Apple Festival 2015

This weekend is the Apple Festival in my small town of Hendersonville, North Carolina. I have a great time here every year, looking at the wonderful craft vendors that line the streets, enjoying the various entertainments, but most of all visiting the apple grower’s booths. Last year I showed you lots of close up apple pictures, see them again HERE. This year, I thought I’d show you the booths and some of the show. The festival is about six city blocks of vendors. We started out at the NC Apple Growers Association booth, where they were offering taste tests of different varieties.

Apple Festival 2015

Local growers had booths sprinkled along the Festival area.

Apple Festival 2015

The orchards are all around Henderson county, some east of town and some south.

Apple Festival 2015

Of course we had to stop at several.

Apple Festival 2015

Apple Festival 2015

But I always get the honey crisp from Creasman Farms, and I’m not the only one, their booth is always busy.

Apple Festival 2015

That’s Dawn on the right, with a wonderfully friendly and happy group of ladies. I told them I was going to talk about them on the blog. Thanks gals!  I’ll be making more of my Apple Cake Donuts with some of those gorgeous apples.

Apple Festival 2015
Creasman Farms

We had to stop and get Apple Frozen Yogurt at Sweet Frog, a local spot on Main street.  One large, please, with two spoons.

Apple Festival 2015

Then we found a place to sit and enjoy the music of Super 60s, a live band playing hits from the 60s. I could hardly keep still, I wanted to get up and dance!

Apple Festival 2015

The music could be heard for blocks in both directions, really added a fun component to a fun day. The weather was perfect, in the 70s and overcast so not too hot.

Apple Festival 2015

Eventually we did move on to more apple vendors and looked at more craft booths.

Apple Festival 2015

Then we walked the two blocks off Main street to the Apple Festival Quilt Show sponsored by the FBC Memory Makers. I found mine hanging in the second row.  It wasn’t a winner of any prizes, but the organizer’s said the guys liked all the food in it.

Farmer's Market Picnic FBC show

After that, we went over to the Laurel Park Car Show that was in conjunction with the Apple Festival. Many of our British Car Club members were there.  It was a busy and exhausting Saturday, but so much fun!

British Car Club at Laurel Park Car Show September 2015 – Photo by From My Carolina Home

The King Apple Parade is tomorrow afternoon, and I am working quilt take-in tomorrow morning for the State Fair quilting competition. Whew! Hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend!

7 thoughts on “Apple Festival 2015

  1. Mary Sloan

    Our local grocer (Harps) suggested a new variety of apples last year. GREEN DRAGON. It smells and tastes like cinnamon. Do you have that variety in NC? The festival looks great. The frozen yogurt, Yummie.

  2. Carole, Thank you for sharing all of these fabulous pictures. Sure does make me want to have an apple snack or your frozen apple yogurt. Sorry that your quilt did not win any ribbons, it would have if I were in charge. Now you are going to be hand quilting for a prize, sounds like fun; good luck. Really nice to hear that you had a fun filled day with lots of activities. Have a wonderful creative day!

  3. Rosemaryflower

    What fun. This is almost better than our Loudoun County Fair that is coming up soon. So fun
    Nice to see your quilt there on display.
    60’s music, there were some real toe tappers back then

  4. Cindy Hubbard

    You are the busiest lady ever! Love seeing all the pics of the apple festival, I used to live in a place that had one (CT) and now live in a place that doesn’t (ME).

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