November Wreath

Last month I did a post on Harvest Wreaths for Autumn Jubilee, and my MIL commented that she wanted one.  Well, OK, any excuse to get out the goodies and play with my glue gun again!!

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Starting out with a grapevine wreath base, I added some fall color faux flowers and leaves. I also started the bow with the streamers to mark the position for the bow.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Adding in some natural elements, I glued sweet gum balls and black walnut shells between the flowers.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

I looked in the yard for acorn cups like these, that are three to a stem. Gluing the acorns to them made a larger element. I always glue the acorns into the caps as they come apart too easily.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

She liked the idea of the pine cones in the middle so I did that too. I have lots of them. The bow is made from the harvest color ribbon I used on the Thanksgiving cards.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

I just love these colors this time of year!

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Groups of natural elements surround the silk flowers.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Hanging it up on the wall for a picture, before packing it up to send.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

One more view.

Harvest Wreath at From My Carolina Home

Do you have a Harvest Wreath?


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14 thoughts on “November Wreath

  1. Jennie Rauch

    Ah, she will love it! I DO have a harvest wreath, but it isn’t going up this year, as I’m manically excited about our daughter & her family (read 2 grands!) coming for Christmas!! So many corners to clear of craft stuff & ironing, etc., new kitty-proofing the house. . . but I sure enjoyed seeing yours – rather hers!

  2. Melanie

    Oh yes, I do, but it has been around so many years (and not nearly as lovely as yours) that it has been relegated to hang on the front of the garage….nice from a distance, or for those with poor vision! LOL Your creations are truly inspiring, Carole. Love the acorns….our squirrels pretty much find them before we do.

  3. No, I don’t have a harvest wreath. If I did, it would be a symbol of my life — going around in circles. Your wreath is lovely, though, and I know your MIL will be thrilled.

  4. Rosemaryflower

    I hung an olden grapevine wreath on our fence. I made it a couple of years ago. It has sun flowers on it, brown leaves.
    I think this is it’s last year 😛

  5. Brenda Ackerman

    Good Morning Carole! Your wreath is gorgeous! I can totally understand why your MIL would want you to create an Autumn Wreath for her. I would be surprised if she has not asked you to make her one for every season and every holiday! I fell in love with the making of wreaths well over a year ago, just seeing such a variety of DIY posts and on Pinterest. So, I began collecting and buying supplies (LOL) and I have actually made two whole wreaths! Plus, I have two more in the works. Yippee…. LOL again at myself. I think my hubby , who is 100% supportive of my quilting and all of the supplies I have for quilts that may never ever get made, has reached a point where enough is enough on the wreath supplies and not really seeing any progress. I find it very difficult to find the time to make the wreaths, although the ones I have made or started have been so much fun! Maybe today I should put away the materials and get out the glue gun and pinecones myself and just have a day of creating some Autumn Wreaths and Christmas Wreaths to give as gifts this holiday season! Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

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