EQ7 March Challenge

Every month this year the EQ7 blog is having a challenge.  I decided to participate this time with this one.  The challenge for March is to design a quilt using only two colors, then recolor it with fabrics.  So, I began with some applique blocks, as some day I might actually learn how to do that.  Spring is in the air, so I am calling it Spring Green.  That made the decision on the two colors pretty easy.  Green!


I like the fabrics in soft greens in two shades.  I added purple and yellow.  But, I forgot to change one of the stem sections on the bottom right corner.


Then more purple.


I decided I didn’t like the purple behind the flying geese, it was just too much.


Unfortunately, I uploaded my entry this way with the mistake in the bottom right.  Arrgghh!  I did a second upload and emailed the EQ folks to ask them to delete the mistake.  Here is the corrected one.


Do you like it better with purple corners, or green?

Spring Green 6

That is the fun thing about the program, you can change all kinds of things easily.  You’ll see more of my EQ7 designs as I did the Scrap Dance quilts in it, and I use it for most of my designs.  Step 3 of Scrap Dance posts tomorrow!  Want to start at the beginning and join us?  Click on Scrap Dance Tango for the first post.  You have time to catch up, as we will go to June for the reveal, and post finishes to Flickr for a few months after that.

To see more EQ7 posts and ideas, hop over to Quilt Shop Gal.

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14 thoughts on “EQ7 March Challenge

  1. What fun! I could play with the design all day and never think of needle and thread, but then I’m not a quilter. Leave out the “l”, and that’s me when it comes to crafts. I love seeing yours, though.

  2. Lesley

    I look at one and I like it – I look at the other and I like it – it’s hard to decide as they are both so lovely 🙂

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  4. Rosemaryflower

    They are lovely. I think you should make one of each, then we can decide.
    I hope you are having a lovely day Carole. I am playing with Sarah this afternoon so I am working on my (last years) Scrap Dance. Almost done all of the little blocks, then I want to do some perfect arranging. Gosh, I could make a thousand of these blocks, they are really versatile and sweet.
    Have you had your air conditioning on?
    We have had the up stairs air on, just at night to cool off that level.

  5. Super fun post packed with inspiration. Total #CreativeGoodness and a great way to help EQ Celebrate their 25th Anniversary. I wish you the “Best O’ Luck” in their challenge this month. I think your design is lovely anytime of the year, but absolutely perfect for March.


  6. Melanie

    Beautiful design! I can picture it sewn in a multicolor batik fabric, one that blends from one color to another. :o)

  7. Good Morning Carole! I think this is a marvelous design and personally, I being a purple person, liked your first design with all the purples. LOL. But to answer your real question…I would go with the purple corners and not because of my love of purple. It is because the corner blocks are green and I like to try and offset with a different color most of the time. To me it helps to keep the eyes moving and also keeps things softer.

    I do not remember your mentioning not doing applique. It has been quite awhile since I have done any, I have probably forgotten how….hee,hee….but it is my favorite technique in quilting. So many things are happening in my life, all pretty much good, just going so fast and it seems like I am not getting anything accomplished at all. Ever feel like that…truthfully, I really hope not, because it is just not any fun.

    So, great we get our next clue tomorrow and I actually have not finished my last clue. Sewing machine tension was terrible; the repair man came to the house yesterday and got her all fixed and running smoothly. My oh My, even with all of the cleanings that I did that man got enough lint out of her to stuff a small toy! No joking….so no wonder she finally said enough is enough. Today, I will get them all put together post pictures and maybe even get a post on the blog! Wowsers….watch out I am on a roll now! LOL…. So glad that you do these Mysteries and all of your other projects and posts! I learn a lot from you and have fun writting and talking to you!

    But I had best get busy and get hubby on his way to get Deanna picked up for a fun sew day! Again, I love the applique design quilt and hope that you win! Have a fantastic creative day!

  8. EQ7 is on my “wish list” for future purchase! I like it better with the green cornerstones; 2nd to last photo!! Waiting patiently for the release of the next “clue” in Scrap Dance Tango……

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