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I have so much paper, stamps, ink and decorative elements for cards that I will not use them up in my lifetime. I do enjoy the hobby and thought it would be nice to make some cards to sell at our quilt show booth. I think that quilters who do not stamp might be interested in some handmade cards with a sewing theme.

I made these three over a week ago, but haven’t been able to get back to the stamping bench since. All the cards are blank inside.

I packaged them with an envelope in a clear plastic bag.

I plan to make a couple of dozen with all kinds of themes like birthday, thank you, and more all occasion like these. The question now is would you be interested in cards like these if you saw them at a show?

What would you think is a fair price? Would you pay $3 for one? What theme would appeal to you the most – all occasion, birthday, thank you, get well, something else?

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  1. Angela V

    They’re cute! $3 is on par with or better than the price you’d pay for a Hallmark card, so they’re priced right IMO. Birthday and thank you would be popular. The all occasions cards could be great to include with gifted quilts, or if you had a card for that purpose, I expect they’d be popular too!

  2. Julie Choate

    I would consider them at a show, especially as I don’t generally make cards but love handcrafted ones. Commercial cards have gone up in price so keep that in mind when pricing yours.

  3. I’m also considering making some of these to sell at our retired teacher craft club booth in the fall. (We raise funds for local classroom grants). I’ll work on designing some then have the group cut them out and assemble. I wondered what you would sell them for and think $3 is a good price, considering how expensive individual cards are at the store. Good luck and keep us posted on how they sell, please.

  4. karenfae

    the cards that your buy at the stores aren’t near as cute and price has gone up so much I rarely buy them – normally that is because I don’t like the sayings on them (too religious) or they just aren’t cute enough. At a show a lot of times you are looking for things that could be used as gifts too so if you have celebrations coming up these just might stand out – the price is perfect

  5. Oh Carole, you make BEAUTIFUL cards. YES, even as a person who makes my own, I would buy a handcrafted card. You do such a wonderful job with your layers and elements, and it is often seeing your work that inspires me to do a little card crafting. Lately I have been very lazy and been buying cards at the supermarket/drug store for $5-7, so I think selling a hand crafted card for $3 at a show is a terrific price. They need not all be “quilting” cards either. HUGS friend

  6. Rosemary B

    Hi Carole, I know, you know I read all of your blog entries. I just do not comment.
    These cards are sweet. Sending cards is a good thing.
    I hope you and hubbs are doing very well.
    All is well here, I am still running my legs off for daddy, and 5 grand kids.
    It is nice to feel Spring attempting to plant it’s feet in the ground.

  7. Mary Ed Williams

    Lovely cards. You are so talented. I don’t think $3 is too much for such clever work. The problem is always people don’t understand or care about the work that is involved.

  8. Cathy Walker

    I would definitely pay $3 for a handmade card. Quilting, birthday, wedding are all themes I would be interested in. Keep them coming!

  9. i also think $3 is a fair price and yes i would probably buy a couple…these days i buy mostly birthday, get well or sympathy cards….they are all lovely carole

  10. Jennie Rauch

    OK! I’m doing something similar, only for our Sr. Center store. Also wondered about pricing, & $3 seems fair to me. I was thinking $5, but unsure. I plan to start with 2 each Sympathy, Get Well, Thinking of You, Birthday & Thanks. Many are pitching in to help keep our beloved center functioning at the preferred level we’ve come to enjoy!

  11. Debbie Myers

    These cards are great! I would definitely buy them at a show and $3 is very reasonable. Birthday, Thank You, Get Well. and All Occasion would be popular I would think.

  12. Darci Marshall

    That’s a great idea! I’d put them more at 5$ each but depends on the audience. I like birthday cards but that because those are the only cards I tend to send. These are super cute cards.

  13. Carol Seaman

    I would gladly spend $3.00 for these lovely cards! Sadly, I’m in Canada and wont’ get that opportunity! Cards that say nothing are priced at $5 & $6 here. Yours are lovely and you can write your own wishes!


  14. YES! I would definitely buy a few. All themes would be welcome. With the price of cards I buy (usually at the grocery store) being $4 to $7, a price of $3 seems reasonable (actually, great). You do wonderful work.

  15. I would be CRAZY interested in them. $3 is more than fair. Could I please place an order today? Lol…I know that I can’t but if you ever decided to sell online, since it’s often difficult to get to a show, I’m sure you’d never have time to quilt or cook or write a blog post again. Seriously, though, if you ever do offer any for sale on your blog keep me in mind. The cards are lovely and I already am thinking of who in my quilting world I’d send them to. Blessings from WV…we’re having a chilly weekend here, hope things are warmer in NC.

  16. liz brown

    I have bought cards at a show. The price was $3.00. I would be interested if you have any left over. I like them. Thanks

  17. AJ

    Beautiful cards. I think you are under valuing your work and at $3, your first customer might buy them all! I have purchased handmade cards for $6 – $7. I would charge a higher price and if they aren’t selling then offer them at 3 for $10.

    Have you thought of making the card look like a quilt block, with a non-quilting message?

    I do send fewer cards than I previously did. I do send them when I cannot be with the person, to either celebrate special occasions or when someone needs a hug.


      I agree that $3 is underpriced, considering these cards are one of a kind and involve a lot of work.

  18. I agree with all that’s been said already. Because of the wording, I think they work great as a friendship card.
    A friend of mine passed away recently. For the last year and a half of her life, I sent her a friendship card every week. I would have loved one of these.

  19. Jean McKinstry

    Definitely, I would be there, and at $3, I consider that a very fair charge, down here, commercial cards go from the cheaper ones, at maybe $3, very plain, not much wording, to expensive ones up to over $8 maybe, I haven’t bought a card for a while, but I looked at some I have been given over the years, and one was $11.99, Yours are always truly special, and a with variety of greetings would be snapped up so fast.

  20. Oh my gosh these are adorable cards. $3 is a steal. I recall buying handmade cards at a craft show, many years ago, for $5 each. Take a look at the price of cards at Target, many are close to $10 each. Seriously, I fear you are under pricing yours. Think of materials, labor to make and labor to sell. Don’t sell yourself short.

  21. They are so pretty! I used to make cards, and recently when unpacking found a whole bunch of my old card making stuff – stamps, etc… It’s always hard to price cards, but I think $3 sounds very cheap! Don’t give them away 🙂 xx

  22. Juana

    $3 is a great price! Any and all quilting themed cards would catch my eye be they birthday or anniversary or sympathy and everything in between. As a quilter, I want to share my love of quilting and all the puns I can come up with to anyone I am sending a card.

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