Holiday Pine Cone Hanger

Don’t you love pine cones?  I am lucky to have a lot of pine trees on our property, but the best ones come from my friend who gets the big ones from her sister’s place.  She recently brought a whole bag of them, with a catch.  I could have them if I made her a pine cone decorative hanger with some of them.  Not a problem!

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

The first thing was to go through the bag and find three, one big and two smaller ones. I dug out some Christmas ribbon too.  I tied a decorative bow with the plaid ribbon, see HERE for a refresher on how to tie bows like this.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

All done, now to attach the bow to the pine cone, hot glue generally works well.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

I had some thin gold garland style ribbon, so I used that on the smaller cones so they could hang a bit lower.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

On the bottom, I glued the gold garland around the base of the pine cone.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

Next decision, now far should the smaller cones be from the large one ? I laid out the cones to get an idea of what length the gold should be.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

Then, the other end was glued to the other small cone.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

Using a clean plastic dish as a holder, I glued the red plaid tails to the largest pine cone.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

Then glued the middle of the gold garland holding the small cones, adding a small loop for hanging.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

Then the bow was glued to the top.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

And here it is!

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

I think one by itself would look nice too.

Pine Cone Hanger at From My Carolina Home

Next one I make, I’ll add some mistletoe (giggle).

Do you decorate with pine cones? or Mistletoe?

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14 thoughts on “Holiday Pine Cone Hanger

  1. Rosemaryflower

    This is really cute. It made me laugh, actually
    First off, it is very very adorable.
    I do not decorate with pine cones or mistletoe. (no time these days ha!)
    The pine cones remind me of a funny time with my oldest daughter.
    Both of my girls made pine cones with peanut butter and birdseed when they were in PRE SCHOOL
    They may have also made one in Kindergarten but I do not remember that

    Well, Christina, the older, had a hideous “science teacher” when she was in 4th grade. Christina was a very smart and confident child, She also could get a little cocky even at that age (she is a lot like my husband, too smart for their own britches).
    So, this teacher had the silly project where the kids covered a pine cone with peanut butter and bird seed!
    They were instructed to take the pine cone bird feeder home, hang it in their yard and make a weeks worth of a daily journal about which birds came to the pine cone.

    What a dopey project. No. really.

    Basically, we hung the pine cone with it’s red yarn on a very long thin branch from a HUGE oak tree. The branch was also about 6 feet from the ground and there was no way to really get to it without climbing the huge tree and then navigating this very long thin branch.

    Then we watched the squirrels make every attempt to get to the snacks. Christina documented the entire activity, that lasted no longer than 3 hours and just one squirrel. We laughed our butts off watching the acrobatics from the kitchen window.
    Have a fun week, Carole. I am stressing and need to do a zillion things.
    This project is really cute

  2. Sharon Schipper

    Not decorating much this year ( moving mode…) BUT local nursery has a fabulous Christmas display and they do small greens door hangers for 6 bucks. I always go get one, mess around with it, add ribbon and bells, and that’s my door decor… I have a tiny poinsettia and 6 inch live tree, and my son bought a rosemary ‘tree’ so we have some going on… must get out the stockings soon! But to answer, pine cones of course! where I come from mistletoe is a parasite that kills Spanish and live oaks! Dad would go nuts if we brought mistletoe home! (In your neck of the woods, it’s spanish moss, eh?)

  3. I love Decorating with pine cones 🙂 I have a wreath I made with them many years ago . I still use it ..just refresh it every now and then with new things ti make it look a bit different . Love what you did with these and I may have to borrow it for some windows. I’m just now decorating.

  4. Barbara Jenkins

    Easy and fairly quick decoration. Very nice. Living in a big apartment complex we are not allowed to put things on our doors. But I can inside!!! LOL must try this….

  5. Gail Rachow

    Beautiful, Carole. I love the big pine cones. I have made them into Christmas trees in the past. This year it is our usual green garland and red bows on the fence. Simple and easy.

  6. Good Morning Carole! First off, congratulations to your lucky winners! Next, I did click on your refresher and am excitedly still discovering and learning spectacular projects, ideas and learning from you with each new page I find or you lead me to! No, I have never made anything, that I remember, with pinecones or even bows or wreaths before. Yet, since discovering Pinterest this year, wow have my eyes been opened and my crafty side been blown fully awake! LOL. It is so amazing all of the beautiful creations people, such as yourself, have made and I was totally oblivious to the fact it was even possible. At least I know I am not the only one who truly is a very nigh eve individual, no names will be mentioned, but she does come to my house quiet often to sew now…LOL. Anyhowww…. I have opened my eyes and hopefully my creative brain side and am in the process of planning on making several wreaths, homemade facial scrubs with adorable and pretty mason jar decorated holders, several stockings, table runners, pine cone hangings, hand embroidered hoop wall art hangings and pinecone stryofoam pinecone scented ball decorations. Thank you so much for sharing every idea, tutorial and project that you do! But, must get busy creating some of these items…time is running out! Have a wonderful creative day Carole. Forgot to mention that we were without power yesterday because of snow! It was beautiful, but it was cold! So will catch up with that post hopefully later on this evening!

  7. Such a good idea. I also love the fragrance of pin cones. I often collect them when out on long walks with my dog. I love the decorative hangers you fashioned, the pretty plaid ribbon and tinsel are perfect accessories

  8. I am so thrilled to be the winner of this fun book Carole, thank you so much! I love to cozy up with a fun mystery! I am crazy about your pine cones and bows too, very fabulous! Pinning to remember for next year~

  9. I have a yard full of pine cones. Last year, I gathered a 5 gallon bucket load of them, cleaned them according to directions I found on “good ol’ google”; and dried them on the radiators. They were used on the tables at our Guild luncheon for decoration scattered around “fabric pine cones” we had made. The contrast of the natural and fabric was awesome. Now I wish I had taken photo’s. I strongly recommend you CLEAN your pine cones you gather in the yard, or buy “craft store” cones. 🙂

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