Working on a Quilt of Valor

When I was on retreat, I put this top together from leftover blocks from our Safelight Quilts. Since I had enough red and blue, it made sense to use them in a Quilt of Valor. This is the mountain peaks setting of the block. If you’d like this pattern, click on Scrappy Quilts. Needless to say, this would be a great Stashbuster for our challenge, too.

Anyway, even though I have made several of these and bound them without borders, this time I wanted it just a bit larger, so borders were in order. I had this wonderful star fabric in my stash, and just over half of a yard went out with these 3-inch strips.

I added the border to the pieced top on all sides.

Here it is, and the fabric I pulled for the backing. I just got this at Beginnings in February, and counted it as part of my Fabric In. It is 108 inches wide and 2-1/2 yards in length, so I counted at 7 yards in. Hopefully most will go out with this project.

I loaded it on the longarm and decided on a pantograph called Blue Star, which has nice swirls and stars.

I used white polyester Glide thread for the top, with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Looking good.

First row of quilting done. I’ll keep working on this as I have time, hoping to finish it this month.

I need some fabric out, so I put together a basket for our guild’s show coming up in May. A three-yard piece of French General fabric went into the basket along with fleece batting, some books and notions, and an adorable little vintage light up ceramic fabric shop. Sure, you can give it away to help your fabric out totals. The basket was delivered to the show committee last week.

This week I have a bit of sewing time around appointments, and will be working on the Quilt of Valor and some placemats for a MadamSew article. What are your plans for the week?

21 thoughts on “Working on a Quilt of Valor

  1. Rheanna

    I like the borders you added to the quilt.
    This week I am hoping to put borders on a Christmas quilt I am working on for a friend. I also went through my stash and donated about 11 yards of fabric to our church quilting group. It was fabric that I have had for way too long with no plans, so off it goes with a chance for a new life.

    1. It used the backing fabric most efficiently, perhaps leaving enough at the bottom to do another small quilt. Also, I can quilt a larger area with one pass so I can finish with fewer advances of the quilt. Quilting goes faster this way. The pantograph is non-directional.

  2. Julie

    That’s a very pretty panto for a quilt of valor, the border you chose is one of my favorite fabrics. I’m working on a donation quilt this week, dedicated to significantly reducing the box of blue scraps. You know how that goes, even scraps make scraps.

  3. I love that setting for the blocks. I have used the same star fabric on projects and may have a strip or two hanging around in the bins. Today is quilt bee day with the Queen Bees and we are also working on a QOV. I must remember to get some photos of this group project to share on my blog. I can’t believe that I have 3 finishes to show at the bee today. Very unusual. Busy week ahead hear with little hope of sewing. Very full calendar for the next 2 weeks. HUGS my friend and thank you for your posts and all you inspire .

  4. Sherrill

    Really like the QOV red, white and blue!! The setting is great..will definitely have to keep that iin mind next time I’m working on a QOV. I like to make different patterns when I do.

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Love all the work you do for others. Glad you could share the red and blue with QOV. The white background looks like a house or monument to these sleepy eyes! Thanks!

  6. Ginger Michael

    Monday thru Sunday will be focused on the Palmetto Quilt Guild Show. We started set up Monday and show goes Friday thru Sunday. Once this is history I might actually get back to my sewing room and can do a QOV and send out more material in April than I am sure to bring in in March because it’s a show…and there are vendors….You know how it goes.

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