Autumn Jubilee Sewing Project – Placemats

Time for another sewing project, as Autumn Jubilee continues.  October is just slipping away too quickly!!  As promised, today I’ll show you the tutorial for the placemats from yesterday’s tablescape.  These are quick and easy to sew using chain piecing methods.  The finished size is 12-1/2 x 18-1/2 inches.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Bernie’s bundle will have some half yard pieces, and some fat quarters, and will be enough to do six placemats with this pattern.  You’ll need eighteen 5-3/4-inch print squares (six of each of the three colors) and seventy-two 3-3/8-inch white background squares.  The large print below will be the center, and you’ll need six pieces cut directionally 10-1/2-inches wide x 12-1/2-inches high.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

On the back of your 3-3/8-inch background squares, draw diagonal lines from corner to corner.  I like to draw two lines, 1/4-inch away from the center using a 1/4-inch ruler.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Place one background square on the corner with the diagonal lines pointing to the center.  Add another background square to the opposite corner with the lines touching.  Pin in place and sew on the lines across both background squares.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Cut apart down the center, leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Press the background triangles up, forming a heart shape.  Place the remaining background squares on the sewn units on the remaining corner, with the lines running up between the top triangles.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Chain sew on the lines.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Cut apart in the center, again leaving a 1/4-inch seam allowance.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Press up, forming the flying geese.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Next, I’ll show you how to trim them.  Using a square up ruler, place the diagonal line along the edge of the goose, placing the 2-1/4-inch point at the goose point.  This will give you a 1/4-inch seam allowance below the point.  Trim the side and top.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Now, turn the goose around and place the bottom on the 2-1/2-inch line and the side on the 4-1/2-inch line.  Trim the top and right side.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Lay out your geese and decide on how you want to arrange them.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Sew in rows of six.  Be sure to sew precisely through the little ‘x’ at the top of the goose so your points come out sharp.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Measure your geese strips to be sure that they are 12-1/2-inches high.  Cut the large print fabric for the middle piece.  Note that it is directional, and your 12-1/2-inch high will be on the lengthwise grain, while the 10-1/2-inch width will be on the crosswise grain.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Attach the flying geese strips to the sides of the center print.  I put mine going up on the left and down on the right.  You can have them all going the same direction if you want, or do like mine.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

Quilt as desired.  I loaded all six on the longarm and ran one pantograph pass across three at a time.  The placemats are small enough to easily do on your domestic machine.  You can do all stitch in the ditch, or put a free motion motif on them, whatever you like.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

There will be enough fabric from the three geese prints to do the binding.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

I chose to do each of my placemats in one color.  Two placemats in orange, two in grey and two in green.  Be sure to sew with a quarter inch foot on the top, so your binding doesn’t cut off your goose points on the edge.  Alternately, you might put an additional border on them to make them bigger if you wish.

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

And there we are, six Autumn inspired placemats for a beautiful tablescape.  Download the pdf free pattern – Autumn Jubilee Flying Geese Placemats

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

You know, Dream Green is a super idea for placemats that would get a fair amount of washing as it doesn’t shrink.  What better timing for a batting giveaway?  Today Quilter’s Dream is sending a lucky winner a Queen size Dream Green batting!!  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if all the plastic in the oceans and landfills was made into soft, lightweight batting?  Let’s help by purchasing recycled plastic products as much as we can to help create a market.  Thank you for using my affiliate links when you can, it helps me pay for events like this.

Leave a comment on this post, what would you like to make with Dream Green?

Autumn Jubilee Placemats at

68 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee Sewing Project – Placemats

  1. Such pretty placemats…I can see them in a variety of colors to suit each season or holiday as they look so easy to make. I was just on Bernie Kringel’s site yesterday looking at this fabric! The Dream Green batting looks perfect for placemats. I’ve never bought any but I certainly agree with the concept ( I have several pair of Rothy’s shoes—made from recycled water bottles). Thank you for this great project.

  2. Laura W Suich

    Thanks for this pattern. I’ll get started today. I use Quilters Dream everyday in my customers quilts.

  3. lewisnancy54

    I love your tutorial. Thanks for the refresher on flying geese, yours are perfect!! I would use the Quilters Dream in a quilt. I love trying different battings and this is a new one to me.

  4. Janey

    We have a precious granddaughter who is 1-year-old and we are going to be seeing her for the first time at Thanksgiving and I would love to use the Quilter’s Dream in a blanket for her. It is a wonderful product. Thank you for the opportunity.

  5. Nice tutorial. I am always looking for placemat ideas. You make a great point on using recycled materials and I think it is genius that Quilters dream came up with a method to make batting. It is so important that we find industries WILLING to take a chance to market a product made from recycled materials. Sharing on facebook.

  6. Janice Snell

    I think I would like to use Dream Green for Charity quilts as I often make baby quilts for Charity and you never know how much washing will happen nor how carefully the quilt will be washed. I always hope for my charity quilts to be dragged around like Linus’s Blanket from Charlie Brown.

  7. Cathy B.

    I think it’s only fitting to use the Green batting on kids items – quilts or whatever. This is a wonderful way to support our future generations by recycling!

  8. connie wolfe

    The idea of placemats is a great for our RV where the dining table comfortably fits two. However, it has an extension for seating 4 people. I’m thinking that sewing the six at one time using your Autumn Jubilee pattern works well. That way, there are enough placemats for us or for guests or to change with meals.
    Thanks for the pattern and the great photos.

  9. These placemats are so cute! I am thinking about making sets of 6 placemats for friends for Christmas and this pattern might be perfect. I would definitely use the Dream Green batting for my home decor projects.

  10. As always you’ve given us a great tutorial. I’m afraid these will have to wait until later as I have a retreat to prepare for. I like the idea of using the Dream Green Batting for the placemats as well as kids quilts that will be washed a lot.

  11. Rosemaryflower

    These are really sweet and can be made for many happy occasions using cute fabrics
    Thank you for the tutorial

  12. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    Love the place mat pattern!! I would use the batting for a a baby “floor” quilt that will get washed more than usual.

  13. Marie Beers

    Love the place mats, would look great in any holiday fabric. Have never used the Green batting so am excited for a chance to win some to give it a try.

  14. Diane H

    Great place mat pattern, you had me at ‘flying geese’! I’ve got a another grand nephew on the way so a baby quilt would be perfect for this Dream Green batting.

  15. Oh, good! I’m glad to see your method of making flying geese, since there are quite a few to make! Ordered the fabric bundle yesterday and got a message it has shipped already. Great service. I would use the batting to finish one of the many quilt tops “curing” in my closet! Ha!

  16. Donna W

    Thanks for the tutorial. I think I would make a bunch of the place mats because they would be a fantastic gift for anyone’s table (including some for myself).

  17. Great design for placemats and excellent tutorial. Thanks for the free pattern too! And what a great reminder about using Green Dream Batting. Total #CreativeGoodness.

  18. I was leery about using that batting the first time, but I love it. It quilts up beautifully and has a nice feel to the finished project. Your placemats are so pretty for fall. Excellent tutorial too.

  19. Kathy Inozarks

    enjoyed this project and loved that middle print I am pinning this to my quilt board so I can find it again-thanks

  20. Patricia Evans

    I’d like to try the Dream Green batting and would use it with one of the donation quilts for next year’s Hands 2 Help challenge at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.

  21. Nancy D

    Sometimes I would like to make a quilt that does not krinkle, and green looks like it might be the go to batting for me!

  22. Kathy E.

    Thank you for this festive pattern for placemats! It would be great to make for every holiday! I would use the batting to make table runners and toppers.
    duchick at gmail dot com

  23. Debbie B

    Thank you for the tutorial. It looks like a fun one. I would use the batting for placemats as I think they would be very durable. Thanks and have a great day!

  24. Lou M.

    Thanks for the placemat pattern. I am thinking that this would be great for the Christmas holiday gifts. I have not tried the Dream Green batting. This environmentally friendly product is definitely on my “gotta try” list.

  25. Joy B

    I like the idea of Dream Green batting and agree that it’s perfect for these placemats. I’ve been thinking about making some placemats and like this pattern with the piecing along the outside edges where it will show.

  26. I would like to try the Quilters Dream Green. It would fit my needs. I really like the Autumn Jubilee posts and projects. Very motivating and creative.

  27. I am so into recycling and reuse that this is a batt I would definitely use! I’d use it for wall hangings that have applique and/or embroidery that I want to lay flat.

  28. Jean

    You have really progressed into this blogging thing with flying colors! You go girl!! I would definitely make a family sized picnic quilt!!
    -Jean ❤

  29. Hi Carole! Gosh, these placemats are cute. I love that center fabric – it reminds me of the road to grandma’s house with no snow. And those flying geese are just so appropriate. October IS flying by too quickly. ~smile~ Roseanne

  30. Lisa Clark

    Great pattern, thanks Carole. I would use the batting in a cozy winter lap quilt that will be gifted to a friend.

  31. Barb K

    I would like to try the Dream Puff batting on a quilt project–also the Dream Green and the 80/20 Fusible batting. Quilt basting is hard for me and the fusible might be the answer.

  32. Isis Elisbeth Pluut

    I would use the batting to make placemats, love what you made and thank you for the pattern and instructions.

  33. Debra Miller

    Quilter’s Dream Green would be especially great for any quilted item needing frequent washing and drying. Table toppers and placemats are great ideas and yours are beautiful! Great tutorial-thanks!

  34. joymcd305716439

    They are so sweet! I love loading lots of little things on the long arm at the same time, makes the quilting easy! xx

  35. dezertsuz

    That bundle was beautifully coordinated for the placemats! Thanks for sharing that. I do love the focus fabric.

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