August in the Garden

Hot days gave way this week to milder temps, which certainly felt better to me. I usually just suffer through August, watching old classic football games to distract me from the heat and looking forward to September. I’m excited about the fair, and a few other things planned for that month. On the veranda, I got three toad lilies from Bullington Gardens, and eagerly await some blooms in September too.

In the garden planter, a pie pumpkin is growing behind some large leaves, suspended off the ground. It is getting close to being ripe enough to pick.

Nearby, another pie pumpkin is on its way.

The tomato harvest continues to be amazing.

On the back of the planter, an acorn squash has been this size for a couple of weeks. It isn’t progressing, but the vine still seems healthy. I know it is getting enough water, so maybe I just need more patience.

More beautiful hydrangeas burst into bloom. I need to cut some of these for the table.

Most of them are some shade of purple now, with some pale white ones as they newly bloom, turning darker as they mature.

A few here and there are a combination of pink and green. Seems like I get these more in latter half of the growing season.

Here’s another one. The green is delicate, but I wish the pink was as silky a color as the purple.

The pinks come out mottled, and I don’t know why.

The little butternut squash seems to have stopped growing, and the vine is shriveled up and brown.

So, I cut it, and took it inside to sit in the window. It may never ripen, but at least it has a chance.

The tomato harvest this week was prolific, with the first several Cherokee purples coming ripe. Yes, this is after I gave half of last weeks basket to Robin, and ate a bunch of cherry tomatoes in salads. The little cherry tomatoes are just so sweet, and I’ll make a tomato corn salad this week to use them.

What is going on in your garden?

16 thoughts on “August in the Garden

  1. Patricia Evans

    Zinnias, rudbeckia, phlox (remarkable not eaten by the deer), the one remaining oriental lily, and Joe Pye Weed in bloom. Dahlias have a few buds and lots of weeds everywhere.

  2. karenfae

    my acorn squash have stayed very small also and I have only one butternut squash on my plant that is staying small too – none of them want to grow – I’m not even sure how you know when they are ready to pick! I think the plants should start to dry up but they are staying green and healthy looking but the squash are staying the same size!

  3. Your purple hydrangeas are always so pretty, Carole! The variety of tomatoes you grow look fun and delicious, too. My tomatoes (just one big tomato and one cherry) are starting to ripen. I’ve got one pumpkin, too – hoping to get at least one more! The cucumbers are giving me lots – I need to find a recipe for some kind of salad made with them.

  4. Julie

    Butterfly bush, milkweed, swamp milkweed, Joe Pye weed, monarchs, mourning cloaks, spicebush swallowtails, & chipmunks. Your tomatoes look scrumptious.

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Long list of things I didn’t know – Toad Lilies, Pie Pumpkins (thought they were all the same!) and I had no idea you could cut Hydrangeas! Your veggies look so good I want to run to the farmers market right now! My mums are cheating and blooming early, I forgot to clip back their buds, but the gladiolas and Cannas are blooming too. Your garden is amazing! Thanks for sharing

  6. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carole, Still behind in a few things but my Red Hat friend sent me this e-mail about Gibbs Gardens having some shows on the PBS station so thought you might want to check it out. I have been wanting to go there for so long and I’m waiting to hear from another friend that likes gardens so hoping the three of us can get together and go up there. I have gotten a lot of info from gardens about different things they have going on but didn’t want to go by myself, to dangerous these days to do anything by myself. Check them out on the PBS station to see when they are on. Ya’ll might like it for a mountain trip sometime. Phyllis

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  7. Jean McKinstry

    Everything is beautiful, from veges to flowers. Love those mottled petals, years ago I had some that were similar.

  8. Connie Jordan

    Carole, I have some peppers, both mild banana and regular green peppers and tomatoes coming on now also. An acorn squash seed sprouted in our compost pile and the plant is huge! It took me until now to figure out what kind of squash it was….do you know how to tell when acorn sq. are ripe to pick?

  9. I came home from the lake and the garden exploded. It is such a mess — a colorful mess — it looks good from the street — but up close, a mess. And I can’t even get around the side of the house to mow the back yard, things are so overgrown. Today I will be tying back sunflowers and pruning back the hydrangea. Things I planted in one spot have grown too tall … a bit of a mess, but this, too, shall pass.

    YOURS is smashing with those glorious purple hydrangea and fabulous tomatoes. I think you will have quite a crop. I’m impressed!

  10. I love looking at photos of hydrangeas, as I haven’t successfully grown them – yet. Yours are beautiful. We’re getting another area ready for veggies in raised beds and pots. Two tonne of river pebbles to move – almost there.

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