Scrap Dance Pachanga

The Scrap Dance Pachanga Mystery Quilt Along is over. Thank you for quilting along! If you missed it, the pattern will be available on My Patterns page soon.

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33 thoughts on “Scrap Dance Pachanga

  1. Pat Semeraro

    I’m excited to dive into my fabric and get ready to start this new quilt. Maybe I’ll put some lively dance music on while I dig! I love all the size options you have provided also. Thanks Carole! 💃


    This looks fun with the bright colors and then one color family will be nice. I am slow but will follow along. Last month I finished The Twist top, now to send it to my friend for quilting.

  3. Patricia Evans

    No new QALs for me, I have to finish some of the older ones. Your bright Salsa colors are very appealing to me, though. I’ll watch from afar, I’m impressed with the dancer being able to dance in those high heels.

  4. I tend to overcomplicate things, so I have a question. In selecting scraps for each size, should a variety of colors be included in each scrap set? I really do like the theme and the colors!

  5. Linda B

    Hoping to sew along and sounds perfect to offset cloudy days outside! Thanks too for all the size options, Carole!

  6. I love those fabrics. Scrap Dance Pachanga Mystery QAL is going to be loads of fun. I’m looking forward to seeing your quilt come together, as well as all the beautiful quilts the participants make.

  7. Carol Preston

    I’m making the table topper in red, wt, and blue. Should any consideration be given to which groups of squares are red? Or blue? I’m thinking those that may mathematically be used together should be one of each? (2.5” and 5”) Let me know IF you wish. Carol

  8. thedarlingdogwood

    So excited for this mystery! I have not decided my fabrics yet, I will probably wait a few weeks before I start. Love your brights!!!!!

  9. Joan Sheppard

    Love the cha cha and I was with them till the double side step – almost fell off my orthopedic shoes! Looking forward to this one since I usually make soft color baby quilts or mud color dog quilts! Get some zip out of the winter blahs.

  10. Oh….wow! With being sheltered in place for so long, I’m ALL JAZZED UP by this delightful music and the color pallet. I feel like George Clooney just waved at me from my front yard!!! (it does not take much these days)

  11. Even with quite a few quilt projects on my plate I have decided to join along!!!! I was delighted to see the table top option and choose that. So just to clarify, I need 8 different fabric choices ? or 4 in scraps and 1 (or 4) in the different size of background fabric under the scraps. Then 1 fabric for background yardage 1/2 yd for table top. TY Carole

    1. The scraps are just in sizes, mix those prints up.  The top chart has all you need to cut.  The bottom chart is additional information, not additional yardage.  The background yardage given in the bottom chart should be enough to cut what is in the cutting chart.

      1. Have a wide variety of scraps cut for my blocks. When I look at a piece, I try to get the biggest piece out of it, then I might get one strip of one of the smaller sizes too. 🙂 All cut and shared on the Facebook group. 🙂

  12. Susan Nixon

    I should only have that much energy to still be able to dance like that. LOL What a great visual for the fabrics you’ve picked, and I look forward to seeing how it works out.

  13. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Those colorful, spicy foods make me hungry! LOL I will have to raid my stash to see what I can find. Maybe I can at least make a table topper if not something larger! Thanks for all the hard work on this, Carole!

  14. wolf3349

    got lots of scraps and 5 inch squares already cut to size. Should help use up some of my scraps. Thank you

  15. Irene

    Good morning Carole,
    I am wondering – would this look ok if instead of using one fabric for the background, I used several different fabrics fo the same color (i.e. use three different dark blues?)

    1. If your dark blue background scraps are really close in color, hue and value, it would probably be OK, as long as the contrasting scraps are a high contrast in value like very bright or light. But if you can see a scrappy difference between the blue prints, and your contrasting scraps are close in value it will overshadow the overall pattern and the secondary design. Hope that helps.

  16. Jill Josephs

    When you say navy and cheddar:
    Is one colorway the scraps and the other the background? Or are the two colorways in addition to the background?

  17. Irena

    I like This Carole. Will make the table topper. I have some. Scraps as have given my grand daughter a whole heap, Maybe she can join in the fun.

  18. Trish P

    I “found” a box of blue fabric scraps in the bottom of my closet today. Now I know what I’m going to do with them! I’ve been wanting a blue & white quilt for a while… Can’t wait to see how this progresses 🙂

  19. Sue Hoover

    I’m in! I found a pretty gray background and am thinking maybe some dark purple scraps to go with it. Then I saw the picture above with navy & cheddar …. ooo! la! la! I’ll figure it out and see you for the first sewing clue!

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