May in the Garden

Lovely blooms are flourishing in the garden, so get ready for a long and picture heavy post.  We have a long flowering season here, beginning in late March with the forsythias.  In late April and early May, the azaleas came into full flower.  I love the white ones, and we have three white azalea shrubs on the property.  The rest are various shades of pink.  They are beautiful this year, pure white without any frost damage that we’ve seen in years past.

May in the Garden at

I need to prune them a bit, they are all a little unruly.  But I like the free forms of woodland plants on our forested land.

May in the Garden at

Strangely, one or two of the flowers has a streak of pink.  It isn’t the whole flower, the petals are white with a swath of pink on the same petal.  There are pink ones nearby, and this must have something to do with that.  This is the first time this has happened, and the bushes have been next to each other for over 15 years.

May in the Garden at

On this azalea plant, only one flower has a pink streak on just one petal.

May in the Garden at

Looking down the driveway, the azaleas line one side, giving us a beautiful show both leaving the house and coming home.

May in the Garden at

This medium pink is so pretty. We also have a darker pink and one or two coral ones.

May in the Garden at

The irises are still going, and I got a surprise yellow iris that put out two blooms.  I don’t remember having one in yellow before.

May in the Garden at

Lovely isn’t it?

May in the Garden at

The last of these two color burgundy/yellow and purple/white irises bloomed last week.  They are pretty much done now.

May in the Garden at

A later bloomer, there are a bunch of these medium purple shade with the light beards, and more buds promise more flowers to come.

May in the Garden at

Amazingly, this stand of iris came up in the back, a good distance up the mountainside.  I got a picture with the zoom lens.  They have light petals and dark purple falls with yellow beards.

May in the Garden at

While I was taking pictures of the wild irises, I noticed a lot of blackberry blooms, more than we’ve ever had before.  Usually these are so far up the mountainside, I don’t want to even attempt to get the berries with the poison ivy up there too.  These are so close, I might have some berries, if I can get them before the bears do.

May in the Garden at

The clingstone peach tree has some fruit, but about half the tree was lost as it was damaged somehow and broken. I don’t know if that was storm damage, or a bear. We know a bear has been here as some of my pots were overturned on the veranda when we got home from MINIs on the Dragon.

May in the Garden at

Last weekend, I saw one strolling across the front lawn.  I took this picture from inside the house.  It is a small, young one, maybe 100 pounds or so and perhaps about a year old.  It moved on for today, but I’ll bet it will be back to get my peaches.

Bear visit at

In the front flower bed, my bargain petunias are blooming with creamy white flowers.

May in the Garden at

The calibrachoa is going crazy.  It would be good to prune it a bit as it is so leggy, but the flowers are so prolific, I’ve left it alone.

May in the Garden at

On the feeder, the grosbeaks migrated through.

May in the Garden at

A joyful discovery, I found a tiny lady’s slipper in the island (what I call the ground inside the circle on the driveway) near the azaleas.  I was delighted!!  Did you know these are related to orchids?

May in the Garden at

I looked around but don’t see any more plants with the right leaf shape.  These are almost impossible to cultivate, so I just have to hope the little plant will be happy and its seeds will find the right conditions to make more.  DH was asked not to blow it with his leaf blower, or disturb it.

May in the Garden at

Out in the meadow, daisies are covering the open space.  Our garden guy with the big mower has yet to show up to mow the meadow.  It is getting really too tall, but the flowers are nice, and the pollinators are having a field day.  Get it? Field day?  LOL!!!  I know, but I couldn’t resist.

May in the Garden at

We had a tree cut down that was in the middle of the view, so we can see the ridge beyond a bit better again.

May in the Garden at

On the veranda, the yellow torenias are filling in nicely.

May in the Garden at

Geraniums are happy too.

May in the Garden at

Blue lobelia is flowering and getting bigger.

May in the Garden at

In the corner, the pots are filling in, and the verbena will be flowering soon.

May in the Garden at

The birdcage super belles are blooming well, and filling the space.  Oh look, one of the fairies has put his house there.

May in the Garden at

Purple torenias are attracting the hummingbirds again.  They are visiting daily, but they always fly off before I can get the camera ready to get a picture.

May in the Garden at

Spring is truly here, with lovely days in the 70s and cool nights.  Lush green and colorful flowers fill the view, and it is a joy to sit outside on the veranda.  I plan some al fresco meals outside soon, tablescapes and more recipes on the way!

How is spring (or autumn for my southern hemisphere readers) progressing in your area?

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22 thoughts on “May in the Garden

  1. Wow! How blessed to find the Lady Slipper! Your azaleas are gorgeous! I like the pink streaks!

    Hubby hung pie tins this year, in the hopes of of scaring off the deer. It seems that pie tins attract young bears, as one came and played with the tin hanging from one of our walnut trees this week. We won’t be hanging shiny objects next year. Ha, ha!

  2. Marianne Barta

    Your pictures of your flowers/yard are so beautiful. I haven’t planted my flowers yet — but hope to soon as it has been cold and now rainy. Can’t wait to dig in the dirt:) Thank You for posting.

  3. Quilted Pants

    Lovely blooms. We have very chalky soil so no good for azaleas but luckily we don’t have to travel far to reach gardens that do have the right soil type.This is the ‘floral pause’ for us – the switch from Spring bulbs and fruit blossoms to Summer bedding plants. The peony flowers have opened but the rose buds are only just starting to show some colour.
    No bears around here! Just a mouse that jumped more than I did when I lifted the cover off a compost bin!

  4. So lovely…I miss having flowering shrubs…it’s too hot here for anything other than greenery plants. We’ve been spending lots of time at Epcot this Spring and they have a beautiful flower garden so I’m able to see and touch those!

  5. Patricia Evans

    With nightly temps still hovering around 40 degrees, it’s still too cold (and wet) to put out the annuals and houseplants. Every year I buy fuschia hanging baskets and flats of annuals from the boy scouts and they are delivered on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. So they now sit on my front porch shivering. I think this will be another year when we go from cold and damp to hot and dry without any warm transition.

  6. Catherine

    Beautiful!!! I love white azaleas. We have several around my house. I also have a variegated one. The whole bush is white and pink and one branch is a deep pink color. It’s really weird but beautiful.

  7. Oh how I loved seeing all your pretties!! I have daffodils and one tulip bloom this year LOL. We were excited about the tulip as they haven’t had a bloom in several years. The darn rabbits always get it.

  8. The sun has finally come out after weeks of rain and drizzle and dreary weather here in Southern Ontario Canada. We saw a weather forecast last month that actually predicted dreary weather. The daffodils here are blooming fiercely and tulips buds are beginning to show a bit of colour. We don’t have bears here, but I found 7 Guernsey heifers running laps around my house Sunday morning.

  9. Cheryl

    Your garden is looking beautiful. Spring comes later here in southern Ontario. It’s been a cool wet one so far with not much sun. Daffodils are blooming and tulips should be opening soon in my garden. My forsythia didn’t bloom much this year so that was a disappointment as I love seeing those first yellow flowers. It’s still too early for the iris to bloom. Sadly we are moving so will miss the blooms.
    Thank you for sharing your garden. Have a wonderful day.

  10. I saw the grosbeak on my deck, too! That was exciting, because I had never seen one before. The hummingbirds are few in number this year. I see one about dusk most evenings, but there are not enough around to chase each other yet.

    I enjoyed all your photos — lovely flowers.

  11. We’re still waiting for the sun to shine here in NH. This has been the rainiest spring I can remember in the 36 years we have lived here! Our perennials are blooming despite the gloom, but it’s too wet to get out to see them! I agree with Patricia Evans, we’ll probably go from too cold to too hot too quickly! Haha. Can’t wait for Memorial Day weekend, which the last frost date here to plant some herbs and annuals. I have better luck with container gardening. Just love the photos of the azaleas in the woods—so beautiful!

  12. Oh how lovely spring is on your mountain, Carole! We had snow on Sunday and Monday, can you believe it? It’s been cold and nasty all week….today is the first day it was going back up to the 50’s and I am so glad!! I’m curious – do you put your bird feeders in the garage at night? Now that the bears are coming around I imagine you have to? I haven’t seen any yet this year, but my friend about a mile away did, about a month ago, so I know they’re awake. It’s just a matter of time until they visit me and then I’ll have to stop feeding the birds for the summer. I’m holding off for now since they are all nesting – poor little things, it’s been so cold and nasty, I don’t want to take away their food too!!

  13. A great garden tour. I saw a rose breasted grosbeak just today. Of course, not in my little yard, but in a park. I haven’t put in any flowers this year yet. We actually had weather in the 30’s one night recently, so it isn’t too bad that I am late. Have a nice day!

  14. Carole, your azaleas and irises really put on a show. We haven’t seen a bear on our property as of yet, but we do have a population in our county! Happy gardening, everything is lush and beautiful!

  15. Peter and Carols Email

    Our part of Texas is having an amazing wildflower year…..rain at the right time I guess. We had good bluebonnets, but now they have been followed by glorious golden coreopsis and the Indian blanket (gallardia) is riotous all along our highway. It is a sight to see.

  16. dezertsuz

    So beautiful! Even the bear. =) Here I have to worry that the birds will get my blackberries. Last year, I think I got two handfuls, and I hope for at least that this year, but we’ll see. My torenias are bloomed out for now, but they were wonderful! They’ll be blooming again soon, though, I can tell already.

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