Autumn Jubilee Pine Cone Crafting

Pine cones are in abundance in Autumn, so fitting for an Autumn Jubilee crafting project.  I have so many pine cones it is fun to find a way to use a lot at once.  For a centerpiece, I thought this wire basket would make a good base for a pine cone basket.  The wire basket isn’t in that great of shape, it really could use a coat of spray paint for the tarnished area on the bottom, but covering the pearls would be a pain.  The pearls would peek between the pine cones, though, adding a bit of bling.

Pine Cone Basket at

I wrapped the pine cones individually with fine gauge wire, twisting the wire deep inside the pine cone so it wouldn’t be seen.

Pine Cone Basket at

Twist the ends around a section of the wire basket, bending the ends back into the pine cone for safety.

Pine Cone Basket at

The second pine cone is placed up against the first one.

Pine Cone Basket at

And then add the third.

Pine Cone Basket at

Keep going, pushing the pine cones together tightly.

Pine Cone Basket at

Now about halfway around, this project is going to take more than a dozen, whoopee!!

Pine Cone Basket at

From the front side, the wires are practically invisible.

Pine Cone Basket at

Keep wiring the pine cones until the entire outside of the basket is covered.

Pine Cone Basket at

Next, wire a large piece of foam in the basket.  I keep the cellophane on it to keep it from crumbling, and just punch the artificial flowers through it.

Pine Cone Basket at

A note on floral arranging, I use odd numbers of an odd number of items, placing the largest ones first.

Pine Cone Basket at

I add more flowers and then fill in the blank spots with leaf picks.

Pine Cone Basket at

I noticed a bit of open spot as I put the centerpiece on the table, and added another leaf pick to cover that.

Pine Cone Basket at

There are a few green leaves stuffed into the edges to completely cover the foam.  The piece is placed in the center of a tablescape done for a planned luncheon.

Pine Cone Basket at

This tablescape is essentially just a rework of the previous Autumn Tablescape, with the center pumpkin removed, and my pumpkin bowls replacing the salad plates.

Pine Cone Basket at

Golden flatware, harvest gold napkins with gold metal and brown beaded napkin rings and my copper chargers with white china sit on my harvest plaid placemats.  I am planning a white bean and ham soup for the pumpkin bowls.

Pine Cone Basket at

Here’s some other pine cone projects from previous years –  Just click on the picture to see the projects.

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Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina HomeHarvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

One thing that is helpful with crafting is an Olfa cutter with a dedicated blade and small cutting mat to cut ribbons.

Olfa rotary cutter for Autumn Jubilee on

It is really great to have two splash cutters and an Olfa Splash with Endurance Blade is today’s giveaway!!

To enter, leave a comment on this post, then click on the button below.  What other Olfa product would you like to have?

Congratulations to Linda E who won the Quilter’s Dream Orient batting, to Lynn M who won the Backside Fabrics gift certificate, and to Mary D who won an Inspired LED Sewing Light kit.  Congratulations also to Doreen A who won the Costa Farms Red Aglaonema.  There is still time to enter the drawings from this past week!

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Pine Cone Basket at

95 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Pine Cone Crafting

  1. What a cute project. We have a Florida pine outside our condo that is very prolific in dropping pine cones. I’ll have to use them for a project like this.

  2. Monica Kostak

    What a nice centerpiece. I have 5 pine trees that were actual Christmas trees that i planted when my kids were small–huge now and unusual to be growing in a Texas yard. This year i collected the pine cones, put them in a galvanized pail, added twigs from my yard to the center, a few fall fake leaves and a small scarecrow.It has made a great entrance display. This is the first time i have done anything with pine cones. I have worried about bringing them in the house due to bugs and i guess i need to read up on it (do we bake them in the oven first). I also have a ton of acorns i could utilize but again-would there be a bug problem.. Anyway, i think my next project will be a wreath! 🙂 thanks for the inspiration.

  3. When working with pine cones, it is important to wash them and dry before putting them “on the table”. I found several references on Google for the way to do that to make certain no little pests are going to warm up and venture out on your table. This is the method I used –
    I have a “designated” cutter for paper. We use it at Christmas during massive gift wrapping, along with my long ruler. I have given hubby his own 28mm cutter for his hobby work with model trains. He cuts a lot of small decals etc. A small mat is always useful.

  4. shoshana

    there are alot of things i would love to have, but more than anything else, a 10 pack of 60mm endurance blades!!! i think i would bless whoever gave them to me forever!!!!!!!

  5. Jennifer Rauch

    Very pretty! At first I wondered why you didn’t wire the cones on the INSIDE of the basket so the pearls & basket would show more. I do think that would be a pretty effect too, but yours turned out so well, I surrender to your artistic flair! I pick up pinecones when we go for a walk, at home or travelling, & have a medium sized black basket on my computer desk full of them – all shapes & sizes. Yours are so nice & uniform – no accident I am sure with your attention to details! I put a drop or two of essential oil on a few of mine, so occasionally get a whiff of Thieves, Christmas Spirit, or Peace & Calming.

  6. lv2bquilting2

    Love the pine cone centerpiece, and the tutorial as well. Before we moved to an area where we are fortunate to have pine trees galore, I had to purchase them at the local craft store. So much easier to go outside and pick them up off the ground, except for the fact that they need de-bugging. We had rain overnight and the ground is covered with bright yellow and orangie red leaves, and the deck as well.

  7. ANN D

    Love your centerpiece. The Olfa site has a chenille cutter which looks interesting. thanks for the chance to win.

  8. carolyn montgomery

    i have several olfa cutting mats, but none of them are double sided and i really would like to have one that is,

  9. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I love my Olfa Splash rotary cutter. I have the turquoise and I’m waiting for a lime green one….my “neutral color”!!!

  10. Barbara Dzurik

    I use my pine cones as fire starters in our wood burning fireplace. I like the rotary cutter in the giveaway as well. Thank you.

  11. Pat T.

    What a *Beautiful* arrangement, Carole!!
    (And, I really appreciate the tip about keeping the plastic on the green foam! The last time I used that stuff, I made a mess!)
    I have access to lots of pine cones!… You have inspired me (again!!!) to have some fun with them!
    *Thank you, Carole!*
    I love my Olfa cutting mat!… I would like to get a smaller mat to use by my sewing machine, and even use it on top of my big mat (use like a rotating mat)…
    And, I’d like to try the Endurance blade!

    Thank you, again, Carole!!
    Pat T.

  12. Donna

    The Fall centerpiece you made is lovely and a great use of pine cones. I love my Olfa splash cutter. Being left-handed, I generally cannot use my quilting friends cutters but with the Olfa splash it doesn’t matter which hand you use. I also like the Olfa cutting mats.

  13. SoCalQOV

    You are always so creative. I could use some endurance blades. I am finishing my 54th Quilt of Valor for this year!! And, have several at the UFO stage!!

  14. You always set the most inviting tables. I love your Autumn setting and your pinecone and flower centerpiece is absolutely perfect. Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration. I definitely want to make this.

  15. Linda Cejnar

    I could use a circle cutter or a folding mat. Either one would be useful because I don’t have one. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  16. Susan T

    We have at least 150 white pines on our lot. Always good to have fresh ideas for what to do with them! I have heard so many wonderful things about the Olfa Splash. Would love to own one.

  17. Melanie

    Your decorations are beautiful, very festive and perfect for this time of the year. Your table looks lovely with pumpkin bowls and all the colors of autumn. :o)

  18. Mary D

    Awesome centerpiece! Your tablescape looked very festive. Thanks for the inspiration and you make it look so easy. I love using Olfa products and would like to get a rotating mat especially for trimming all my half square triangle units.

  19. Camille

    Aha, I think a rotary circle cutter would be great to have in my cutting tool basket. I am, however, thinking about the Olfa chenille cutter already resides in my cutting tool basket. The craze has dimmed and I still have not used it. Lack of time often interferes with plans. The centerpiece topic was interesting and pine cones currently abound in the woods. Squirrels were busily collecting them here this morning. Most of the pine trees in NW Wisconsin are not producing pine cones as large and showy as those that Carole was using.

  20. Rita

    Love your tablescape, lots of pinecones here in northwest Alabama.Would love to have a new cutting mat, mine is really worn. Thanks for the opportunity to win a new cutter.

  21. Lisa Marie

    Your table looks so beautiful! I know Olfa has a circle cutter, I wonder if that would be a handy thing to have.

  22. Lesley Gilbert

    I always enjoy seeing your tablescapes coming together and your pine cone centrepiece is perfect. I often wonder what it would be like to sit down at your table and admire the view, before the delicious food is served. As always, well done on your lovely designs.

  23. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I, too, use rotary cutters for different things. I cut felt on one of my designated boards with a separate cutter when working in my lamp bottoms. Makes a nice and even edge!

  24. What a fun way to use pine cones. Makes a lovely centerpiece and very inviting table. I have never used the Splash cutter, but would love to try. I would like to have a rotating mat to trim the smaller elements in a quilt block.

  25. Pam

    Your wreath is gorgeous! Thanks so much for Autumn Jubilee. I’m really enjoying it. I would love an Olfa cutter in every size! I don’t have the small or large one yet.

  26. janice young

    Tried to visit Olfa web site but it would not open. Not sure where I am supposed to leave comment for Olfa but the endurance blades are wonderful.

  27. That’s a lovely centerpiece and entire table setting. It draws you in and makes you want to come eat, relax, and visit. Perhaps I should consider reworking the Lego Minecraft thing my son has going as the focal point of our dining table. As for your giveaway question, I’d love to get one of their new pink mats.

  28. Toni Anne Potter

    Wonderful tutorial I always thought he pinecone baskets that I saw looked so difficult, if not impossible to make. You made it look so easy. Thank you! If I were lucky enough to win I would choose the pink Olfa rotary cutter and matching cutting mat. Pink is such a happy color.

  29. Beverly S.

    Beautiful centerpiece!

    Just this week I was looking at the Splash cutters and thinking I need a new one.

  30. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I haven’t tried the endurance blades, so they would be nice to have and the small mat! Really love this pinecone project! Beautiful center piece!

  31. Love your photos and ideas! I would love a pink Olfa mat. I will be teaching my 2 little granddaughters to sew in the future, and I need to start their collection of supplies since their moms do not sew! They are girly girly types, so the pink mat and pink rotary cutter are perfect for them!

  32. I really LOVE your pinecone basket centerpiece — it’s just darling! We have an abundance of pinecones on our property — I’ve always wanted to do a wreath, but can never get around the prickliness of them!! I’d love a new 45 cm cutter! 🙂

  33. quilterpt

    Wow, your centerpiece is gorgeous! And the table is beautiful. I would love the reversible pink cutting mat from Olfa too..I’ll add it to my wish list.

  34. Sharon Schipper

    So nice! My ponderosa pine had the small ones about 2 inches in diameter and I did a wreath one year with those pinecones and peppermint drops. It lasted thru one season and then basically fell apart! maybe the answer isn’t hot glue, but how would I wire the peppermints? If you ever get to northern california, look for Sugar Pine cones: they average 8 inches to 12 inches! I’ve seen them made into snowmen and trees of course. Love the idea of repurposing that basket…

  35. Joanne Lytle

    Usually, I put nuts in my pine cone basket; I’m going to use mums this year. Yours look really nice on the table.

    The 6″x24″ frosted ruler would be lovely.

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