Carolina Hurricane Quilts Update

The second shipment of quilts went to Wilmington recently, with quilts coming from Charlotte, Raleigh and Western NC as well as a couple from Upstate SC.  Ready for a virtual quilt show? Here are a few of the lovelies that went on the trip, as well as some that were sent in the mail.  A program update is at the end of this post.  As you can see, my guest bed was completely covered up at the end of April.

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Stacked on the cedar chest too, there were a total of 60 in this shipment.

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

DH helped me stuff our runner’s vehicle with all these quilts, starting with filling up the cargo area…

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

and then the back seat and floor area with barely enough space to see over them…

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

and a few more in the front seat!! Luckily she could transfer some to a second vehicle to have space for her luggage as she was taking two cars on this trip.

Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project at

Arriving at Catholic Charities, Leslie Ann was delighted to receive the quilts.


Pictures of mailed-in quilts came in emails and were posted in the Flickr sharing group recently, too. Christine made this tonal strip quilt, and Becky quilted it.


This one was mailed to Wilmington by a group called Fitness over 50 in Corvallis, Oregon.


Michelle P sent a king size quilt.


Maribeth F sent this one with matching pillow shams.


Andrea T pieced this Trip around the World beauty, quilted by Susan K.


These next three quilts were sent via mail to Wilmington as part of Hands2Help. Jo-El sent photos of just part of the quilts with their name and H2H papers, that I have cropped off for privacy. This is Anita S’s.

AnitaS -H2H

Thank you to Cathy K…


and to Debbie S for participating via Hands2Help.


Rhonda’s quilt is a lovely rainbow stained glass.

Rhonda Snider

Monica B sent this cute hearts theme quilt.


These four pretties were in a shipment from Raleigh, all anonymously donated.


I have two updates for the program.  First, the longarmer program is suspended as I have no more longarmers to match to top makers, I have more tops needing quilting in my basement than I can handle, and I am out of batting after these last ones are done.  I picked up quilts this week, and while I was expecting one top and backing for me to quilt, there were two more sets in the stack that I didn’t expect.  In addition, one of them had straight pins that of course I didn’t know were there and I got stuck again.  Please, ladies, safety pins!!  I’ve sent all the other volunteers several quilts now, and I will not ask them to do any more.  Some have done way more than their share. Thank you to all the longarmers who have volunteered up to now.   From here on, only completed quilts will be accepted at the shops for transport.

Second, the program of drop sites will end August 1st.  I need the last month to get the quilts from Raleigh and Charlotte here for the Western NC runner to make her final run before she moves away.  You can always check the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project FAQ page by accessing it through the page listing at the top of the blog, or the button on the sidebar, for the latest information.  You can still mail quilts after August directly to the Catholic Charities into 2020.  See the FAQ page at any time for the latest info as I update it regularly.

Our total count is now 234 total, with about a dozen from H2H, sent to Wilmington over the past 8 months as of May 1st.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project!


Sharing at Hands2Help.

17 thoughts on “Carolina Hurricane Quilts Update

  1. Mary Stori

    It’s very heartwarming to see such tremendous generosity from our quilt community. Kuddos to all.

  2. Nancy Bailey

    I wonder if the wonderful quilters who donated these lovely quilts have any idea of the impact of these gifts. As a recipient of a quilt donated to those of us who lost everything in the California Valley Fire 2015 I can attest to the comfort and joy of holding something beautifully and lovingly made that these quilts give. As with yours for the Hurricane victims, the cartons of quilts shipped to a small quilt shop in Lakeport, CA were made and donated by quilting groups from all over the country. I will treasure mine forever and think of the quilter’s hands that created it with so much love and care. Yes, quilters are truly amazing.

  3. manasotavacation

    What a delightful follow up! WOW! You certainly put your heart into making, coordinating, quilting and taking care of all numerous details! What a wonderful group on your blog. They really stepped up!

  4. Thanks for the update, Carole!! Today, I loaded one of the THREE quilts sent by Brunswick Quilters Guild. The quilting will begin tomorrow and when that’s finished, I’ll load the next one (and then the last one.) I’m SEW glad that I was able to help with this project!

  5. Quilted Pants

    Just wonderful to catch a glimpse of the kindness and generosity of yourself and all those who have contributed quilts, skills and time to send these expressions of love onto their recipients.

  6. thedarlingdogwood

    So glad to see that the donations keep coming in! The quilty community really is amazing.

  7. Felicia Hamlin

    God bless you gand your fellow quilters, Carole. “Whatsoever you did to the least of my brothers, you have done to me.”

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