Harvest Wreaths

The first crafting project for Autumn Jubilee is an Autumn wreath. I have two that I have used for a couple of years now, both need some work. The bows are looking a bit faded and sad, and one has a bunch of bare spots. It just so happens that I have a yard full of natural materials to play with, so gathering some materials, I set to work.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

I had to heat up the old glue to get the old bow off.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

I filled in the bare spots with sweet gum balls and acorns.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

I added a few smaller ones on top of a couple of orange slices.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

Then a new bow in pretty fall colors. I put two streamers on for the bow tails.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

Then thought, maybe this time I’ll do four since the ribbon is a bit narrow.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

I made a bow, like I have shown before, and glued it to the wreath with hot glue.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

I had these pine cones from last year left over from other projects, and thought maybe they would look good as an accent inside the wreath.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

So, I hot-glued three of them to the bottom inside edge. I put the largest in the center, and smaller ones on each side.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

All done, hanging on the front veranda between the kitchen window and sliding glass door.

Harvest Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

Bonus, because it is Autumn Jubilee, here’s another wreath idea!


The other wreath didn’t need much. The faux leaves were still in good shape, but the bow was faded and worn.

Autumn Wreath 1

I liked this plaid and hadn’t had a chance to use it anywhere else. I also thought I’d add a pumpkin to it too as an accent.

Autumn Wreath 2

I added a couple of pine cones to this one too, sitting inside the wreath over the bow.  I have a pegboard with a bracket that allows me to work on wreaths and other wall projects vertically, which helps to place items so they aren’t sticking out the back side.

Autumn Wreath 3

Hanging on the brick wall inside the garage, maybe the bow will last longer out of the sun.

Autumn Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

Plus, it is next to the door we use most so we can see it every time we come home.  Welcoming Autumn!

Autumn Wreath ~ From My Carolina Home

Have you made an autumn wreath?

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20 thoughts on “Harvest Wreaths

  1. Your refresh wreaths look great. I need to do a face lift on the wreath on my front door :/ It’s extremely faded already as it faces due east and is behind a glass storm door. The whole door takes a beating from the sun.

  2. My Fall wreathes are hung and my scarecrows are staked….just in time for the cool crisp weather that blew in yesterday. BTW…I’m on my second book in a series you recommended. :)THANK YOU!

  3. Melanie

    Gorgeous wreaths! The last time I hung a weath on our outter door that contained brightly colored fruit, berries, etc., a bear came and tried to eat it! Truly, it was amazing to see the bear paw prints and nose prints on the glass outer door the next morning. I could make one with leaves, pinecones, and ribbons…. haven’t made one in a long time.

  4. Hanging by the door, a super spot, and lovely wreath. I haven’t ever made one, guess down here we do not celebrate Autumn and Halloween the same. And, your bows are so beautiful.

  5. Your wreathes are lovely….I have never made a Fall wreath but have done Winter ones….Christmas-y ones. I’m going to have to check out your instructions on bows….mine always turn out a bit wonky!

  6. Carol

    I love them both hard to decide which I like best! Guess if I had to choose I would pick the second one, but I really like them both!😊

  7. I love reading your posts about domestic things. Over here we don’t get into decorating like you do in the States, so decorations for Autumn etc. are a bit unique. Perhaps its more to do with the fact that we have very little variation in seasons and Autumn is usually more like an Indian Summer, then suddenly its winter. In our house I decorate for Christmas and that’s it; and that is pretty standard. I love the wreath you’ve made with the leaves.

  8. dezertsuz

    I have not made one, but yours look terrific. I have an autumn scarecrow out of which I’m getting one more season’s use this year. Next year, maybe I’ll try a wreath!

  9. Carole, I just added three photos of my Autumn Wreaths to the Autumn Jubilee Group. I’m not well versed with this Flickr sharing, but I have a Flicker account called Gburgproud, and some how I posted using this Account instead of the one that says Debbie Meyer on the group and I’m not sure how to fix it. So, Gburgproud is Debbie Meyer. If you know of some how for me to correct this, I will. Thanks.

  10. Connie Kresin Campbell

    Beautiful wreaths! My daughter has several Sweet Gum Ball trees on her street and it would be so much fun to make a wreath using some of them! There are also pine cones and acorns at a part nearby…..I just might have to find some today! Thanks for sharing.

  11. Carol Preston

    Your creations are lovely! I like to use grapevine as a base/armature for making my wreaths. It’s easy to wire or glue onto, and it even looks nice IF some shows through.
    Sooo happy you are getting us ready to celebrate this season in style!!

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