Christmas Redwork Pillow

The Christmas Redwork project almost didn’t get finished this season.  It seemed like the days just flew by and I didn’t get a lot of stitching done each week.  Progress was made, but just not quickly.

Redwork Christmas Project at

Last weekend, stitching resumed in earnest until the redwork was done.  I wanted to add some beads to dress it up a bit as well.

Redwork Christmas Project at

Small round seed beads were added to the little designs at the bottom.

Redwork Christmas Project at

Red bugle beads enhance Santa’s hat, and seed beads make the eyes shine.

Redwork Christmas Project at

Bugle beads put some sparkle in the candy cane stripes.

Redwork Christmas Project at

I put some on the ‘J’ in Jingle too, as it was kind of candy cane inspired too.

Redwork Christmas Project at

The reindeer eyes, bird eye and teddy bear eyes are all seed beads too.

Redwork Christmas Project at

Taking it to the ironing board, it needed pressing and blocking because of the long time it took to get it stitched.  The hoop creases were a bit difficult to remove, needing quite a bit of steam and Best Press, and going over several times.

Redwork Christmas Project at

As I usually do, I pressed fusible interfacing to the backside to lock the stitches down.

Redwork Christmas Project at

It wasn’t until now that it became clear that the right side wasn’t straight.  Oh, well, too late to take it out and do over.  Let’s just say it gives the piece some charm.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Redwork Christmas Project at

Auditioning fabrics, I wanted to turn this piece into a pillow.

Redwork Christmas Project at

This combination looked the best.  I needed two fabrics for the idea I had in mind.

Redwork Christmas Project at

The poinsettia fabric became the border.

Redwork Christmas Project at

I made piping from the accent burgundy print.

Redwork Christmas Project at

I finished it off and stuffed it, placing it on the sofa in the den. I do like the finished project, and I’m delighted that it got done in time for this season.

Redwork Christmas Project at

The pillow blends well with the Christmas Trip Around the World quilt, and cuddles well next to the fireplace.  Merry Christmas, hope you are enjoying this long holiday weekend!

Redwork Christmas Project at

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30 thoughts on “Christmas Redwork Pillow

  1. You did a beautiful job on your redwork pillow. I liked your final fabric choices too. They are perfect.

    I am really thinking that Craftsy is making a mistake with this move. I hope they get enough complaints that they will change their mind. I am also hoping that they have a plan to keep everything if they get enough negative response.

  2. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I love to do redwork and really like your Christmas pillow. I have a couple of ornaments started I need to finish. Maybe on the upcoming long winter evenings by the fire. Merry Christmas, Carole!!!

  3. Loris Mills

    Lovely new pillow for Christmas! It’s a cute stitching and I liked the idea of the fusible on the back to secure the stitches.
    The Craftsy change you mentioned is unfortunate. I have noticed editing changes with the BluePrint influence that have made watching their videos difficult. They speed up and condense the content making it less enjoyable and harder to follow. I’m glad you will be able to continue selling your patterns there. They will lose some good designers though. But oh well. On to cheerier topics.
    My sis is here for Christmas and we are going to enjoy some beautiful days and some festive relaxation and eating….maybe some cooking too! Who knows 🙂
    Hoping you have some wonderful holiday treats and moments. Merry Christmas!

  4. The Redwork pillow came out lovely, the beads really give it a bit of sparkle and looks just perfect with the Trip Around the World quilt. Merry Christmas to you.

  5. I absolutely love your pillow. Your Redwork stitching is amazing. This is on my wish list to learn how and I’m definitely going to tackle such a project in 2019. Thanks for sharing and inspiring your #CreativeGoodness.

  6. Mildred Plaskett

    Love your pillow. I am still working on this pattern, I will have it finished for next Christmas.
    I never added beads to a project, will try to do that. Merry Christmas.

  7. I love your redwork and especially the beading you added. It makes such a cute pillow too. Congratulations on getting it done in time for Christmas. Now you can cuddle in your quilt and have some fun.

  8. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Your pillow turned out so beautifully! I am glad that you got it finished and shared it with us. I need to finish a hand embroidery pillow for my Mother as a gift for Christmas, I will have it finished today. What Craftsy is doing to so many designers is just not right, in my opinion. I am glad to hear that they are not shutting your shop down. I have all of your patterns in your store. Thank you for the heads up and I hope that they leave all of your patterns alone for everyone else to enjoy also. Have a wonderful day!

  9. Melanie

    Your redwork pillow turned out beautiful, and looks nice with your “trip” quilt. Makes me want to do a little embroidery! We are enjoying the quiet weekend here, and DH even helped decorate Christmas cookies this year. Yeah, I coerced him, but still….. LOL Have a most wonderful Christmas and all good wishes for you and your DH in the new year. Thanks for the Craftsy information, too. :o)

  10. Love how your pillow came out. I just bought the 1 year subscription before all this info came out. I’m going to have to figure out how to save some things in the next week.

  11. farmquilter

    Your pillow is perfect!! The beads add the right touch…I bet they glisten in the firelight. I believe Craftsy has made a huge mistake and they never notified those of us who are just consumers that this change is occurring…I found out through blogs I follow that weren’t as lucky as you. Just to be on the safe side, I did download every pattern in my “library” there, in case they disappeared and I wish I could do that with the classes I have purchased as well. If all the crafters stick together, Craftsy would have to reverse their policy, but I suppose it would be difficult to be one of crafters chosen to stay to risk their “safe harbor” there by standing with those who are losing their income stream from the sale of their designs on Craftsy.

  12. I happened to find your blog while reading some other blogs. I am an avid sewer myself. I like your blog. And your cushion is very pretty! And I love the quilt. I think I have found the best place to grab some ideas of what is going on in the sewing world. Merry Christmas to you and yours! Juli

  13. This is a darling finish with the beads. Kudos to you for the determination and action to get it done. I’ve been laid up for two weeks so I’ve really enjoyed watching you projects take shape It’s a different Christmas around here but we’ll just do the best we can and give thanks for what we do have, esp pain meds lol!

  14. Phyllis Smith

    Hi Carole,

    You know, I’m thinking this would be cute as a table runner as well.

    Phyllis Smith

    Happy holidays

  15. dezertsuz

    Your pillow turned out fabulous! I like what you did with the beads and the fabrics you chose to complete it into a pillow. A great Christmas finish.

    I didn’t have a shop on Craftsy, only a user account, but I closed it, insofar as they allow. You can’t delete it. I didn’t even bother to download anything. If I didn’t do it when I bought it, I can live without it. I know I will miss some things, but I’m not going to support the way they choose to do business.

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