Quilting for Hands 2 Help

Hands2Help is an annual charity quilt drive hosted by Sarah at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  I’ve been a participant for several years, making quilts in various sizes as needed.  Two years ago, my own charity drive for the Carolina Hurricane Quilt Project was a recipient of quilts from Sarah’s event.  This year, it came up while I was working on other projects, but with the lockdown I could sneak in a quick quilt using one of those darling ABC panels I love so much.  I pulled one out, loaded it on the longarm and got to work.

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I used white, all cotton Signature thread on top and bobbin, with Warm and Natural batting.  I always get distracted with looking for words with these panels.  The Jaguar has jars of jam and jelly. Is that a jungle on the wallpaper?

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

OK, stop playing, and finish this up.  The pantograph is a light density cloud-like pattern with gentle curves.

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

In just a short time, the quilting was done.

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I took it off the frame, now to trim and finish.

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

Binding was done all by machine, stitching to the back first, then folding to the front.

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

All done working around other projects in just a couple of days.  See the rhinoceros wearing a robe and the raccoon with the quail?  They have raspberries on a quilt.  I know, I just can’t help it, LOL!!!

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

On the back, I used this darling Bunnies by the Bay fabric in the same colors.

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

All done and ready to ship.  It is a great size for a toddler, 29 x 42.  I sent it out yesterday.

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

I also sent this baby size Migrating Geese Quickstep Quilt.  I made it some time ago and it has sat in a closet since.  Time to wash it and put it to use.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

Both quilts went to Little Lambs.  By rolling them tightly, I could stuff both into a flat rate envelope.

Shipping Hands2Help Quilts at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

A wonderful reader, Nancy, offered to sell me a few more of these panels, and I’ll get those soon.  So, I’ll be able to do a few more.  I still want one just for me, LOL!!

One more note, thank you to Amanda Ranck and Kathe Howe, your placemats arrived!!  I don’t have an email addresses for you, Amanda, but know they made it in time for donation to MOW later this week or early next week.  Thank you!

What are you quilting this week?

Charity Quilting at FromMyCarolinaHome.com

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22 thoughts on “Quilting for Hands 2 Help

  1. I love those alphabet panels too. They are so much fun to read but at the moment I don’t have anynone to read them too! I have one waiting though when the time comes! Both quilts turned out nicely.

  2. How much fun to work with those panels! They do make a quick quilt. Great for eye-spy moments. I just love that bunnies by the bay fabric. They look like little islands to me. This week…finally got to my sewing room on Tuesday after dinner. I am doing the TWIST, king size of course. I love seeing how various fabric choices make the “twist” pop.

  3. jesusnowand4

    I bought one of those panels on ebay and made it for my new grandson! I made his name with paper piecing blocks and made another row for the bottom. I loved it! They are so stinking cute!!!

  4. Loris Mills

    Such sweet quilts for such a worthy cause! Thanks for showing that envelope too. I’ve been looking for different ways to send quilts.

  5. Absolutely adorable! front and back 🙂 I use to do quite few panel children’s quilt, since I am strictly a hand quilter they never whipped up so quickly – the advantage of machine quilting. The Migrating geese is lovely too. I am working on my Capital T quilt – just finishing up hand quilting it (queen size) then finally to the binding.

  6. Nikki Moshier

    I have adored that panel forever! Never put two and two together and realized that it is rather like an I Spy quilt. Now I am off to see if I can find a panel, lol. I am trying to get a few tops finished for Sarah project also, in between mask making.

  7. That panel and the bunny fabric…darling together! I am going to sandwich my HST table topper and my summer quilt from two years ago this weekend, then do a quick meander on the topper, and do some free motion practice on the other, but after I sew my May BOM’s, which have not gotten past go, even though I cut one out on May 2!

  8. Joan Sheppard

    This panel just makes me giggle. I want a couple (and might actually have one hiding somewhere.) I was going to cut the letters of my grandson’s name and frame for over the crib. Never happened. But I was just thinking that maybe I can use it myself. Cut the letters apart by row and make a pocket storage for the back of the closet door. Small pockets for a lint brush, cedar chips, clothes pins, like a “junque” drawer but pretty.

  9. I love that panel, too – they’re so fun to look at, and make a wonderful donation quilt! Your Migrating Geese quilt is a really neat design! Thanks for linking to the original post – I enjoyed seeing how you made it.

  10. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, This is another adorable quilt for a fabulous cause/charity! You just made me smile and giggle as I was reading your descriptions and I was picturing in my mind of you quilting and talking out loud as you were catching all of the hidden clues! You now have me wanting one or two of these panels to make baby quilts with. I am so delighted that Nancy offered to sale you some more of the panels because when I see a friend enjoying something, I always hope that they get to continue in that pleasure as long as possible!! The other quilt that you donated is also a great baby quilt! Plus, thank you for sharing the information about the free classes on Bluprint. I will go and see what is offered and hopefully learn something new! Then again, with the way my computer is behaving, I am having trouble even running videos. It just needs a complete overhaul. LOL. Alrighty then, I enjoyed your post very much today and appreciate your sharing! Have a marvelous day!!!

  11. Sharon Vrooman

    I’ve used that panel before – one in the green and one in the red. I think it just adorable and the fabric backing is a wonderful compliment.

  12. I noticed you loaded the top sideways. How do you choose a panto based on the quilting running up and down instead of across? I’ve done that a few times but really should do it more often as it does go faster.

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