Migrating Geese – a Quickstep Setting

I did another Scrap Dance Quickstep quilt, this time using just nine strips. Sewing long strips is a lot easier than individual squares. These strips are left over from the Moda Bake Shop recipe I did for a Pin Woven Tote (link on sidebar). I sewed sets of three strips.


Then I cross cut them 2-1/2-inches wide, sewing one of each set together to make a nine patch.

Quickstep Block ~ From My Carolina Home

Using the leftover purple coordinating fabric, I made the large block HSTs, then laid them out on the cutting table to play with them.  I liked the idea of flying geese, and having them go different directions was fun.  I liked the parallelograms formed by the purple with this design too.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

Sewing the HSTs together into flying geese units went quickly, chain piecing.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

Did you know that the key to perfect points is to sew the final seam through the ‘X’? I didn’t learn that little tidbit until I had been quilting for over a year.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

In short order, I had the top together.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

Loading it up went fast too, as it is fairly small.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

I needed to get it quilted fast, so I just did a freehand loop.  It was loaded, quilted and trimmed in less than 2 hours.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

I did a rather plain backing, using a taupe color polyester thread with Bottom Line in the bobbin.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

I call this one Migrating geese, as they are going north, then south, then north again.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

I used extra jelly roll strips to make the binding.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

One thing to notice about this block design, some of the corners will get cut off of the squares as the HSTs are made. This is unavoidable due to the strip method of putting them together. Just be aware that a quilt judge will likely not understand it and criticize the cut off points.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

I don’t plan to show any Quickstep quilt, but in spite of that limitation, I still think the block design is a keeper!  They will make great gifts and charity quilts.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

The pattern for Scrap Dance Quickstep is now available on my Patterns Page!  Pattern contains three sizes of block, with nine original setting designs and four classic designs. Use up your scraps and make 14 different quilts!  Perfect for beginners, and for making up fast charity and gift quilts in a hurry.

Migrating Geese Quickstep setting ~ From My Carolina Home

Do you have left over jelly roll strips that could be a charity quilt?

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14 thoughts on “Migrating Geese – a Quickstep Setting

  1. This layout looks great too. I’m still working on my R W B quilt, for which I am using strip piecing. I don’ t start out by cutting up Lille squares unless really necessary! Still have to tackle the last Tango step, next week I hope.
    @ susansquiltstudio

  2. Cheryl

    Great layout for the migrating geese. Using strip sets makes it look so easy and fast. I have a drawer full of 2 1/2″ strips just waiting to be stitched up.

  3. Melanie

    Very pretty and nicely done! Enjoy the break, and congrats on almost getting finished with your continuing studies. Yay. I haven’t finished Tango yet, but it’s coming along.

  4. This is fantastic!! Love the patchy use of leftovers. I’ve been thinking of you and glad to know things are moving forward…except having to reschedule the Sat. course. Darn.

  5. This is an awesome quilt youve made. I don’t use jelly rolls or precuts simply because I cant afford to buy them so I just cut strips out of fabric I have. I am glad that your almost done with your education. How often do you have to do that and forgive me for asking, but what is it for?

    I am excited for July to get here to find out what the special blog event will be. Have a great day Carole.

  6. Good Afternoon Carole! Good for you for being 3/4 of the way through! Sorry that the one will have to be rescheduled for a later date. This quilt that you are showcasing today is wonderful! Amazing that you have found 14 ways to layout the design! I get very impatient with layouts, LOL, I try a few and it seems like after 4 to 5 times, I have found one that I truly like and that is it…I am off and running with it to the sewing machine. How incredible to be able to sit and “play” with the blocks until you have come up with 14 designs…just incredible! Plus, oh my goodness you are giving us another fabulous surprise and chances to win prizes in July! YIPPEE! How fun and spectacular for all of us! Carole, you are such a fantastic blog innovator bringing such spectacular ideas to your posts and sharing so much information. I know I appreciate everything that you share, as I am sure many others do also!

    I will try to post pictures of the Scrap Dance Tango Quilt that I got all put together with one border. I presented it to my Father for Father’s Day. He really liked it and we sat and figured out the exact measurements that he wanted it to be finished at. He also requested that I do as many more of the “Kissing Fishes” blocks as I could. He thought they were so cute, but being the black with the scrappy bold bright colors just made a beautiful quilt. He knows that I have several other quilt projects going on and told me not to worry to much about working on it….as long as he has it completely finished by the time the first night it gets chilly here! LOL. I had to laugh and ask him if he really wanted it by tomorrow night because we are still getting down to some chilly night temperatures. He just looked at me with a big grin and a fun twinkle in his eyes! Deanna and I have both been talking about making this quilt with the lighter background. But it may be awhile. Yet, I am sure we will because it is a fun quilt to make and doing your Mystery was marvelous! Thank you again for all the time and effort you put into this; it was a delight!

    Well I had best be off and get some actual quilting time in on todays few hours remaining! Have a fantastic creative day!

  7. You amaze me with your busy schedule! I am still doing the Scrap Dance Tango, and found a twist in one of my blocks that needs to be “un-sewn”. Love your designs and look forward to coming up with some of my own in my EQ7 future! The program just arrived, but I needed to upgrade to windows 10 before I install it. This weekend I hope. 🙂

  8. All your post are very enjoyable to read and you are on my daily read list. I am busy with gardening in between daily rain and string block quilting.

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