Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 1

Today we begin the quilt along for our Autumn Jubilee Quilt for 2020!! (#AutumnJubilee2020)  I really like this design, and I hope you do too.  This year, it will be a mystery, but each week will have a reveal.  How can I do that, you ask?  Read on!!

This year, the Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along is a Row Quilt!  I have designed each row to use up scraps, and go together nicely.  This week, we do the top and bottom rows, because I know you are excited and need a week’s worth of sewing.  So dig out your 2-1/2-inch squares and make 10 sets of four patches.

Then using 3-inch squares, make 80 half Square Triangles.  Fabric requirements are in the download below.  See my post on Chain Piecing HSTs if you need detailed instructions.

Square your units up to 2-1/2-inches.

Assemble ten Four-Patch Stars in rows.

Press seams all in one direction.

Cut 8 spacing strips 2-1/2 x 8-1/2-inches.

Assemble two rows of five stars with four spacers per row.  Rows One and Five done.  Download the pdf for your sewing room – AJQA Week 1

The quilt along will post on Fridays for five weeks.  For next week, we’ll do row 2, then row 3, then row 4, and in the fifth week, we’ll assemble the top and finish.

Today’s Giveaway is the Hobbs Tuscany Bundle of 3 Throw size battings! You’ll get your choice of fiber contents.  Choose cotton, cotton wool blend, 100% Wool or Silk.  Shipping in US only. We will have to limit this to continental US entrants due to international shipping delays and customs issues, and increased costs, associated with COVID.

Please review the Autumn Jubilee Rules on entering.  Then, leave a comment on this post, and click on the Rafflecopter icon below to enter.  This drawing is open until Oct 8.

International entries will win two of my patterns if drawn before a US winner of the Hobbs Batting.

Are you excited for Autumn Jubilee’s Quilt Along?  Do you like the idea of a scrappy Row Quilt?

We currently have 12 people who have asked to join our facebook sharing group, but have not answered the questions.  If you are one, please edit your application to answer the questions and agree to the rules so we can approve you!

152 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along – Week 1

  1. Christine Y

    Thank you Carole for hosting this event once again. I look forward to it every year, now off to dig through my scraps.

  2. Pat Semeraro

    I love the look of row quilts, but have never made one. So glad you have chosen this format, thank you!

  3. Gail S

    These blocks look great! I hope I can find time to participate as I feel this will be a wonderful quilt full of autumn color.

    1. Gretchen Romanelli

      I love fall colors and the block you chose is easy to make. Your post and Autumn challenge inspires me to get out the fall colors. Scraps are encouraged to be used.

  4. Shari Kersey

    A row quilt! I’ve always wanted to do one, so now is my chance. Thanks for all of the work you have put into this.

  5. I’ve purchased license and drew an elk tag in Wyoming…. eeekkkk! Alas, I’ll be leaving my sewing machine behind for 2 weeks! I Never do that! I will be Back!!!! And looking forward to the Jubilee Sew Row Along! I’ve got LOTS of 2.5″ squares to incorporate into a scrappy beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I have a bucket of fall color scraps and it will be perfect for the ‘fall’ stars! Out of all the quilts I’ve made, I’ve never made a row quilt, so this is a FIRST for me. Looking forward to having a new fall quilt when the Jubilee is over! Thanks!!

  7. Pamela Papazidis

    I just found your site from Happy Cottage Quilter. Looks like fun. This will be my first QAL. So excited to join in. Now to the scrap drawers to see what I can use.

    1. Sharon Swearingen Tusa

      Question. Will the same background fabric be used for all rows? Trying to ascertain how much I need for this project.

      1. You can use all the exact same background, but I used several cream prints. Also, later you will have a choice to use more background or another idea. Can’t tell you all about that yet. If you’d like to do it all in one fabric, 1-1/2 to 2 yards should cover it.

  8. Mary C

    Love the idea of a row quilt; this time will get it finished….or at least the rows will be ready to put together! 🙂

  9. I always love Autumn Jubilee and definitely plan to quilt along! I might try a different color scheme this year, though – I’ve been wanting to play with cheddar and dark blue. And I love your 4 patch stars! Thanks, Carole!

  10. Pat G

    Love your blog. Look forward to your posts! Love the pics of the birds and other wildlife that you post. Pleas keep up the interesting narrative and pictures.

  11. Mary B de Maille

    I’ve not done a row quilt so this will be fun and goodness knows I have lots of fall colored fabrics. I love this batting especially the wool

  12. jesusnowand4

    I wan’t going to do the quilt a long until I saw the stars! I’m in! I’m such a sucker for stars!!!

  13. Looks like fun, Carole,
    Happily I have boxes of 2 1/2 and 3 1/2” squares cut at the end of projects over the years – I cut a few squares and or strips to avoid having a heap of scrap fabric or putting very small pieces back on the shelf.

  14. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    I love stars, and the scrappy row quilt sounds like fun, though I don’t have a lot of fall colors in my stash! Hmmm, may have to hit up the LQS!!

  15. Betty Cruikshank

    I have collected a lot of autumn fabrics and scraps. It’s time to start using the fabrics. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Oh my, looks like a beautiful ROW quilt. I love your stars and Fall fabrics. Total #CreativeGoodness. I need to dig thru my stash to see if I have enough Fall Fabrics or if I NEED to go shopping. LOL

  17. Marcia in TX

    I am so glad this is a row along. I made a row for a raffle years ago and love the look of them. Thank you.

  18. Joan Sheppard

    Looks fun! Spring and Autumn are pretty short term in Chicago, about 2 days, so have never made a fall quilt. This one looks very nice! Thanks.

  19. Mary Ed Williams

    Gracious, girl, you are exhausting me! Just now getting the last mystery quilt put together! When do you sleep?

  20. Tina Witherell

    I’ve always wanted to make a row quilt but just have not “gotten around to it”! Looking forward to this one.

  21. Sharon Vrooman

    I need a break from sorting out this estate donation. Will be stitching these this weekend. Thank You for the Autumns sharing.

  22. A big YES to both questions 🙂 and this scrappy star looks like a great start! I’m in the midst of a couple of things here but I hope to join in. I’ve the Autumn Jubilee photo and link up on my blog page and am looking forward to all the inspiration. Thank you, Carole!

  23. Jennie

    Looking forward to this row quilt. going to start make my 4 patch blocks. Thank you for your blog. really enjoy following along.

  24. Susan C Quinn

    I’m excited to do this! Row quilts are my favorite kind of mystery! I’m not a huge fan of sampler quilts but I love row quilts ❤

  25. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, We made it back just in time for your spectacular Autumn Jubilee!!! I am delighted to begin looking through my precut two and half inch squares and see if I have any in the right color combinations and then go look in my scrap bags. I have only participated in one other Row Along and it turned out fabulously, which I have no doubt that your Mystery Row Along will turn out to be a gorgeous quilt! Thank You for all of your hard work in setting up for this fun event!! Have a great day!

  26. Susan Nixon

    Great beginning! I DO like the row along idea – it has sustained popularity over time, and I like it better than sampler layouts. I’m too much of a symmetry lover. =)

  27. Sharon Schipper

    Beautiful. I’m moving next few weeks but tempted to jump in. Sadly probably not set to sew for a month or so. But this is the first fall I can display the leaf table runner and the completed cornucopia panel I bought from you several years ago! Sharon in Colorado

  28. Debbie Miller

    I have been sorting and ironing my scraps for several days and this will be the perfect pattern to start using them! Love the stars and thanks for this years Jubilee!

  29. KatieQ

    Thank you for hosting the Autumn Jubilee again this year. Autumn is such a special time of year. It’s great to have a way to celebrate it.

  30. Thanks for hosting this event. I am new to the blog and your Jubilee as well. I am really looking forward to celebrating this season in a new way! This mystery quilt looks like great fun. I am a novice quilter but your instructions make this sound easy!

  31. LaLani James

    I am a new follower of your blog! I was delighted to see that you are a Bonnie Hunter fan too as am I. Planning to make your yummy pumpkin bread this week! This looks like a fun mystery sew-along! Thank you!

  32. Cocoa Quilts

    Thanks for this great event. I was looking at the top and bottom rows and thought I might need to use this for a runner! It is perfect.

  33. Paula

    I love the look of your autumn stars. I normally don’t do mystery quilts until they are revealed, so I can see if I like the quilt. I might break my rule for this one.

  34. Nanci Cartwright

    This is my first time even knowing about your Autumn Jubilee and it looks like fun, especially during such a somber year. As someone who has tons of leftover fabric from quilt making, I’m definitely up for a scrappy row quilt design.

  35. Always excited for Autumn Jubilee every year. Have been sick, and not sewn any quilt blocks lately. Hoping to make some of your projects this year.

  36. Oh goodness, my comment email address and Rafflecopter email are not the same. So, I’ll try now to comment with the same address. ‘Sorry about this 🙂

  37. Angela Clopton

    I am excited to join in on the Autumn Jubilee, this will be my first year to participate. I look forward to making the mystery autumn quilt. 🙂

  38. Catherine B

    I like the the 4 patch stars in the Autumn colors. cutting and sewing all that will probably take me more than a week. Work in the daytime! We’ll see if I can keep up.

  39. Becky Westbrook

    I’ve never done one of your sew alongs. This is the first time I’ve heard about it. Your star block is speaking to me. I can’t sew much or cut much fabric due to a torn rotor cuff but I’m hoping to do a little and maybe finish it up slowly.

  40. Melanie

    I’m ready! Row quilts are my favorites, and what’s not to like about fall colors and using scraps from other fall projects? Would love to try the silk batting; sounds luxurious!

  41. Susan Salo

    This looks like a fun one for sure! I’m really starting to feel fall. I haven’t made a row quilt before.

  42. Nancy Jo Daugherty

    My goodness, you really did find (design) a quilt along. I do have some 2 1/2 –inch squares and 3 –inch that are sitting on the ironing board just waiting for being put to use. The colors are going to be weird I think so will just have to see what happens. Nancy

  43. Donna Flanery

    I just found your mystery quilt a long and am so excited to get started. What a great way to use up some of my scraps. Thanks for the opportunity to join your group.

  44. Julie Kennedy

    I’ve been thinking I should make a new quilt in autumn colors. This looks like the perfect project!

  45. Very exciting indeed! I always enjoy seeing your tablescapes and you’ve even tempted me with the QAL (I’ve never made a Row Quilt) although the last thing I need is another project, LOL! Going to go through the scrap bins anyway and see if it’s possible to do it. Great prize package too — have been wanting to try a wool and cotton batting.

  46. Kathy E.

    Oh, I love stars and any project that allows me to use scraps! I may be using this block to make a fall table runner…i need a new one!
    duchick at gmail dot com

  47. Barb K

    I do like scrap quilts!! Thanks for the chance at the batting–would be excited to win that!

  48. lee

    The Jubilee is exciting – limited time with my work but I am going to choose which to do! Thank you for hosting this fun!

  49. Joni

    Woo Hoo! The start of Autumn Jubilee! I appreciate all of the background work that goes into this amazing festival that you put on every year, Carole. I love the idea of a row quilt. I’m pulling my pre cut squares now to make it scrappy.

  50. Sandi

    I just found your Blog so will be starting a little late. Hopefully I’ll have them ready by Friday. Thanks for running this.

  51. Pam S

    I love scrappy quilts! And row-alongs are great because of the classic look and the opportunity to speedily change piece repeated blocks. Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!

  52. Donna Jay

    I have just found your Autumn Jubilee Quilt Along! Looks like I better start looking thru my fabric scraps!

  53. Camille

    Row quilts are fun! I have an overflowing box of scrap squares so this project will help me use what I have been saving.

  54. I really am very excited for Autumn Jubilee’s Quilt Along. I think the idea of a scrappy row quilt is wonderful. I am currently making a crazy quilt for my 1 month old granddaughter and cannot wait to give it to her at Christmas.

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