Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

The Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along will finish up today with the addition of embellishments and mounting.  If you missed the first post with the pattern, click on Wool Stitch Along Part 1.  So, we left off with the pumpkin done and the leaves left to stitch.   Place one leaf on top of the pumpkin, and the other two slightly above and to the sides.  Using two strands of DMC floss, stitch the leaves in place.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Stitch veins on the leaves for texture and definition.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Gather some beads and buttons to play with.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Over the top of the pumpkin and leaves, write the word ‘Autumn’ in chalk or erasable marker.  Beginning in the middle, stitch the letters using a couching technique.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Using six strands of floss in one needle, come up at the base of the T, then down at the top, up at the end of the cross bar and down at the other to form the T.  Repeat for the U and the A.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Then with a second needle threaded with two strands of floss, couch the six strands down.  I like the way this technique gives smooth lines for lettering, heavy enough to be seen.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Continue in the same manner for the other letters.  For the M, I did a little twist to hold the floss in place.  As you go, be sure to measure your letters (I used a seam gauge for a quick check) to be sure they come out the same size.  Mine tend to get smaller as I go if I don’t keep track.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Using the same couching technique, place a long piece of green six-strand floss around the leaves to create a vine, connecting the leaves and adding three loops.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

With a second needle threaded with two strands of the same green floss, couch the vine.  Use pins to keep the loops where you want them.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

The loops add just a bit more detail and whimsy.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Add three buttons to the lower left of the pumpkin, and two to the upper right side next to the vine.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

For added detail, using gold seed beads, sew 15 beads to the pumpkin along one of the seam lines.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

If you like, do two more lines of 15 beads each.  This brings a bit of shine to the piece, adding more definition to the pumpkin.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

Square the finished piece to the size you want.  I did 9-1/2 inches.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

On the back of the finished piece, iron on a fusible interfacing to add body to the piece and lock down the loose threads.  Whip the top to a backing piece, mine is 11-inches square, giving a 1-1/2-inch border all around.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

If desired, add hanging loops.  I made mine 3-inches square, folded in half.  The frame doesn’t need this big of a loop, but I wanted the stitching to be behind the top piece so it wouldn’t show.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

All done, and hanging on my little table top stand.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

It is a nice addition for my Autumn decor.  Later I can use it as a candle mat too.

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

I hope you enjoyed this year’s Stitch Along for Autumn Jubilee.  Today’s giveaway is a Sewing Machine Lighting Kit with Expansion set by Inspired LED!!

Leave a comment on this post, then click on the button below to enter the drawing for an Inspired LED Sewing Lighting Kit with Expansion Module!  Due to electrical differences between countries, this drawing is open to US residents only.  Do you enjoy wool applique?

Congratulations to Melanie T who won the Madam Sew Presser Foot Set!!

Wool Stitch Along at From My Carolina Home

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59 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Wool Stitch Along

  1. sheryl harrison

    i have not done wool applique. most of my quilts are applique. i love applique but i’ve never tried wool. i have a few wool applique patterns so i plan to try after i finish a few quilts i want to make.

  2. Linda B

    Just a lovely design and I love how you finished the pumpkin! I have lots of wool on hand, but have done very little. Looking forward to trying this. Thanks so much!

  3. Jennifer Rauch

    Wool applique is new to me – but I came across a small supply of felted wool recently, & this project seems small enough to get done, yet large enough to get the feel of the technique. Who couldn’t use more light on their sewing machine??! As the years gallop by, I need it more & more. Sigh!

  4. kathyinozarks

    I love this-yes I do love wool applique just have not had enough time to start a project-I have an old quilt pattern by Brackman I think it was that I want to make
    yes put me in the drawing thanks

  5. Lisa Clark

    I have never worked with wool but it is on my bucket list. It will be a cozy winter project to look forward to. Love the warm colors you chose for your project

  6. Yes, this turned out really cute, especially with the buttons and beads. Have only done one project in wool, years ago and have been pulling things in the sewing room to see if I have the supplies on hand. Maybe…in the next few weeks after the blocks get sewn!

  7. Kris Bryant

    I’m not much of an applique person, I’m still mastering machine sewing but applique is on my list of things to try in the future. In fact, I have whole pile of wool waiting for me.

    1. Laura M

      oops, take me off the list as I am not in the US. However, in Canada we do use the same kind of electrical plugs as in the US.. Sure makes it easier for travel. Thanks for your generosity in organizing this event. I do enjoy some wool applique.

  8. Marjorie Hair

    Thank you for the Autumn project. Such a fun time of year to decorate and I will be making this project. How could I not. Wool applique/ autumn colors/ button/ beads. All the things I enjoy working with. Thanks for the opportunity to win the sewing machine light.

  9. I love your pumpkin and all the fabric choices and finishing stitches. The table top stand is perfect for displaying the block. I have done wool applique and made a wall hanging and then a quilt with wool and included applique.

  10. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Your work is beautiful! I have not done wool applique but do have a cute little owl kit I bought in TN that need to try and make for my granddaughter who is an owl-fanatic! Thanks for the inspiration and the giveaway!

  11. Sarah Gray

    What a cute hanging. I have tried applique with cotton and like it but now will have to try this with wool.

  12. EllenB

    Your pumpkin is so cute and the buttons and beads are perfect finishing touches. Thanks for a fun sew along that I’m going to try for my first wool applique.

  13. Barb K.

    I have been collecting wool garments in the thrift shop for felting and recycling–this would be a good project to try it out!

  14. Anne S

    Ha! I didn’t pay much attention when you started this darling wool pumpkin but now, WOW.
    Love doing wool work and my table topper stand sits empty and I love your creative pumpkin
    especially with the added bling. You are too clever roping us in with your fun projects. Right
    now I am up high in the Colorado mountains with not a quilt/fabric shop in sight but when I get
    home I will check out what I have.

  15. Melanie

    I love wool applique and usually have a project going, one I can grab and take along with me. Your autumn pumpkin project is very nice….all the special embellishments really “make it.”

  16. Jill Coy

    I have not tried wool applique, but this project is inspiring me! I have several pieces of wool in my stash and will look at the fabric in a different light now. Thanks for presenting a beautiful homespun piece.

  17. Susan Stanton

    I have never done wool applique. Your pumpkin mini is so cute though. It sure looks like a fun project!

  18. dezertsuz

    I really like this design! I probably won’t make it in wool, (no oranges) but I appreciate that pumpkin and the seams that can be embellished.

  19. Carla Therrien

    Thanks for showing how couching is done! I have never done a wool project but do love the look! I am amazed how the sparkly beads look great on a folky project!

  20. Monica Kostak

    How pretty! I still have my fabric i purchased last year-but did not get a chance to make a wool project this year either. emmm make next year… 🙂

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