Summer Tablescape for 2

It is the beginning of a holiday weekend, but it just doesn’t seem like a festive time with so many events canceled.  This weekend should be a riot of gardening in our downtown area with Garden Jubilee on Saturday and Sunday, but that is now moved to the individual garden centers.  This just isn’t the same as a festival.  It is hard to be excited when this weekend will be spent just like most every other day for the past two months. While I am not in a mood for patriotic festivities, I do think changing the table where we eat most of our meals is important.  So, I did something different, using a color I rarely use.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

There is something fresh and appealing about blue and yellow together, even if blue isn’t a color I use much.  I got out my Yellow Chargers that I painted myself.  The only blue plates I have are these two with watering cans.  I set them on white everyday stoneware, and added everyday flatware.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

Here’s the other salad plate with a different watering can.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

Of course, I had to dig out two mainly blue watering can napkin rings to hold bright yellow napkins.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

Simple theme, the settings are finished with drink glasses and individual salt and pepper shakers.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

For the centerpiece, I pulled a length of blue fabric with yellow flowers, and make a quick runner.  It is placed on a diagonal across the table, filling the space on the other side.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

Some blue silk flowers along with yellow hibiscus, dark blue silk chrysanthemums and white geraniums complete a floral arrangement in my yellow ceramic basket.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

On each side, a mason jar candle with yellow flowers in the base complete the arrangement.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

And there we are, a pretty and summer-like table to brighten our meals.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

It is a small thing, just a bit of sunshine for a change of scene.

Blue Yellow Tablescape at

Maybe I’ll get to do some planting this weekend.  I hope I can get some torenias for the hanging baskets and fix up the veranda.   It has rained all week, so we didn’t get out much, and I couldn’t get much done in the garden.  What are your plans this weekend?

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  1. karenfae

    you set such a lovely table – you must have shelves and shelves full of dishes! you might be home again but you are well and I guess in the end that is what we need to be thankful for – here too – this weekend will be no different we had a dry couple of days or was it a week and now it is back to rain again for days on end it seems

  2. Your table looks so inviting! My eye goes right to the yellow basket of flowers surrounded by the blue runner and blue flowers in the arrangement. I;m not usually a blue lover, but do like it when combined with yellow or red. We bought our annuals at the garden center yesterday and will put them in this weekend, since the nighttime temps look good—so far! Trying to keep things as normal as possible. Even though things are starting to open up here, I’m not going anywhere for a while. Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

  3. Linda B

    Love the watering can theme…those plates look like Mary Englebright designs? Very springy. I bet you smile every time you walk by the table! Have you shown us how you do your mason jar candle? I did a centerpiece with candles in sand one Christmas, and the ribbon caught fire in the middle of dinner! A quick daughter-in-law did something to put out quickly, but I am trying to have more room between flame and decoration these days! Ha! Just saw our first hummingbird. Last week I tackled our shed with the help of one of my housekeeping gals, and hope to do more organizing there this weekend. It is always nice to at least get started on a big project. I have been ignoring it for years!

  4. Brenda @ Songbird Designs

    Your tablescapes are always so pretty, Carole! My table is a tall and long table that will seat eight. It is where my 30×60 Martelli cutting mat lives!! LOL It is shy and if we are having a big family dinner, it hides temporarily in the Quilt Cave, but is right back in it’s place of residence not long after everyone leaves!! I really love the yellow and blue together. Very French country! And those cute napkin holders and mason jar candle holders are the bomb! You have some really neat “stuff.”

  5. This is a beautiful and happy place to eat! i hope to get my garden ready for transplanting my seedlings when they’re ready. It’s been so cold this spring so far that we are a bit behind in the growing.

  6. thatfabricfeelingcom

    Beautiful table setting. If only we could have company over these days. Thanks for letting us dream!

  7. Ingrid

    Your setting is absolutely gorgeous…the watering can napkin rings are wonderful!!! I just showed hubby & his ONLY comment was ‘When are you going to set the table like that’. Men!

  8. Lenora Scott

    What a beautiful uplifting table. We are looking forward to a rainy, cool weekend. What a nice way to make it a little more special! Hope you and your husband are not in any serious flooding areas. Stay safe and Thanks for staying so positive!

  9. stephzw

    A truly beautiful table. I really like blue and yellow together, and yellow is my favorite. I really like the napkin holders, They are so unusual.
    My plans for the weekend are sewing as usual, I’m going to try to get a quilt done on the long arm, Our predictions are for rain, so we shall see. As you know electricity in the air and long arms do not match well.

  10. Jennifer Rauch

    I’m not a blue person either, but your tablescape is captivating with the yellow & white all together. Love your napkin rings – the small flowerpot ones you use sometimes too. When thrift shopping, I’m always on the lookout for something similar. Obviously I’m not shopping where you are! Saw that Pier One is closing soon, a store I love, but it is an hour away in 2 directions, so I haven’t shopped there hardly at all. Probably they’d have something in that style. Oh well. I don’t NEED them & will continue to enjoy yours!!

  11. I bought several yards of that blue & yellow daisy fabric years ago and made aprons. Since then it keeps popping up in my scrap quilts. Raining here all day, and then warming up slightly (60-70’s) for the weekend. Our “beaches” are under limited openings, but no restaurants or bars, and the boardwalk stores have their limitations. I am very depressed about what I see for the future of our country, when even my own church won’t open with an allowable 30% admission through the door. I know all the healthcare people are stressed about the unknown, but I am sick of the “fear mongering” that is going on. I’m staying “home” to sew for a long time I suppose, because my Governor has stated I must do so….

  12. Joan

    “Blue and Yella, Kiss your Fella” Such a lovely way to share a meal with the bright colors. (Love the chair pillows too!) My guess Debbie Mumm?
    Hubby is mowing the lawn now even though it is wet because we are expecting more rain! But next week doing some weeding, planting as I found a teenage girl who will do yard work including WEEDING for a mere $10 an hour. Hubby gets too enthusiastic. Lost all my ferns one year as he thought they were weeds. But he was so proud of the cleaned area. Finishing “Good Knight” quilt by Moda for the kids nursing home. Lots harder than I thought. But so cute.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  13. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Your table looks very fresh and inviting. You are incredible at choosing the perfect color combinations that will work together with the lovely décor that you have. I am in love with your watering can accessories. They are such perfect pieces for spring time settings. I hope that someday, I will have a place to set up a table setting and can find some items that work as well as your items do. Thank you so much for sharing another grand brightening blog!
    You are not alone in not being able to do any of our garden delights. We have been getting rain off and on for the past two weeks, then the temperatures are falling down to the low 60’s or even the 50’s during the day and into the low 30’s at night. Leaving the ground cold and moist, which many of the flowers appreciate. Yet, quite a few do not at the same time. I definitely do not. LOL. I am going to have to call my gardening friend once again, to come and help me pull weeds and then start planting and so forth. Have a wonderful lunch/dinner with your husband sitting at that lovely table enjoying all of that bright sunshine.

  14. Brenda Ackerman

    Carole, Kevin just came in and told me the funniest story and I had to share! Earlier today, Kevin was on our porch getting ready to go out to his shop and do some work. He spotted a Robin on the end of our Vegetable Garden fence all puffed up and talking boldly. When Kevin talked back to him, he really got loud and took off flying towards the porch. Kevin said he was not sure but he at first thought the Robin was going to fly straight at him, he turned just in time not to come under the porch.
    Well, this is a bit later now, an hour maybe and Kevin is working in his shop. He said he just stepped out to get a good look at whatever he was doing and all of the sudden he felt this wind whoosh and saw the shadow. He looked up just in time to see the Robin landing on a cement stone just a few feet away. The Robin was once again all puffed up and boldly telling him off once again. Kevin said he was laughing so hard, but he stuck his finger at the Robin and was “scolding” him like a child and teasing him that if he wanted a good challenge to “Just Bring It On, Mr. Robin”! LOL
    He came in and had to tell me right away. We were both laughing so much. I hope that you and hubby get a grand laugh also. This type of event is one of the reasons we love living out in the country/on a mountain. Wildlife are so much fun!

    Again, Have a fabulous day!

  15. I love blue and yellow together, and those plates and watering can napkin rings are just adorable, Carole! I think your tablescape is perfect for brightening up this strange time we are in!

  16. I love blu and yellow together in the spring and summer, and this table is just beautiful! I am catching up this weekend, I hope. It’s raining at the moment, but if we get a break in the weather, we have to transplant the last of the tomatoes and plant the sweet potatoes. Prepping the duck house is also high on the list. The girls are getting big and will soon be able to move outside. I hope to sandwich the two small projects I want to quilt and get the smallest quilted. I think I have something I can use for backing! Lots of computer work too, I need to make a bunch of puzzles, etc. for my students goodie bags.

  17. Rita C.

    Like you, Carole, I don’t have much blue in my decor, but oh, how I love the fresh look of blue and yellow together (I love complementary blue and orange too!). Your runner is perfect, and really love the offset diagonal placement in your table for two. The Debbie Mumm (right?) plates are really cute.
    It’ll be a fairly boring Memorial Day weekend here. Still lots of rain in the forecast, and boaters likely won’t be able to launch into the river for the rising waters. I asked my husband if I should put baked beans on the clicklist this week, lol. I’ve got a few recipes that’ve piqued my interest from blogs this week, so I may try a new lemon tart with fruit. Have a great weekend, however you spend it.

  18. I have always loved blue and yellow as a combination. Your tablescape is so pretty. It is pouring rain here this weekend. I have planted some of my flowers, but the rest will have to wait until the rain stops on Sunday or Monday. Enjoy your weekend.

  19. June Neigum

    Your table is so cheerful. I too have had lots of rain in Charlotte, NC. The weeds come out easily when wet tho. Hopefully I can get some plants transplanted and get my garden mulched with the help of a friendly neighbor.

  20. kathyinozarks

    gorgeous table setting- you have the prettiest dishes of anyone I know and those napkin rings are too awesome. the lake is packed with boaters so we are being entertained watching them all lol

  21. Whenever I see blue and yellow, I always think Summer! Perfect way to kick off the Memorial Day weekend! Love the watering can plates and napkin rings! I am lucky to be on the coast where we are watching many vacationers boating and enjoying warm weather. I’m sorry your festival was cancelled…we are all itching to get back to normal!

  22. manasotavacation

    Love that bright and cheery table! Blue and yellow….always refreshing! Thank you for sharing. If I did not know better I would think you have storage the size of Biltmore Estate, with your never ending array of wonderful dishes and napkin rings.

  23. Beverly H. McNair

    I am late to this “party” because it is July….but what a wonderful way to set the table for two. I live in a home w my teen daughter and will try this. Table usually is set for four…just reminds us in a not so fun way sometimes that is two more than we have here…..She is a teen who comes out of her TeenCave to EAT so this should be good. Thanks for the inspiration.

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