Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 2

The big reveal is today, are you excited? We will put the squares and half-square triangles into blocks, and then I’ll give you several ways to put it together.

The elements you have cut and sewn will make 16 blocks, here is the block. It is a classic, traditional block called Road to Oklahoma.

I assembled my blocks using a web method first taught by Eleanor Burns. Begin with laying out the squares and HSTs on your work table.

Take the first two COLUMNS and lay the second column square over the first so that your edge to stitch is on the right. Stack the pairs from top to bottom, with the top set on the top of the stack.

Stack the next rows in order from top to bottom.

Sew the first set from top to bottom, do not clip the threads between.

Then just like turning the pages of a book, go back to the top set and open them up. Turn the top square of the next stack over onto the right square of the set, and sew on the right edge. Continue down the column.

Do the same for the last column.

Now you have four rows connected with threads. This is the ‘web’.

Take it to the ironing board, and press the seams in opposite directions.

Then, flip the rows right sides together and sew the remaining seams.

The seams nest nicely.

The block comes together very quickly, and measures 8-1/2-inches at this point.

I put a block web together, then went to the next block, making several at once.

One trip to the ironing board for several blocks, then the final assembly is easy and doesn’t require a lot of thought.

See my blog post Speed Assembly Web Method for a more detailed explanation. Assemble the blocks as you like. I’ll give you a few ideas, and these are all in the pdf download. I made mine into a table topper with the blocks arranged 4×4. Here is the EQ8 image with just plain borders. Note that the blocks are alternating in orientation to form the stars. (Don’t forget, EQ8 is offering a fabulous discount for Autumn Jubilee readers this month, 25% off with code JUBILEE25.)

If you orient your blocks opposite to the above, you get a different look. The lines form a connecting closed lattice with the stars between.

If you orient all the blocks the same way, you get this.

If you prefer a long table runner, you can orient your blocks in a 2 x 8 configuration.

Or make two runners in a 2 x 4 arrangement. Again, lay out the blocks and be sure that you like the configuration, try both orientations before you sew the final seams.

Download a pdf for your sewing room – Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Week 2. Next week, we’ll do borders, then the final week will be quilting and finishing.

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Quilter’s Dream! Three twin size battings this year (Dream Green, Dream 80/20, and Dream Bamboo) will be shipped to one lucky winner.  Dream Green is a wonderfully soft poly batting that creates a market for recycled plastic.  I love quilting with it! Find Quilter’s Dream Battings at Fat Quarter Shop and Amazon.

Visit Quilter’s Dream‘s product page, and comment with your choice of a batting that you would like to try, perhaps one you’ve not quilted with before. Leave a comment on this post, then click on the Rafflecopter icon to enter the drawing.

Which Quilter’s Dream Batting would you like to try?

78 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 2

  1. Ulrikken

    I have read about Dream Green, but never quilted with it. I’d love having the chance to make a quilt with Dream Green batting!

  2. Rhonda

    I love this pattern and happy to have a new table topper for autumn. Thanks so much. And I’d like to try the bamboo batting. I’ve heard it’s very nice.

  3. I’ve seen a quilt done with Quilters Dream Puff, and it really made the quilting show. I think for now, I would like the Quilters Dream Green or the Quilters dream cotton.
    Oh Carole, the pattern is fantastic. I just love how the secondary patterns change when you rotate a block.

  4. slmrn1

    I would like to try the bamboo batting. I love the layouts of this pattern so much I am going to make a table topper. I haven’t started one yet but am super motivated after seeing this post. Thank you.

  5. Debbie Miller

    Love the variety of ways to set the blocks! I would love to try the Quilters Dream wool batting-it even sounds warm!

  6. Sheila

    Such a versatile block! And so many different layouts. I have not had a chance to try the Dream Green Bamboo batting, but I love the Dream poly batting. It has such a rich feel.

  7. Julie

    It’s fun to see how different the quilts look based on how you lay out the blocks. I want one of each! I’ve tried many different batting companies & Quilters Dream tops the list for its variety of batting & consistent quality.

  8. Darci Marshall

    Ooh, I love the way this came together!

    I do love that quilters dream makes a recycled batting, but I’ve never used it or any other plastic/poly based batting. I’d love to see how it breathes after quilting!

  9. Darci Marshall

    I love the way this came together and the pattern looks beautiful.

    I love the dream green batting but have never tried it, it’s awesome how many plastic bottles can get repurposed that way!

  10. yoyopattycakeshotmailcom

    I use Quilters Dream products all the time, but I haven’t used wool yet. That is one I would like to use next!

  11. CarolE

    I love using the Dream wool batting, but I would like to try the Dream Green batting as it is very good for the environment.

  12. I want to try Quilter’s Dream Bamboo. I fact, I plan to buy it for two Japanese inspired throws that I will be making for a friend and her husband next year. I’ve used QD’s wool which is my current favorite batting.

  13. Cindy

    Would love to try the Quilters Dream Bamboo as I have heard wonderful things about it.

    Love seeing how you web a block together…I have never really understood how—the pics make it clearer to me now. Thanks!

  14. Melanie

    Another lovely autumn quilt, perfect for scrappy quilting, my favorite! The Quilter’s Dream batting comes in so many varieties, amazing! I’ve used the dream cottons, but would love to try the Quilters Dream Blend as I’ve used other brands of the blended cotton/poly and love that combo for my quilts.

  15. Ann D

    I’ve not tried the bamboo batting. I’ve heard good things about bamboo batting although I’ve not tried the bamboo batting.

  16. Kathryn Laposata

    I have not yet used wool batting, so that might be something to try. Thanks for the giveaway and all the projects during the Jubilee.

  17. That’s such a fun block! I love the different looks depending on layout. I use the Dream Cotton most of the time and have used their bamboo. I’d like to try the Dream Wool sometime.

  18. Kathy E.

    I’m looking forward to some sewing time this weekend to assemble my blocks! I love the layout options! One batting that would interest me is the Quilters Dream Fusible 80/20…anything to help me get those layers together!

  19. Laura Riley

    I did not realize that there were so many choices of Quilter’s Dream batting. The Quilter’s Dream Green intrigued me so would like to try to some day.

  20. Sandi Scarlett

    Your quilt block is lovely and I like how you show the different ways to make a different quilt with how you set the blocks.

  21. Connie S Wolfe

    The Dream Green batting is my choice. Recycled products often catch my attention, and your review of the product was also helpful in making my choice. The pattern layouts are terrific.

  22. lee

    Love the quilt design! I would like to try the Bamboo batting! I heard good things about it and bamboo is such a sturdy fiber. Thank you !

  23. Donna F

    I would like to try the Midnight Black poly. I’ve been wanting to do a quilt with a black background and think it would be better to use a black batting..

  24. What a fun way to keep organized while sewing!
    Went to the sponsors page – the Dream Green is something I’m interested in trying out. Would be nice to help the environment….
    Thanks for the inspiration as always!

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