Garden Blooms May

I have had so much to post about that I haven’t been able to get back to updating the garden.  The fairies have settled in permanently, and I found another door in the kitchen.  The weather finally has turned warm to stay, so the landscape has turned verdant green.  There are still some flowers in the wild areas of our land.

Late May Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

It rained so much during the time the rhododendrons and mountain laurel were blooming that I almost missed getting pictures. Across the meadow, the huge green shrub in the center is mountain laurel, almost done. The white next to it on the right and just visible on the lower left are both white dogwoods.

Late May Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

The dogwood on the circle is blooming too.

Late May Garden ~ From My Carolina Home

Mountain Laurel is blooming in the back on the mountainside as well.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

The pink rhododendrons are in full swing, but the white ones are still in the bud stage.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

In the back, I went to check out how the peaches were doing, and they are all gone. ALL of them! Dang bear they weren’t even close to being ripe!

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Out front, the lily does have a bud and I am hoping for it to flower this week.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Looks like I may get some tomatoes this year…

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

and some squash too!

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

This little dianthus is blooming like crazy, but I wish it would get a bit bigger.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

The daylilies are starting up now, and there are tons of buds to come.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

These will bloom continuously for several weeks.  There are five or six varieties in the garden.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

I have put three pots in the garden with flowers to add interest and height to the bed. Those are doing well, this one really looks good with three different flowers. I just missed the geranium blooming with them, but it will bloom again and most of the summer. The verbena and petunias are doing great.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

The most exciting thing is my hydrangea is blooming this year! It didn’t bloom last year or the year before, so I am thrilled. It is covered in blooms!

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

There must be sections of soil more acid and some more alkaline in the same area because I have blue and pink flowers, and a lovely lavender too, all on the same plant!

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Stunning, aren’t they?!!

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

They spill out of the bed through the stair railing, with many more clusters in the process of developing.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Back up on the veranda, the lobelia seems to be happy.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

White impatiens are overflowing their spaces with flowers.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

All the torenia baskets are now trailing a bit.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

The yellow ones are doing well too.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

The lettuce is coming up, and I hope the bear doesn’t find it.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

The white geranium is happy too.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

I love this pot with the pink and white colors together.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

On one end of the veranda, the lobelia looks great with the pink geraniums. Another variety of lobelia complements the yellow lantana too.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Lobelia and white begonia almost cover the little fairy house.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

The rockers are ready for visitors.

Late May 2016 Garden at From My Carolina Home

Want to come sit for a spell?



26 thoughts on “Garden Blooms May

  1. You have a lovely assortment of plants and they are all quite beautiful. I am sorry the bear devoured your peaches! Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your garden. I truly look forward to reading future posts.

  2. I totally enjoyed the tour of your garden. All of the rain we’ve had has been welcomed with a profusion of flowers! We’ve always been a gardening/nature family with splashes of color, only made the more cozy with the sight of a rocker very much like yours on which to rest one’s weary bones..

  3. Wonderful photos of your beautiful grounds! I do miss the Kousa dogwood and the wild ones that grew in our woods in MD. After a profusion of early blooming trees and shrubs, the hills in the Bay Area have browned off for the summer. Lots of cultivated flowers, including day lily and roses, which keep going well into fall, as there is extensive use of recycled water for landscape purposes around here. @ susansquiltstudio

  4. Good Morning Carole! Your gardens of flowers are beautiful! I think it is fabulous how the flowers you showed after purchasing and then in the planting stages are all so full and so much prettier all full of blooms. Sorry that the bear ate the peaches; at my Dads, the deer and birds ate all of his cherries and plums this year. Then a late frost killed off any late bloomers, so he was pretty disappointed also. I still need to get in a few flower seed packets and get my lavender plant planted. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  5. Yes please! Everything looks so lush and beautiful! I’m taking a break with a big iced tea right now, I’ve been out planting roses and its BRUTAL out there! Heat and humidity, Uggghhhh! We went right from winter yo summer, it seems. You enjoy your weekend, Carole!

  6. Mildred Plaskett

    Would love to. All your flowers look wonderful. I especially like the hydrangea. I planted a hydrangea from my mother-in-law’s house 2 years ago (she died at 92 yrs.). It came up last summer but the deer nibbled on it a lot. The plant has green leaves now, and we sprayed deer begone around it which seems to be working. Will see! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. myrna

    I will also High Five your garden and great photos. I enjoyed my morning stroll thru “your garden”. Our flowering bushes and trees are just starting to bloom, the cherries are early and picking could start in another week. Strawberries and asparagus in harvest at this time. A wonderful time of the year.
    Enjoy your day and the garden.

  8. Judi Creed

    I moved to Denver, CO about 8 years ago. I totally feel like I’m home when I look at your beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing

  9. i would love to come visit you Carole. The rockers look very inviting I am in awe how you can remember the names of all the flowers that you have around your home. When I was little and lived in California, right outside my grandmas apartments kitchens door she had a little flower garden. In it she had red geraniums and jade plants mixed together and it was beautiful. One day I want to plant them at my house. Hopefully the weather stays nice for you. Have a safe memorial day.

  10. catsandroses

    Ooooh, how pretty! So glad your hydrangea is blooming this year, just beautiful! Mine are loaded with buds, but not blooming yet. That porch looks so inviting, ready for sitting & lemonade sipping!

  11. Mary Jo

    Love the hydrangea! Some of the blooms on my plant that are usually blue have more of a purple tint to then this year. I love the variety of colors. Your porch looks so inviting. I live on Lake Norman in North Carolina, but we love visiting the mountains, especially in the summer time when it is so hot here.

  12. dezertsuz

    Would be nice to sit surrounded by all that. =) I thought of you this morning when I drove by a row of magnolia trees. We don’t have any on my block, so I’d forgotten they bloom here, too, and they are blooming full out right now.

  13. Oh to sit in one of your rockers on your porch and drink in the visual delights of your garden. It is beautiful. Love the Rhododendron and the Mountain Laurel. How wonderful an Hydrangea with three lovely shades…you are blessed. It looks as if you will have many pretty Hydrangeas this year.

  14. Your garden is so much farther ahead than mine. I’m behind with everything 😦 My tomatoes are not even planted yet still in a bigger starter pot >>>This is the week I do or die with getting everything else planted. The squash and beans and corn are in the ground and growing !!!

  15. Mom

    I enjoy the pictures of all the beautiful trees and flowers. I am amazed by your talent for growing all these pretty things and know how much pleasure they give you and all who visit you.


  16. Denise force

    You are a bit ahead of us season wise. Columbine and iris are open ,waiting for peonies any day. Tomatoes in but hail this past week delayed rest of gardening. It was so good to see all the east coast favorites like mountain laurels ,rhododendren and hydrangea . When do you get time to do gardening,entertaining and every thing else ?. I think I would just spend my time enjoying the front porch. Thank you for share ing your lovely yard and garden. Denise

  17. Sharon Schipper

    Wish I could sit a spell! My dad used to burn scrap wood in the fireplace, then he would take the ashes and the nails and put them in the hydrangea bed: you said acid and alkaline, he said it was the rusty nails! but I’m betting the ashes had something to do with it as well. The white hydrangeas all turned pink and purple when he did that! My carnations are doing well, and my pots. I haven’t gotten the geraniums out yet, it was so rainy and stormy over the weekend. I wanted to put them in a window box, but that would involve more money at this point, hee hee! We’re putting a peony in the front flower bed, my future daughter in law’s request, so the geraniums may go with that…

    oh, I won some fat quarters from an Australian blog, cute, with koalas and kangaroos on them, in a pale aqua. Got to come up with something fab to show them off, maybe the disappearing 9 patch, because I can surround one 4 inch square with smaller easily! and I have loads of aqua and turquoise pieces with coordinating fabric scraps at the moment from two recent baby quilts! Methinks you need to use all those flower colors from your garden in one: pinks and lavenders and whites and blues… scrumptious.

  18. Mary Sloan

    As always, your yard and veranda are fabulous! One of my favorite plants is the blue/purple mophead hydrangea. My hydrangea just popped last week. I have mopheads, lacecaps & oakleaf. Since we did not have much of a winter, I believe they are fuller. I pruned the oakleaves & they are still giants. Due to your pics from last year, I actually took a chance & bought a small lobelia. We have 100 degree summers, so I have been afraid to buy one. However, I love the blue. I am also going to copy your idea of using clay pots to lift my oblong planters. If I find the fairy houses, I will add a few. Since we live so far apart, no one will notice that I copied some of your ideas. Thanks for your clever hints.

  19. Beautiful garden. Your dogwood trees are spectacular specimens. All your plants are lovely and I enjoyed my visit touring your grounds and deck.
    I’m thankful the hydrangeas are blooming this year too. It was sad the last few years. Drop by and see my garden. We share the same passion for gardening. Visiting you from Foodie Friday.

  20. Hi Carole, Lovely photos! I was enchanted with the close-up of a mountain laurel – I don’t think I’ve ever seen the small details on the petals! Love the hydrangeas, too & I’m glad they finally bloomed for you! Thanks for sharing your beautiful yard with us! Blessings, Janet

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