Autumn Jubilee Embroidery Sew Along

So many sewing artists have embroidery capability now, so let’s put that to use in a sew along! If you don’t have embroidery on your machine, don’t fret, you can just find a cute motif on some of your stash fabric to fussy cut for this step. Or you could do a quick hand embroidery for this step. For those with machine embroidery capability, get out your stabilizers and pretty autumn threads. I’ll give you the overall idea, and you can use what you have to finish as you like.

I loaded my embroidery hoop with a neutral background, two layers of Sulky Totally Stable iron-on tear-away stabilizer on the back, and one layer of Sulky Solvy water soluble stabilizer on top. Mark an area 6-1/2-inches square to embroider within. My friend Mary at Stitching Grandma gives this tip “Use a series of pins along the edge of the hoop where your fabric/stabilizer is coming up between the two pieces. This keeps the fabric/stabilizer from pulling back into the hoop.” She told me this after I did this step, LOL!! But good to know!

Using a lettering font of your choice, embroider the words “Welcome Autumn” on your fabric.

I put mine on two rows, offsetting the words a bit. Next, choose an autumn inspired motif to embroider below the words.

I had one with two pumpkins in outline so the stitchery wouldn’t be dense. If you choose a densely stitched motif, Mary also says “When you are doing a very ‘heavy stitch count’ design, place a piece of quilt batting between your stabilizer and your fabric. Just the cut batting to fit inside the hoop. You will be amazed at how much that helps the design keep from pulling along the edges.” I’d put that between the two layers of iron-on tear-away.

Remove the stabilizers. Next, position your ruler so you can cut the embroidered piece to 6-1/2-inches square and cut it to size.

Next week, we’ll add some fun borders and finish off the project.

Today’s giveaway is sponsored by Sulky Threads and Stabilizers! One lucky winner will receive a set of six Cotton Petites Autumn Sampler 12 wt threads, and a set of 6 PolySparkle Fall Colors Collection! Sulky is one of my affiliate sponsors.

Visit Sulky’s What’s New page, and leave a comment on this post. Which new collection appeals to you most?

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64 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Embroidery Sew Along

  1. Linda Bruce

    Love the Autumn sampler. I don’t have an embroidery machine, but do machine applique and love to find a thread that enhances the applique.

  2. Nancy H

    Fur Filaine Thread Collection – – I typically work with warm colors and these are perfect for fall projects.

    1. You need to stop coming up with cute projects or I need to reserve my October stitching to only #AutumnJubilee. It’s hard to say no to your fun activities!

      Which new collection appeals to you most?
      Quilting Rainbows and Unicorns Assortment – 50 Wt. Cotton Thread – 12-pack – it looks so bright & cheery!

  3. I would like the 50 w Quilting Blooms and Breezes thread collection. However, I’ve also wanted to try those Clover Wonder Pins.

    Love your Welcome Autumn embroidery!

  4. Debbie Miller

    I don’t have an embroidery machine but love the tips for possible future use! I really like the Sulky collection-Quilting Neutrals & Nutshells Palette – 50 Wt. Cotton Thread .

  5. Debbie Miller Meyer

    Land and Sea us my favorite as I’m not a fan of brights if anything. The deep purple and blue s just look so dramatic! I love it!!! Tgsnjs again for the awesome giveaway!

  6. Oh, I think this is going to be interesting. Now I need to find a little project to embroidery. Hmmm….I have a few in mind! I really like the Sulky Poly Sparkle Dream Slimline Thread Collection. Imagine doing some quilting with that thread and getting the little sparkle “glint” as you go. Great sponsor. I hope others find my machine embroidery tips helpful.

  7. Rosemarie S

    Quilting rainbows and unicorns looks like a nice thread collection. Autumn embroidery is another good idea.

  8. Sandi Scarlett

    I like the bloom threads. Your embroidery is cute! Thanks for doing this as it’s fun to see your different projects.

  9. Visited the Sulky website – the fur colored line of threads would be lovely to use on the pet portraits that was also displayed….as you can tell, I’m nutty about dogs!

  10. Patty Brenner

    Very cute and the pin tip for stabilizer works great! My embroidery machine is waiting for parts, so I can’t do this one just yet, but it certainly gets a workout when it’s up and running.

  11. Alexandria

    Beautiful threads, hard to pick a favourite. Blooms and Breezes would suit my next quilting project. Thank you. Alexandria

  12. Susan N.

    Forest and Fauna Embroidery Thread Palette appeals to me most, although there were several others that were very close 2nds. I don’t have an embroidery machine, but I do like to hand embroider.

  13. lee

    No machine embroidery for me… yet! But love seeing the process and I love hand embroidery. I do love the colors of the Land and Sea set!

  14. Ooh, I just learned to use my embroidery machine a little this year so really looking forward to your projects. Sulky’s “Quilting Blooms” set would be perfect for a Spring raffle quilt I will be making next year. That’s going on the wish list for sure!

  15. Donna F.

    Who wouldn’t want a 54 spool collection of Poly Sparkle Dream Slimline Sulky thread? Beautiful colors and having used Sulky thread, I know it is a quality product.

  16. Cathie J

    I wish I had a machine that could do that. I love the subtle background fabric that you used. I can’t wait to see it with the added borders.

  17. I’ve not used Sulky thread before and am interested in the 12 wt. At the Sulky website, I thought the colors in the Sulky 50 wt. Cotton Slimline Dream Collection were beautiful! They offer so many things besides thread! Thank you and Sulky for offering this giveaway.

  18. quilterpt

    I love Poly Sparkle Dream Slimline Thread Collection! Wouldn’t that be nice to have? Your embroidery is sweet!

  19. jseccurrtwcnyrrcom

    Sulky’s land and sea collection is right up my alley! Loving those 12 weight metallics featured in your blog!

    Recently purchased a machine with embroidery capabilities. Your Welcome Autumn project is well timed!

  20. Kathy E.

    I wish my embroidery machine was home with me so I could make this project! It’s currently in the shop getting cleaned and checked up. When visiting Sulky’s site, I found Boho Floral Machine Embroidery Design Collection as a product I’d love to buy!

  21. Connie S Wolfe

    Thanks for the embroidery tips. I will return to these when I get to use that function on my machine. Visited the Sulky website and chose Quilting Sunshine and Daydreams. All of the new quilting collections were great eye candy.

  22. Pam

    Those pumpkins are delightful! Thanks for the advice. I love Sulky’s Land and Sea collection – such rich nature colors!

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