Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 2

It’s week 2 of our Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along (#AutumnJubilee2020), and the second row of the row quilt will surprise you!  For those who were on my Facebook live event earlier in September, you got a hint of a fabric to have in your stash for the quilt along.  This is the week we will use that tiny leaves print I told you about. I have put two fabric  ideas (affiliate links) on my sidebar that would work well if you don’t have anything in your stash for this row.

The row for today is a line of trees in full fall foliage.  You’ll need the following pieces cut for three blocks-
Fall leaf print  – three 6-1/2-inch square, nine 4-inch squares
Background – nine 4-inch squares, six 3-1/2-inch squares, six rectangles 5-1/2-inches x 3-1/3-inches and four sashing strips 3-1/2-inces x 12-1/2-inches
Tree Trunk Brown Print – three rectangles 2-1/2-inches x 3-1/2-inches

Begin assembly by matching up the 4-inch leaf prints with the four inch background squares and make half square triangles.  See my post on Chain Piecing HSTs for detailed instructions. Square up to 3-1/2 inches.  Arrange your elements in this configuration.

Sew the HSTs together on either side of the center section, and one side of the top and bottom rows by chain piecing, then lay out again.

Sew the rows next.

Then finish the block assembly.

Make three.  Press seams well, the direction isn’t important.

Add your sashing strips to complete the row.

And here we are.  DO NOT sew the rows together yet.  There is more to come between in the finishing.  Download the pdf for this row – AJQA Tree Row

If you missed the stars rows, click on Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along Week 1.

Today’s giveaway is a Madam Sew Wool Press Mat!  These are really super for all pressing, giving quilt blocks nicely flat seams and sharp edges.  Leave a comment below, then click on the Rafflecopter icon to enter.  US Shipping Only.

This tree row reminds me of our beautiful fall foliage.  Do you like the tree row?  Are the leaves changing color in your area?

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86 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 2

  1. Julie

    My poor internet connection doesn’t allow me to participate in live events. I’m so fortunate to have a similar leaf fabric in my autumn collection – it’s like it was waiting for just this moment! I kept looking at & putting it back, ‘nope, not yet, not the right pattern.’ The right pattern has arrived!

    1. Joy

      I love the trees! When I read the description I wondered how you’d achieve trees with fall foliage, and you outdid my imagination.

  2. I purchased the “end of the bolt” when I went shopping for my “small leaf print”, so ended up with nearly 2 yards. My guess is I will use it for another aspect of this quilt along “later on”. The hardest part now is to decide on which back grounds to use. (All scrappy of course!) 🙂 Be well. (Only my Japanese maple is changing, and it is right below my sewing room window)

    1. Gretchen Romanelli

      I do love fall colors and a tree in fall leaf colors is perfect. There are so many fall shades. Can use different nature inspired colors for each tree of the row. And different backgrounds like another person commented.

  3. socarmela

    I absolutely love the tree row! I miss the change of season a lot. I live in Florida currently and it’s summer all year here. 😢

  4. Mary D.

    Love the fabric choice for the trees! Awesome! Thanks for the easy tree pattern. Here in Southern Wisconsin, the trees are in early fall colors. Where I live, lots of golds, greens & reds. Always beautiful!

  5. This is looking so fun! I’ve had a crazy couple of weeks and haven’t even cut into any fabric yet, but am keeping track of the steps. Thanks for the quilt-along, Carole!

  6. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I’ve been tooling at wool pressing mats. The colors in your example quilt are totally saying FALL!!!

  7. Kathy E.

    What a perfect choice of fabric for the trees! Yes, our trees in the MIdwest are now changing and they are beautiful!

  8. Loris Mills

    These trees really look gorgeous in that beautiful fall fabric! They will make a lovely row. And a wool mat is great help in sewing them. I love wool mats. Thank you for the fun!

  9. Gail Griffin

    Love the tree block! In Las Vegas, a few trees have decided it is fall and they are losing their leaves, but with the temps still in the mid 90s, most trees are still green.

  10. Your Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along is so beautiful and LOVE your fabric! Hey, I just found some snap frames I’ve been wanting for cross stitch at Madam Sew – yeah!

  11. kattails

    Lovely block…I see many possibilities for its use. I’m so excited to see how this quiltalong plays out! Thanks so much for all you do!

  12. Debbie Miller

    Not only is that a beautiful fall tree, it would work really well for the upcoming Christmas season! Thanks for the great pattern!

  13. Barb K

    The leaves are just starting to change here in midwestern Nebraska–always a beautiful time of the year–Autumn decorations are some of my favorites!!

  14. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    This is a great tree pattern!! Our leaves in AL are starting to change and with the rain and wind for today and tomorrow, there may be more on the ground than in the trees!

  15. The tree row is fantastic. They remind me of the beautiful trees that we have around our house this year. I told my husband that I think the trees in out yard are the prettiest they have ever been.

  16. LaLani James

    I would never have thought to pair the small Fall-ish leaves with what I typically think of as a pine tree shape, but it works!

  17. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, I think the fabric you chose for these blocks is amazing! I will have to go and search my fabrics, yet, I am fairly certain that I do not have any Fall leaf fabrics on hand that would work. Which means a great shopping trip! LOL. I am laughing at myself also, so many odd things have been happening that I still have not been able to get my first set of Star Blocks all sewn together. No big deal, it will all happen as it is meant to happen. Thank you so much for designing and sharing another fun and lovely quilt for us!! Have a marvelous day!

  18. Joan Sheppard

    This is like grade school where we started a project in the art room and had to wait until the next week to finish the project. Love that we are all doing this together miles and even countries apart.
    Thanks for doing all this.

  19. Lisa England

    Your trees are beautiful! I love trees on quilts. Here in KY the trees are looking more colorful every day.

  20. What a cute block! I’ve never seen in non-green fabric before. What a surprise!

    Here in San Diego it is rare for leaves on trees to change color. We went to MA one year to see the color change but we were too early. Hopefully that will be something we so once it is safe to travel for fun!

    Thank you for organizing this – and for the chance.

  21. I LOVED The Book Woman of T. Creek! One of my absolute favorites! I still have lots of Fall fabrics & I think it’s time to use more of them up! Fun piece to start..Thanks

  22. Debbie Miller Meyer

    I absolutely love the trees. I still need to put my stars together and dashing. I’m a little behind due to autumn jubilee running at the same time I have a craft festival I’m entered into in Ohio. I’ll catch up though!!

  23. Dian Hoffman

    Great use of fall fabric for the tops of the trees. Can’t wait to get started on the latest row. Fun for sure. Here in the upper Midwest the leaf turning is amazing. The dry summer helped the colors along and with clear skies and warm temps(84 today), the weather is perfect for leaf lookers.

  24. Melanie

    Yes, I like the tree row very much. Perfect choice of fabric! The trees are turning here in southern OR and it’s always a wonderfully chilly and colorful time of the year. I love it!

  25. Janet T

    We don’t have four seasons here, like easterners do. Winters are mild and in mid July it gets hot until November, sometimes later. There aren’t any trees that change color around here, that I know of. Pictures of all the fall colors are beautiful. It must be wonderful to experience them, and the cool weather.

  26. Donna Flanery

    Our leaves in central California don’t change dramatically like they do in some areas of the country but I do love Autumn. Also love this tree pattern. Looking forward to more pretty blocks.

  27. Michelle B

    This looks like a fun quilt-along, Glad I found Week 1! Would love to be the lucky winner of the wool pressing mat, I’ve heard they are wonderful!

  28. Joni

    Love this block! I cannot wait to get cutting and stitch this next row up. This is so much fun.
    In Oregon, we have already lost our big maple tree leaves, but the vine maples are really colorful right now.

  29. Janine Allen

    Cute block! I’ll have to sort through my stash. I think most of my “leaves” are too big. And I have the Madam sew wool pressing mat. Love it1 Thanks.

  30. Julie Kennedy

    Your leaf fabric is terrific, perfect for those tree blocks! I will have to see what I have in my stash that is similar.

  31. Susan Nixon

    Those certainly resemble the trees in my neighborhood this year. Not the prettiest colors here, though my friend on the other side of town, 800 ft. lower, has some pretty ones. Thanks for step 2.

  32. Pam

    I love your trees! The fall colors here is Wisconsin are gorgeous, and I would love to make something that captures that and reminds me of sights and the air and the whole feeling of fall. Thank you for this tutorial. Now I need to search my fabric stash . . . Thanks also for Autumn Jubilee. I love this celebration and reminder of the simple ways that we can all live a beautiful life.

  33. I love the tree blocks and also the wool pressing pad. Have been wanting one of those, but have not indulged, yet. Here in So. NH, the tree are about half turned, usually about this time we are pretty much in full “bloom!” We’re in a pretty severe drought though, so maybe that has something to do with it. The row along is fun, even though I am a bit behind, I intend to catch up this week. Love fall and all your great projects!

  34. Not to be one of those people, but this tree is shaped like a pine and pines don’t turn colors in the fall. (I live in a pine forest.) But that actually works out better for me because I have plenty of dark green scraps that I can use for these lovely pines. 🙂

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