Finishing the Miniature Quilt

Today I’ll show the finishing of the miniature fans quilt. When I left off, the little top was fully assembled, pieced with 50 wt Aurifil thread.

Now, how to quilt it was the question. This is the time when many of us just stop and stare, or put it away for later, creating stacks of UFOs. I tend to leave things out and just make myself get to them so I have few UFOs. Answering all the questions of how to quilt it, what to quilt it with, what batting to use, what thread to use is the basis for my Decisions Decisions program. (Small plug here, I am booking now for 2022 – see my Speaker Page for information on all my programs.) I had a batting piece that had a blend of 80% cotton and 20% wool, so that would do. Thread? Had to be black cotton Signature on top with Aurifil in the bobbin. How to quilt was the challenge. Pantographs would be too big, this one needed custom.

I loaded the little quilt on the longarm to stabilize the edges, and then marked a chalk line 1/4-inch in for an edge to quilt to. This will keep me inside the lines so my tiny feathers won’t end up under the binding.

It is much easier to do stitch in the ditch on my domestic machine, particularly on a quilt this small. So after the borders of feathers were done, I took it off the longarm and went to the Brother. First thing was to stitch in the ditch between the blocks. It was easier to stay on the stitching line by sewing very slowly.

On the backside, here is the grid done.

Next was to SID around the fans. This was a lot harder, as the black thread would stand out horribly on those white and bright blocks if I got off line. So I slowed down even more.

Stitch, then one more stitch, then one more stitch, excruciatingly slow.

Before binding, I added large squares folded over into triangles to the top corners as a hanging method. Matching the raw edges in the corners, the binding will cover those up.

Then it was time for the binding. I cut the strips only 2-1/4 for a 1/4-inch wide binding. Test fitting it, it was going to clear the fan points on the cornerstones.

Sewn on and ready for the handwork.

I handwhipped the binding to the back side.

Then, a label is added. This one is one of my pre-printed ones I use for the fair. All labels are covered for competition, so a small one is fine. Later, I’ll add a different label giving credit to Carol Doak as the designer.

There it is, ready to enter in the Miniature Quilts competition at the fair. The quilt measures 11-1/2 inches square. I can’t wait for September to get here!!!

On a side note, I know I said I’d get to the secret project today, but I want to show it here locally first, so it will be Friday before I can share it. I totally forgot that I had made that commitment first, and I need to honor it. So, Friday for sure!

What do you think of the miniature quilt?

25 thoughts on “Finishing the Miniature Quilt

  1. Mary

    Carole, I don’t know how to tell you this but the left hand square, second from the bottom has has its blue point cut off. I know you are entering into a show and I’m sure you will want to know. Otherwise the little quilt is beautiful and so precise.
    Also, it might be just the way the photo was taken.
    Hope you win 1st prize! :))

    1. No, I just pulled it out again and you are right, it is mis-sewn. Argh!! It is too late to change it now as it is fully quilted with SID, so I’ll just have to leave it. I can’t see pulling it all apart to fix it. So, probably no ribbon for this one, but oh well. But it may bug me from now on, now that I’ve seen that.

  2. Linda B

    Lovely indeed! Nice you were able to quilt with the black thread and it looks good on both sides! What a fun fair entry!

  3. Mary Stori

    What struck me the most is how well chosen the background fabric was for this charming little quilt.

  4. That turned out beautifully! Stitching in the ditch can sure be tricky depending on thread color – that’s when I’m glad my machine has a speed regulator. Good luck with your entries in the fair!

  5. Julie

    So precious! A beautiful job. That little fan adds personality, the lady behind it is being coy with her suitors.

  6. Joan Sheppard

    Love everything – the color choice of a black background was so unexpected and PERFECT. Thanks for the tips about the corner triangles for hanging. This is such a lovely quilt. Looks like regular size and I wonder if sometime you would want to make a “big sister” for her. Trying to squeeze in some time to do some “summer fun” quilting just for me.

  7. Melanie

    Very nice, Carole. Worth a blue ribbon, for sure. Good luck on your entry(ies)! Always fun to see what you’re making for entry into the fair. :o)

  8. Sue H

    I think your mini quilt is a showstopper. You used the perfect fabrics. On a side note, how is your orchid? I’ve got 7 or 8 buds on my stem. Nothing opened yet. I really just noticed all this today and it got me wondering about yours. Have a great week!

  9. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carole, Went to the buttonmania site this morning and found several ideas I have bought the supplies for and have forgotten over the years, guess I just needed a jolt to remind me of them. The little girl across the street and her mother want me to show them how to do some crafts and I’m thinking of teaching her how to sew a button on to a piece of material so she can learn how to take care of blouses and then go into embroidery. My mama taught me how to sew the little dish towles with the chores for each day on them while we sat on grandmothers swing, hince my love of swings to this day, my sweet husband always made sure wherever we lived there was a swing for me. While we lived in Altamonte Springs, Fla. He worked for Motorola and traveled and he found a swing made from water skies and it was so beautiful. This little girl is about 8 years old so I want to start her off on easy things so she want become discouraged and quit. Gotta clean up in the kitchen so have to run for now. Phyllis

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  10. This miniature quilt is beautiful. I hope it takes first place at the show.
    My copy of the miniature quilt book as arrived and there are so many terrific designs to choose from. Maybe one of them will be a winter project for me.

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