Wrapping up the Coronacation Placemat Challenge

Last week brought a few more packages of placemats for our challenge and a couple of photo entries.  Sometimes it is just fun to go to the post office and get happy mail, even if it isn’t really for me.  These two arrived the same day.  Carolyn Howerton sent a lovely pastel floral mat, and Carole Leaverton sent a fun sailing theme placemat.

Carolyn and Carole

These four mats made with food prints by Susan were really cute.


Diann sent a beautiful mat with two hand embroidered blocks, along with a set of cases for Safelight.


Connie Wolfe sent three mats using up a bunch of scraps.

Connie Wolfe

Carol Preston made hers in a fall theme.


Cathy Walker was playing with her embroidery machine, and made a cute mat great for a man.


A total of 41 entries were received with 26 actual placemats in my hands for donation to Meals on Wheels.  I wrote down each entry as it arrived either by photo or post office, assigned a number to each one, and used a random number generator to pick the winners.  The Grand Prize winner of the Color Wheel Stash Pack from Colorways by Vicki is Susan Grancio.  The Shirbori Hand Dyed Dish Towels in Blue were won by Kathleen Rountree, and the Lavender ones will go to Niki Winchell.  Congratulations to all the winners!

Thank you to everyone that participated in the challenge, it was a fun way for a quick finish, and Meals on Wheels will be delighted.

What are you sewing this week?

8 thoughts on “Wrapping up the Coronacation Placemat Challenge

  1. Fun to see all the placemats that were sent in – you got a lot of them! The ones made of food prints are adorable! Thanks for offering ways we can give back to people in need, Carole.

  2. What an awesome challenge ~ congratulations to everyone who participated but especially to the winners ~ all the placemats were adorable!!!

  3. Carolyn Howerton

    All the placemats are wonderful and what a variety of designs. Each one will give a little ray of sunshine to someone. I think this was a great idea for a challenge. Thanks to everyone who participated.

  4. After reading your posts, I feel doubly blessed ‘happy mail’ in my inbox plus a mini quilt show. All these people are so talented. thanks for the smile this morning.

  5. Joan Sheppard

    Placemats like this will make such a difference in meal times. Just eating out of a plastic container is no fun. With these lovely and fun placemats I feel like getting out the good glasses and even if I can’t have a guest over I feel like I can treat myself like a guest. I may have gone over the top a little when my 6 yo reminds me that I haven’t put out the finger bowl with the warm wet rag in it. The recipients of these will be able to make their own tablescapes! Thanks for doing this Carole.

  6. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Congratulations to the winners of these wonderful prizes! Plus, how fantastic the Meals on Wheels recipient will feel when they receive one of these great placemats made especially for them! Just as so many others have commented, one of the special parts of following you is that you come up with so many ideas that help people in our communities. In ways that are not difficult, usually do not require much time or resources and yet make such a huge difference in someone’s life. It helps all the way around during times like this. I know that I will continue to make these placemats for the Meals on Wheels in my Community and as soon as possible, I plan on asking for some assistance from a few groups and fabric shops in my town. Thank you for coming up with your caring ideas and sharing them! We are starting to open up now, but we plan on continuing to follow the routine we have since this began for a bit longer and have convinced my Mother to do the same. Actually, that was not very hard. LOL. We are starting to look into getting my computer fixed/updated so that I can get back to a normal routine on the computer again. LOL. Again, Thank You for this fun placemat challenge! Have a great day!

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