Snow, Virtual Quilting and Football!!

Two fun things in one weekend, we got a couple of inches of snow on Friday, just in time to hunker down for Wild Card Weekend. Before the snow came, a new visitor came to sample the handouts. Apparently, Oliver has a buddy. The second little guy has been here before, but not as consistently as Oliver. I can only tell them apart by where they choose to eat their treats. I know it isn’t Jack, as he always goes to the other side of the house to munch down his tidbit.

The new, yet unnamed, furry friend took his (her?) morsel to the edge of the driveway.

Oliver tends to stay close, or go to the retaining wall.

Inside is a bit of excitement, the amaryllis is definitely putting up a flower spike.

Another virtual retreat last week with a few bloggers meant I got a lot done. I finished the math that morning for Pachanga, then worked on a To The Nines quilt. If you’d like to visit the other bloggers, here is the list with links to them.
Mary Ellen at Quilt Mouse –
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Brenda at Songbird Designs –
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If you missed part one of Pachanga with the cutting instructions, click HERE. Clues will post twice a month with clue 2 on January 22nd. I’ve laid them out a bit differently than I first thought, so we will finish in June. The clues are broken down in such a way that you’ll have a clue to make progress, but it wouldn’t be that hard to do two at a time. I hope that makes everyone happy, as the poll was pretty close between once a month or twice a month.

Friday, we awakened to the quiet beauty of snowfall. There wasn’t a huge amount, and the roads stayed clear so we could have gotten out if we needed to. But I had planned for a bigger snow event, so we were able to just stay in.

Taking some photos that morning in the dawn light, a junco roots around on the ground for seeds.

A titmouse waits his turn at the feeder in the redbud tree.

Calm and quiet, and cold! A perfect day to get a bit farther with my quilting projects. I put a pot roast in the slow cooker and headed to the basement for the day.

I will definitely be home on Monday working on Pachanga, as I am not as far along as I usually am for the mystery quilt along. I find I am most productive when I have other quilters and sewists to chat with, as it keeps me sewing and not loafing off distracted by other things. So, I’ll be Zooming with a few local friends. I do plan to do more of these soon for readers, probably be later in January. I will plan a Saturday, but it will have to be after playoff season, LOL!!

But today is football all day! For a confirmed football addict, having six games instead of just four this year is a treat. I think this weekend, and next weekend’s divisional championships games are the two best weekends in football. Better than the Super Bowl!

Did you get any snow this weekend? What are your plans for next week?

27 thoughts on “Snow, Virtual Quilting and Football!!

  1. Mary Stori

    How nice that the participants of the virtual retreat all referenced each other blogs….looks like you all had a wonderful relaxing day together. Enjoy playoff football today…..WE on the other hand can enjoy not worrying about our team getting eliminated…..bye weeks are great!!

  2. Sue Hoover

    No snow in southern IL. Rats! I love snow! I plan on sewing up & filling my New Beginning (pin) cushion followed by starting Reindeer Dance table mat. Guess it’ll be a wool applique weekend for me!

  3. What a difference a day makes! Enjoyed all the pics. Do you think Oliver and Oscar will show up in the snow? Maybe you could call the new squirrel Olivia since you already have two named with “O”s.

    Looking forward to seeing your To The Nines finished.

  4. Rita C.

    No snow for us, just gray and cold! I love your snow photos of the birds. I made ham & bean soup over the weekend, working on pricing some vintage inventory. This time of year is a sports enthusiast’s high time, with football and basketball overlapping. I’m a basketball buff (college only). Have a great day.

  5. Beautiful snow photos. We got gloomy damp weather for days and finally today (Sunday) woke up to sunshine. Sewing with a group via zoom is so motivating. I cut my pieces Friday for Pachanga and I hope to get out to my sewing room today and do a bit of clean up. No sports here, but enjoy your teams. I am learning new ways of cooking in my new air fryer oven that got delivered yesterday, so watching some you tube videos and reading lots of posts about how to use it. Enjoy your day!

  6. Cathie J

    The snow looks so pretty. It is wonderful to be able to stay home and just craft. I love the squirrel and bird photos.

  7. No snow lately, but plenty of hoarfrost and fog, which can make for treacherous roads in the early hours of the day. I’ve been working on my Round Robin quilt, and watching your posts on your quilt along 🙂 Enjoy the game!

  8. Mary Ed Williams

    We got no snow, just rain. And more rain. And a deck frozen to skating possibilities.
    So when will there be another virtual sewing day? I am willing to pay for my part.
    Mary Ed

  9. Happy football weekend to you, I know you love it! I am looking forward to pachenga, but I think I’ll put it on hold until I get a few more things done here, and I can really look at the stash and make a plan…will it be bright scrappy, high contrast or something else….this morning I am finally starting my next border, after I mix all the rectangles up so they are more random. 🙂

  10. Jo Anne Seccurra

    Usually by now we have 15 inches of snow on the ground and we can cross country ski. We just have a smattering of old snow that has turned solid as a rock. I love how you seek out the beauty,,,in newly fallen snow, wildlife, the amyrllus, the snow, football and of course… quilting! Rock on!

  11. Gretchen Romanelli

    I do love a small snowfall. Everything pretty and white but doesn’t impact travel.
    I have a resident red squirrel who loves raw peanuts. I put out a few each morning never knowing when he will show up. I am working from home with a view of the birdfeeders and deck. He prefers to chew off the shell and take only the nut “home”. He will sit on outside table waiting for me and chitters if displeased. No other squirrel ever gets one. He does like sunflower seeds and seed cakes too.
    I am not good at keeping up with BOMs but will try to make a small version of Patchanga. Looks manageable. Lots of size options. I appreciate that.

  12. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Your snow is beautiful! I really want to see some of that here this year! We keep getting threats, but so far nothing that has stuck, or really could see that well. We will see what tonight and tomorrow bring! Have fun stitching away Monday and enjoy your football today. My playoff will be Monday night at 7 central!!

  13. so I have a bit of time to get my cutting done if i’m doing the mystery…….I’ll see how I go…….
    the snow looks pretty………..happy stitching……..

  14. I love your little buddies. My mom used to have Chippy, a little chipmunk you could see from the breakfast room. She left peanuts and other treats for him. When Chippy appeared with a girlfriend we all celebrated. She had babies and then decided to leave for the free life and never returned to Chippy. sigh….

  15. It has been football and snow at our house this weekend, too. We usually see juncos when it snows here, but I didn’t notice them yesterday. They are such a pretty bird! Hope you’re enjoying your sewing day!

  16. Susan Nixon

    We had a bare dusting in the dark Friday morning – gone by sunrise. I was not unhappy with that. On the other hand, friends in TX have six inches!

  17. Joan Sheppard

    The photos are wonderful! You have a good eye for this. Not many birds out here – but I could do with a few less geese! Thundering hordes! Looked in on the other quilters – thanks for sharing! Kids are still e-learning at home so not getting much sewing done. Kindergarten downstairs, 2nd grade upstairs. Getting a workout going up and down to supervise and bring supplies (paper, pencils, snacks.) This too shall pass. LOL

  18. I see many people talking about virtual retreats. I need one of these! From Originally from Cleveland, so it is hard not to be a Browns fan. Currently, I live in the Columbus area, so College Football NAtional CHampionship. GO Bucks!

  19. I love that you know your squirrels! I also watched football this weekend. Heinekie did a great job for WFT. He was fun to watch and the Browns/Steelers game last night was a total beat down.

  20. Rosalind Martz

    Loved seeing Oliver and his new buddy. The juncas haven’t been coming to our porch as we haven’t had much snow. Only cold temps and a chilling wind.

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