked on a summer tablescape and had a fun idea for this month’s block.

Sun Tea!  This is a traditionally pieced block with a bit of embroidery optional.

It makes up fairly quickly, beginning with the jar section, add the squares to angle the corners.  Sew on the diagonal and trim.

Then add the bottom center piece.

Next add the sides.

Construct the lid section and sew it to the base.

Then add the section of background on top of the base.

This will give you enough space to add the Sun Tea embroidery.  I put mine in a hoop to stitch.  Just lightly draw out the words so you have a guide.  I’ve added some to the pattern if you need them.  You could also put the words on the jar itself if you would rather do it that way.

Finished block size 8-1/2 x 10-1/2 inches.  Download the pdf pattern – SunTea

Start looking for your filler fabric, or select something from your stash that will go with the blocks you’ve made.  This fabric will be used to fill in the spaces left between the blocks.  I wanted something similar to this, with tea words, but it is not available anywhere.

I won’t know what spaces there will be until later in the year when I have all 16 blocks done, but I would estimate that 1/2 yard would be plenty.  If you want to do the border in the same fabric, you’ll need more.  We have two more blocks to go, and then we’ll take a break in December for the holidays.  The quilt assembly is currently scheduled for January, to give us something fun to finish in the new year.

How are you doing?

5 thoughts on “Teacups Quilt Along Block 14 Sun Tea

  1. Joy B

    Sun tea is a great idea for a block! I’ve been “collecting” tea themed fabric for a few years now so when I make this quilt, I’ll probably have the right fabric in my stash. 😁

  2. dezertsuz

    That is a great addition! In the sunny southwest, even those of us who don’t drink tea would make herbal versions of it. It’s free heat, so why not? =) It has a smoother taste than just pouring hot water on the herbs, too. I imagine the black, green and orange pekoe teas would be the same.

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