Getting Ready for the Fair 2019

One of the benefits of writing a blog is that I have a record of what I did and when.  With the North Carolina Mountain State Fair, all the entries have to be created within the past year, so I have to be able to tell what was made after September 1 of last year.  Looking back through all my posts, one thing is very apparent.  I don’t have much this year to enter into competitions.  The great majority of my quilting time this year has been for quilts for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project or Quilts of Valor, or repairs for others and all those quilts are gone.  I can only come up with two quilts for the quilting competition this year.  One is Scrap Dance Minuet, the mystery quilt along pattern for this year, just finished recently.

The other is the throw quilt from last year’s Autumn Jubilee.  I pulled it out to add a hanging sleeve.

Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along at

I’ve not spent a lot of crafting time this year, the charity projects have taken priority, plus some of the crafting ideas I did do aren’t suitable for entry into the fair due to their size or they don’t fit into any category.  I’ve asked the supervisor of the crafts section for several years in a row about modernizing the categories, and that they need a papercrafting division, but so far there have been no changes or updates in many, many years.  No one even enters some of the competitions anymore like the brooms decorations, and they combine categories every year due to lack of entries.  Somehow it seems like an update of the categories is needed to get more participation, but what do I know?  I’ve been drying hydrangea blooms and did get them arranged in my Pine Cone Basket from last year’s Autumn Jubilee for a Natural Materials competition.  The turkeys have left some feathers, and I thought they’d be a fun accent.  I did clean them and disinfect them with Lysol first.

Natural Materials competition at

I’ll enter the wool work project from last year’s Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along in the needlework category.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

The Christmas Redwork Pillow will go into Christmas decor.

Redwork Christmas Project at

I went through the photographs from the last year and selected five for entry into that division in five different categories.  Every time I thought I had the selections, I would second guess myself and change it.  It took me 2 hours to decide, and finally I just went with what I had at that point.  They were printed and mounted, and are ready to go.  The upper right is the one with the fox eyeing the turkey I took last October.  The upper left is from the Tomato Festival just a week ago.  Then there is a shot from last year’s fair, one of my iris photos, and a winter scene with a snow covered tree.  There is a cardinal sitting on a branch on the right, but he is hard to see.

I’ll be making a Christmas wreath next week that I’ll show you later.  It will go into the wreath category and be donated to the Meals on Wheels wreath auction at the holidays.  So, 11 entries.  Far from the 27 I had last year, but DH is happy he doesn’t have to help carry things.

Is your State Fair getting close or has it happened already?  Do you enter your handiwork?

18 thoughts on “Getting Ready for the Fair 2019

  1. Mary Stori

    You may not have as many entries this year but your efforts surely impacted the lives of so many folks in such a positive loving way. Kuddos to you for spearheading such a helpful campaign.

  2. Sylvia anderson

    Good morning Carole. I wish you luck on all your beautiful entries, but my favorite is the Pumpkin throw quilt from last year. It’s bright, colorful, eye-catching, and the pattern is great. Is it one you created, or was it a purchased pattern? The people who set the categories for the entries have probably been there for years and years, and very set in their ways. More than likely, an infusion of new blood is needed before any request for change is forthcoming.

    1. Linda B

      And I was just thinking Carole might be on that short list to take charge! I don’t know why Missouri is not into fairs. Sad really.

  3. Phyllis Smith

    Hi Carole,

    Finally have some relief from the heat. Suppose to be in thelow 80’s thru the week and them back into the 90’s by Fri. Sat. & Sun. I’m taking what ever the good Lord will give us and enjoy it.

    Best wishes for some ribbons, my pick is the pumpkin and leaves, so colorful and great for the season.


  4. Rhonda

    Good luck with your entries! I received a blue ribbon on a king sized quilt that I designed. So happy and so proud.

    We are traveling to North Carolina in mid October and I’m so excited to see your beautiful part of the country!

  5. I am doing the exact same thing today and wishing I was more organized so that it wasn’t such a big job at the last minute! Oh well, I really want to support these community events and see them continue for generations to come and so i better get organized and get the entry work done!

  6. Sandra Clark

    I love the colors and shades a orange you chose for your pumpkin quilt. It brings back happy memories of Autumn’s when I lived up north and the trees actually changed colors in the fall. Thank you for all your inspiring ideas.

  7. Kathryn Laposata

    Our Allentown (PA) Fair starts on Tuesday. Members of my guild helped log in the quilting entries as they came in on Thursday and Friday. Sadly, only 30 quilted items were entered. I only entered the lap quilt category because the sizes of my other quilts didn’t meet the limited criteria for the few other classes. This from area that has so many talented quilters. In my guild alone our Show and Tell easily has 10-20 quilts a month! I caught the ear of the Ag. Society president and told her that they needed to update the categories and perhaps do them by perimeter size rather than a min or max length and width. And they need to get rid of those cross stitch and tied quilt categories that have few or no entries. I’m happy to say that she said she would be open to change, so another friend and I plan to make a proposal. Wish us luck. And I wish you luck on your entries.

    With all your good deeds this year, I award you a blue ribbon and best of show in the ‘Good Heart’ category.

  8. Every one of those entries is a blue ribbon in my book! Love that photo of the Ferris wheel and corn dog stand. What a bright blue sky that is! And the minuet quilt, too. MMMM, beautiful! Our favorite fair is the last weekend in September, which we hope to get to this fall. It’s just big enough—lots of animals and “hoss” pulling (as they say up here!) food and exhibits. Fun all around!

  9. jean fletcher

    I personally have never shared my skills in display at a fair, one due to the fact that the town I used to live in had an open top for ventilation at that time, so dust, bugs and birds could get in and mess things up. They have since done refurbishment and fixed that problem. Safety of ones art has been another factor. Some places do not have the kind of safety (theft proof) that I would prefer for my art. I’m sure you checked out these factors and are fine with them.

  10. farmquilter

    Today is the final day for our fair. I have entered items in the past, when I was home!! I even volunteered to work for 3 days in the quilt barn. It was fun but exhausting. Whenever I get home to actually finish quilts, I hope to have a boatload for the following year!! I’ll have to make sure to put the last stitch into the quilts in September so I’ll be following the rules. Love how diverse your creativity is…too bad the fair isn’t quite as diverse!!

  11. We don’t have “State Fairs” here in New Zealand but some of the regional fairs have home maker categories. Best of luck with your entries, it looks fun to take part.

  12. Kathy Inozarks

    Have fun at the fair-looks like you will still have some nice entries-I am thinking your pumpkins will win a ribbon

  13. Donna

    Good luck on your entries! Yes sometimes the categories need to be updated. Maybe after a category has no entries after a couple of years, they combine or do away with that category and add a new one.

  14. All of these are wonderful projects! Good luck!

    I don’t actually know where the closest fair is that accepts entries. Might look into it.

  15. Best of luck to you at the Fair! I may consider participating in the state fair next year. It is five hours away, and things have to be shipped a month ahead, so it’s a bit of an ordeal, but I might send an item or two.

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