Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats

The Autumn Jubilee Sew Along continues today with part 2 of the placemat construction. The pattern for these placemats is part of Fat Quarter Shop’s Blog Remix event, revisiting old patterns with new ideas.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along at

You’ll need three additional pieces of fabric for the front side, 3-1/2-inches x 12-1/2-inches.  Use a cute coordinating print for two, placing one on each side.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Make the third piece a contrasting print, and fold it in half lengthwise.  The folded edge will be the top of the pocket opening, and you can place it on the left….

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

or the right, your choice.  On the original pattern, this is the time to add a lace detail on the side seams, but I have chosen to leave that off mine.  If you want to add lace or a piping detail, stay stitch it onto the sides of the center 12-inch block before continuing to enclose it into the side seams.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

I put my pocket on the left, then sewed the side seams.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Continue for the number of placemats you are making.  Here’s my four.  Note that I turned two of the leaves to the left, and two to the right for a little variety.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Next, layer the tops with batting and backing.  Place the top and backing right sides together, then lay on the batting.  These are small and will be finished on your domestic machine.  I cut my backing just a bit bigger than the top.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

The pocket isn’t stitched down to the edge, so be sure it is laying flat.  The loose edge will be incorporated into the outer seam.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Pin lightly, leaving a space for turning on the opposite edge from the pocket.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Using a quarter-inch foot, sew around the edge of the top, joining all three layers.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

When you are 1/4-inch away from the next edge, pivot and continue sewing.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

As you come to points, be sure to sew through the ‘x’ created by the previous stitching for perfect points.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

I leave a big space for turning to make that part easy.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Now, trim the backing and batting layers to the 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Continue all around all the placemats.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Clip the corners so the corners will turn without bulk and have sharper points.

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

Turn and press.  Work the corners out to a nice point.  I use a chopstick for this.  Using your fingers or pins, turn under that part that was left open to turn it right side out.  We’ll take care of that next time.  No worries, no hand sewing needed!!

Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats at

The final post on this sew along will be on November 1 to correspond with the Fat Quarter Shop’s Remix event.  This is sooner than I told you before, it will publish next Thursday with a hop at Jolly Jabber of other blogger’s versions.  Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Moda!

Leave a comment on this post, then click on the button below to enter the drawing for one of the Moda Layer Cakes shown above with an “I Dream of Moda” tote bag.  Do you use precuts?  Using my affiliate link helps to support my blog – Moda Fabrics  at Fat Quarter Shop.  If you’d rather not use an affiliate link, use the link in Rafflecopter to visit Fat Quarter Shop and see the Moda Fabrics to answer the question for that entry.  I am shipping these myself, so international entries welcome!

And, I am really excited to let you all know that Pat Sloan has asked me to be a guest on her APQ Quilting Podcast for Monday October 29th!!  She told me that she looked around my blog and my Scrap Dance series caught her eye.  We have emailed several times now over the past month to get acquainted, and she has several topics identified for us to discuss.  This will be my first ever podcast.

I’ll be the fourth guest that day, and the podcast will air live at 4 pm Eastern time.  It will be available later as well, on her podcast archive.  See the link for ways to listen live with iTunes or an Android App, or later on your computer after the podcast is uploaded to the archive.  Happy Quilting!!

79 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Sew Along Placemats

  1. Jan Snell

    Carole, I use precuts because I have been known to pet and then impulse buy the delightful fabric bundles. I have never planned to buy a precut bundle except fat quarters. I was so thrilled when FQ bundles came out in the 90s because all of a sudden I could make a scrap quilt without having scraps. Oh, my, how times have changed. Now I have scraps galore! I love the maple leaf block. The placemats are so cute. I would never have thought about making cutlery pockets. Such a cute idea. Thanks! Jan

  2. I love the placemats. I like the extra little touch with the pouch. Thanks for hosting this QAL.Also, congratulations for being on Pat Sloan’s Podcast! I hope to get to listen to it.

  3. Jean

    Look at you go, Girl! 🙂 Congrats! I began by using precuts until I felt comfortable with more extensive cutting.

  4. Pat

    I love that you have made the placemats quick with the turning rather than a binding (which can be done if one chooses) and the little pocket is a nice addition. Best of luck with the pod cast – how fun!

  5. Jayne P

    Last year I used a layer cake for the first time and would definitely use them again. Thank you for the chance of a giveaway

  6. What a nice setting for these placemats. Am happy to see this finish, rather than binding, since I am making 12. That would have been a lot of hand finishing! Have never used 10” precuts, but would love to have a chance to try. Congrats on your guest spot with Pat Sloan!

  7. Hi Carole! How exciting to be featured on Pat Sloan’s podcast. I will be sure to listen. I do use precuts fairly often because I like have the variety of fabrics that they offer. I do not like how they are so poorly cut and many times find them to be WAY over the size they say or WAY under. Very disappointing. Thank you for the wonderful tutorial on your placemats. ~smile~ Roseanne

  8. I love the idea of the pocket on the side of the placemats. Makes it so easy to place the silverware in the pocket and roll them up to take to church potluck or a picnic, whatever! I do use precuts occasionally, generally the larger ones, layer cakes and fat quarters or fat eighths. Thanks again for this fun pattern!

  9. Karen A

    The precut I use most is the fat quarter. I have a few jelly rolls and a layer cake waiting to be used, but most of my stash is fat quarters.

  10. Linda B

    Will be fun to hear you on the podcast Carole! It is one of the ways I find wonderful sewists…think of all the people who will hear you and find your lovely blog and great projects. Love the maple leaves!

  11. cmdorsey

    How awesome for you to be a featured speaker. She is one of my roll models in quilting. I do use pre cuts. Mostly jelly rolls, charms and cakes. I have several individual fat quarters but mostly my stash is yard pieces. This is a cute idea and quick to sew.

  12. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I do use precuts sometimes Carole! It’s a way to get a variety of fabric in the same line to try out. Plus, there are a lot of good patterns that are “precut friendly!!” Thanks for sharing. I’ll be posting the pocketed placemat for FQS on 11/1 too! Also have the maple leaf pattern to post on the 30th! Thanks for sharing. I love the maple leaf placemats and the variety of turning them in alternating directions!

  13. I use precuts, but prefer to make my own from stash. Does that make them postcuts? Your placemats are great for Autumn. Are you left handed? I wondered if that’s why you put the pocket on the left.
    Wow, I’m really excited for your podcast interview!

  14. lv2bquilting2

    Good morning Carole…..I have so much fabric that I use my Accuquilt Go to cut my own pre-cuts, in an attempt to use some of the huge stash I have on hand.. I love all those fall colors!

  15. Dian

    Congrats on the CS podcast debut! You will be a great addition to the show

    I make lots of my own pre cuts so that my 3 Grands can play with color and design and then sew pillow tops. It’s a great hobby and they can do so much designing and sewing on their own with pre cuts. They might eventually learn how to pick up after working/finishing their projects. Just so happy they love designing and sewing!

  16. Donna

    Thank you for the placemat tutorial. I love them. Yes, I use pre-cuts all the time. They are an easy way to get scrappy. Also, I listen to Pat Sloan’s podcast all the time. Congrats!

  17. Congratulations on being chosen for Pat’s podcast – I’ll try to listen! Your placemats are lots of fun! I turned my Autumn Jubilee blocks into a tablerunner and I’m really happy with it. I also made your pumpkin bread recipe this week – it’s really good. I do like precuts – I don’t buy a ton, but it’s fun to have a charm pack or layer cake in the stash to pull out once in awhile.

  18. cathy vergo

    I like to use precuts as much as I can.
    I really like the idea of a pocket in your placemats for the dinner table.
    So many possibilities I an do with the pocket:
    a trinket or charm for a special occasion or season
    picture of my guest

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I win

  19. quilterpt

    Wow! Congratulations being on Pat Sloan’s podcast. How exciting!! I do use precuts, and have several Pinterest categories for all the great patterns I keep finding. Have fun on the podcast!

  20. Amy L

    I love to use fat quarter bundles, and have sewn with layer cakes and charm packs in the past. I have several layer cake patterns, and theses fabrics would be fun to use.

    The placemats are perfect for the fall. I love the quick construction technique. They would be easy to whip up for a Thanksgiving hostess gift.

  21. These placemats are lovely! I like the finished edge on them.
    I have used precuts but am getting away from them a bit though I have some here in the stash. I like that they give you a side selection of pieces from each designer line. I’m not crazy about the inconsistency of the cuts though. Fat quarter bundles have been my latest favorite if I really like the fabric. I have only used a few jelly rolls but quite a few layer cakes.

  22. lois92346

    I love precuts because I find that yardage sometimes overwhelms me to the point that I don’t end up using it. I especially love jelly rolls and layer cakes. Your step by step instructions encourage me to try different blocks. I look forward to hearing you on Pat Sloan’s podcast.

  23. Susan Stanton

    Yes, I use precuts! I like it that the fabrics are designed to be used together and give a lovely pulled together look. I’m enjoying your Autumn Jubilee posts!

  24. Diane H

    Great tutorial! Thank you, Carole and congratulations on your invite from Pat Sloan. I’ve used plenty of pre-cuts, including one layer cake and I was amazed at how much fabric there was.


    Yes, I love precuts. Jelly roll patterns are not as plentiful, but I have lots of all precuts and patterns.

  26. i’m using pre-cut strips now in a baby quilt! I love the convenience of having advanced cutting done when I want to get going on a project.

  27. Melanie

    I’ve never used precuts since I have so many of my own in my stash. LOL But would love a Moda pack! Congratulations on your upcoming podcast, Carole! I’ll be tuning in if possible.

  28. Barb K

    I love Precuts–one of my favorite quilts is a Dresden Plate design using Precuts. (I have quite a collection yet to make up and am dreaming about which designs to use!)

  29. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I am trying to use my stash, but occasionally use precuts if I’ve won them. Congrats on Thebes’s podcast!!

  30. I sometimes use precuts, but not usually. I love your placemats and you did a great job of matching up your plaid!! Fun project; I’m thinking about making a set for my grandgirls! 🙂

  31. Debbie

    I occasionally use precuts but I also have a Sizzix Big Shot and make my own 2 1/2 strips and 5 inch squares from my extensive stash.

  32. I don’t often buy precuts, but if I do, I use them right away! I do love the layer cakes where you get a little piece of each fabric in a collection.
    Congrats on being on Pat Sloan’s show… can’t wait to hear it!

  33. Camille

    I primarily use jelly roll or charm precuts. I should do some stash precuting to use up my stash for scrappy projects. Will I do it? Maybe. I love projects created with autumn fabric colorways. Your place mats are very appealing and well done..

  34. So sorry about my previous comment. I didn’t realize I was supposed to answer a question! I’ve never used precuts but I bought a package of 5″ squares which I hope to use one of these days.

  35. Monica Kostak

    I enjoy using precuts-but seams in the past year i have bought them because they were pretty- and have held on to them. i guess I need to start using them!

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