Quilted Travel Bag – The Scrappy Project Finish

I finally finished the scrappy project, and it became a travel bag.  It has a wonderful snap frame closure that I purchased from Ghees.  After I finalized the design and ordered the frame, I contacted Linda McGhee and she generously has provided both a coupon for all my readers and a giveaway prize! Read all the way to the end of the post for details.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

I like to carry books with me when I travel, and I designed this bag to have pockets inside and out that will hold a large book, or two!  Or your laptop!

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

You may remember that I started with a mess of scraps, orphan blocks, half-square triangles and odd ball pieces.  You can see the piecing and quilting of these elements in my posts -Scrappy Projects Part One, Part Two, and Part Three.  I decided on the project design in general, and it was going to require all the elements to be finished before assembly.  So, when we left off, I had made the binding and was working on doing the finishing work by hand.  Here’s what you need to do this project.

Body of bag – 24 x 36 inches, bound and finished
Straps – 2 straps 2 x 15 inches each, bound and finished
Pockets – 2 pocket pieces  10 x 16 inches each, bound and finished
Straight Hex Frame 18-inch length

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Begin by turning down one 24-inch edge of the body 2 inches and pin in place.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Stitch down in the ditch on the binding.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Put another line of stitching at the top, about 1/2 inch in, creating a channel for the frame.  Repeat for the opposite side.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Stop stitching at the binding, it is too hard to stitch across that many layers and it isn’t needed.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Next, place the straps below the channel, allowing about 2 inches for stitching, about 7 inches in from either side.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Top stitch in place in the ditch, and across the strap, taking care not to stitch the channel. I usually place an X in stitching through the stitched ‘square’ on the strap for extra strength. Repeat for both ends of both straps.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

On the outside, place one pocket piece below the straps and stitch the sides and bottom, leaving the top open.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

On the opposite end, on the inside, place the pocket below the stitching for the handles.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Topstitch in the ditch on the sides  and across the bottom, leaving the top open.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Because all the edges are finished, the bag is assembled with the seam allowance on the outside, creating a piping look.  So, fold the body in half, meeting the top edges, WRONG sides together.  Pin generously so the binding/piping stays aligned, and stitch in the ditch from the bottom of the bag to just below the channel.  Be careful not to stitch the channel.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, you are ready to insert the frame.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

On the frame, you’ll notice that the ends of the pieces are not the same.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Match up one two-prong end with a one-prong end, and insert the pin.  A pair of pliers is useful to squeeze the pieces aligning the loops for the pin.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Now, insert the frame into the channels, making sure the pin is pointing to the bottom.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Gather the purse body onto the frame.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Using a pair of pliers, align the other end and insert the pin pointing to the bottom.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Redistribute the fullness.  The backing fabric has become contrast detailing.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

You can stop here if you like, the snap frame will hold the bag open when you want it to do so.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

And keep it closed when you need it to stay closed.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

If you like boxed corners, measure two inches in on the corners, aligning the binding seam in the middle.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Sew across at the 2-inch mark.  I added a button for a little detail. Then, tack the corner up by hand.

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Now for the exciting part, you can get a discount at Ghee’s until the end of the month! Take a 20% discount off your entire order of $20.00 or more!  The discount code is  mch316  and is case sensitive. See the new website at www.ghees.com. Code is good through March 31, 2016. I am not receiving any compensation from Ghees, I am just a satisfied customer.

PLUS, one lucky reader will receive a $25 gift certificate to Ghees, so you can get this frame, or anything else you like! Just visit the Ghee’s website, and then come back and leave a comment here.  I’ll draw for a winner late Thursday evening, then announce the winner on Friday’s Scrap Dance Tango step 3 post.  Update – The winner of the gift certificate is Kathy in WV!  Congratulations, Kathy!!

Quilted Travel Bag ~ From My Carolina Home

Have you ever used a snap frame like this?  What might you get with a gift certificate?

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31 thoughts on “Quilted Travel Bag – The Scrappy Project Finish

  1. Doris McCarty

    I love your purse! I have some orphan blocks,I need to try this. I love making bags. I checked out ghees,I really like their pattern for the fabric wallet/purse.

  2. Penny Adkins

    Your bag turned out awesome! I had never seen a “snap frame” but I really like it! I’ve got a long trip coming up and I think I may just have to make one of these for myself! Thanks so much for the tutorial!

    1. Penny Adkins

      LOL! I went to Ghees.com and thought I would like the frame the best…Then I saw “Creating Textures With Textiles”! That just went to the top of my wish list for my birthday!

  3. Gail Rachow

    I love this bag. What are the overall dimension? I really like the snap frame part. The colors are great.

    1. Gail Rachow

      Should have read all of your instructions. I see the dimensions now. Might be a great bag to take on out big trip at the end of the month.

  4. Jennie Rauch

    Oh that turned out cute as can be! Must admit the hodpodge originally had me doubting, but your clever mind made something delightful! Applause, applause!

  5. Susan

    I was skeptical about a bag being made from pieces already quilted and BOUND. It turned out great. I have never heard of Ghee’s before. I like their tutorials and of course the fabric.

  6. Good Morning Carole! You are amazing! This scrappy project has now become an absolute spectacular bag that will be the talk of the town! Just in case no one else mentioned it ( I was awful this morning and did not read everyone’s comments) your measurements for the pockets is missing. Of course, you may have done that on purpose. I have quite a few oddball blocks that have just been tossed here and there and now I am going to start putting them together until I have enough to make your bag. I did go to Ghee’s and look around. She has some of the most beautiful organza colors I have ever seen. I know if I were to win, I would have to get some of each color. I am really getting hooked on making Wreaths for gifts and any time I see something that I think would make a cute or pretty embellishment I have to have it. Thank you for sharing and have a fantastic creative day!

  7. margaret reid

    I just came back from Linda Ghee’s. What a lovely lady. I will be following her. Perhaps you could let her know that her “contact me” email doesn’t work. I have a question I need to ask asap. Can you give me an address for her?
    Thanks Carole

  8. Sharon Schipper

    Wonderful site, I bookmarked it also, did we see her on Nancy’s showing the how-to’s with the zippers? I also did a bag this weekend, impromptu and not nearly as adorable as yours, just an envelope bag, fleece lining with straps and a button/loop closure, to hold my latest tablet, and it also holds more. I didn’t use stabilizers, and it’s saggy, so I may be messing with it further! I think I could undo the slip stitching on the lining and insert stabilizer. Otherwise it was an in-a-hurry solution to carrying around a tablet too big for my purse… I did a very nice totebag years ago, gussets and everything, but it was also impromptu, and no stabilizers. I wish I had known about them then! I watch Nancy’s series on making handbags, and what I want NOW is someone to make a good Miche bag cover pattern that isn’t just for the small clutch size! I think I will do a contact on her site… she may have a solution!

    big hug
    sharon in Colorado

    1. I love the product called In-R-Form PLUS. It is fusible, which is really handy for small projects like bags, has a foam base covered in a tricot type fabric. You can get it online lots of places. I saw Jenny Doan on Missouri Star Quilt Company demo it and ordered some (from Wal-mart.com). Much less expensive than the Annie’s soft n stable. You can get In-R-Form with out fusing also. Pellon makes a similar product. Any of the 3 would give great body to a bag, and a little protection to the screen of your electronic devices.

  9. Deanna Bishop

    Ghees site is nice. I think hers is the first site I ever saw that sold organza and at a great price. I will check out your site in more detail tonight.

    Good morning Carole

  10. Terry

    Love your travel bag…so pretty, and useful!!! Thanks for the link to Ghees…what a great site…her plastic hanging zippers are so unique.

  11. I love your scrap-happy bag. What a great way to use orphan blocks. I didn’t know about Ghees-thanks for the link (and the discount). I haven’t made many bags and part of the reason (excuse?) is I haven’t found hardware and findings that I like.

  12. I love your bag…the backing fabric really sets it off! I really wasn’t too excited about the first 2 posts….I figured you’d come up with something interesting but just filed it away to check later. But by the time you posted the 3rd installment I was hooked. I’ve been waiting anxiously to see what your bag was like and I’ll admit —-it exceeded my expectations. It’s just great—take a bow and give yourself a pat on the back. The orphan blocks in my stash as well as a couple of wallhangings that I’m getting tired of would make great bags…so thank you for opening my eyes to these possibilities. I checked out the Ghee’s website. It’s phenomenal…Great bag patterns and kits…but those cute “donuts” are piquing my curiosity. Thank you for the discount coupon…I plan on using it. Blessings…

  13. Cindy M

    This is truly adorable and I love your color choices! I’m looking at my pile of scraps in a whole new way:) Thanks so much for this pattern!

  14. Karen H

    I haven’t made a lot of purses/bags but really like your quilted travel bag with the snap frame- I thought your instructions were easy to follow- went to the Ghees web site and liked the bag patterns- who knows – I may really like making bags in the future- I know I am going to try and make yours !!

  15. Lisa Marie

    This bag is really clever — I’ve never seen such a thing. The frame and Ghee’s site are all new to me. In fact Ghee’s site had lots of things that were new to me. Should I be lucky enough to win I would probably get the frame because I want to try your bag technique. I also like their selection of poly webbing for tote bag handles.

  16. Betty Harden

    Love your tote Carole. Now I need one of those. If I were so lucky, I would get the frame. I really enjoyed her site. I looked at all of it and it was a totally new site for me. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the tote pattern. Good job, Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now if Mr. Random Generator will pick me, I will be so thrilled.

  17. Love the website for Ghee’s. As you know, I am not a big “bag” maker, but I love what you did with this one. Your “backing” ties it all together as does your binding. Your orphan blocks now look very planned and purposeful. Your photo’s and graphics and instructions are great! I would buy the RFID cloth. I am getting ready to take a trip and would make my sister and I each little “wallets” for our credit cards/passports.

  18. Love your bag! Very functional, and as always, very clear st o by step instructions. Lots of very cool bag findings and zippers on the the ghees website.

  19. cahirasnana

    All I can say is WOW. I love your bag and will hopefully make one for myself very soon. Thank you for such a great tutorial.

  20. Connie Campbell

    What a beautiful tote and a great way to use of leftover blocks! I just may have to make one of these! I would love to get one of the Straight Hex frames! I think I made a large bag with one of their frames years ago and forgot it until I saw your post! Thanks for sharing!

  21. I would buy the frame. I like to try new things. I have been looking for an ironing mat so i might just grab one of those too while i’m buying!

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