Autumn Jubilee – Kitchen Wreath

Autumn Jubilee continues today with a project featuring a new idea for your jelly roll strip leftovers.  We’ll make an Autumn Kitchen Wreath!  Of course, you could use Christmas fabric jelly roll strips for a Christmas theme wreath, or really any color scheme you like.  Use your kitchen colors for an everyday addition to your decor.  I got the idea for this when I found several of these straw wreaths at the thrift store.  Normally, I don’t like to use these as they drop bits of straw all over the place.  But, with a bit of crafting, they turn into an inexpensive yet unique wreath base.  My wreath base is 14-inches in diameter, and it took four jelly roll strips to cover it.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

I cut these strips to jelly roll size from a bolt of fabric I had.  They are 2-1/2-inches wide by the width of fabric (WOF, about 42 inches), the same as a jelly roll strip.  Begin by heating up your hot glue gun, and placing a line of glue on the wreath.  Press the end of a strip into the glue.  Use a chopstick or something to do the pressing as the glue can come through the fabric and burn your fingers.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Wrap the strip around the wreath as far as it will go.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

At the end, repeat the line of glue and stick the other end down.  It does not matter if this is on the front or the back, it won’t show.
Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Run another line of glue on top of the strip, and stick down the next strip.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Continue until the wreath is covered.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

I found some utensils with interesting shapes at the thrift store, but  I wanted them all to be the same color.  So the ‘queen of the spray paint solution’ laid them out and painted them.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

I used several light coats, turning them over and around to get all the surfaces.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

I didn’t have any brown ribbon, and I wanted the bow to match.  So, I made one with gold mesh wired ribbon and spray painted it too.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Just a light coat makes the main color the same chocolate brown, but enough gold highlights remain to make it interesting.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

With brown twine, I suspended the smallest little implement in the middle of the wreath.  I think this is a kind of jar opener, but I am really not sure.  I just liked the shape of it.  Update – My Sweet Babboo informs me that this is a Hawthorne strainer for drink mixing to keep the ice in the mixer while you pour the drink into a glass.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Then I glued the fork and spoon to the sides.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Now the fun part, I glued potpourri in Pumpkin Spice scent to the wreath.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Picking out the larger bits, and more interesting shapes, I put some on the center utensil too.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Keep adding more potpourri to fill in the side area.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Then do the other side.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Just keep adding bits until the area is as full as you like.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Adding the bow to the top, the ends are threaded under the implements and glued to the wreath.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

And there it is, hanging in my kitchen.  The fragrance of pumpkin spice is very light.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

But, if you don’t have the wall space to hang it in the kitchen, you can always lean a wreath against the wall.  Here it is on top of my cookbook shelf.  Actually, I liked it so much here that I left it here.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

It completes a nice vignette with some stick-to-the-ribs cookbooks for casseroles and soups, a ceramic pumpkin and some orange candles.

Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

Do you have an interesting way to use jelly roll strips?

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Autumn Jubilee Kitchen Wreath at

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75 thoughts on “Autumn Jubilee – Kitchen Wreath

  1. Nancy H

    I believe the center piece is a drink strainer. I’m not sure what kind of drink, possibly a martini, is mixed in a shaker and then strained through the utensil as it’s poured into the glass.

  2. Cathy B.

    There are so many great jelly roll quilt patterns out there, so never a lack of ideas – just a lack of time! I haven’t attempted a JR rug yet. Your wreath looks wonderful!

    1. Naomie Moore

      Just darling! You always do a magnificent job and your instructions are always spot on and easy to follow. And yes, Nancy H is correct, the center gadget is a cocktail strainer. I was a bartender many moons ago and still have a few laying around as they do come in handy. Love these straw forms and just like you, I cover them up with fabric strips or wide ribbon. And since I don’t have endless storage to keep wreaths in my small home, I use “T” pins to hold the fabric or ribbon in place. Then when the season or holiday is over, I can disassemble and reuse the wreath for the next holiday or season. I store the embellishments in clear shoe boxes from the dollar store. I have them stacked up by color and season. When I take the wreath apart, I use a flannel backed table cloth on my kitchen table (small house, no dining room), to keep it all together. Many pets in the house and safety first! My Halloween wreaths are up and I have Thanksgiving wreaths ready to replace when they come down. Then will take apart Halloween and make Christmas and New Year wreaths. I collect “stuff” to use wherever I go, thrift and second hand shops, yard and garage sales and neighbors on are always giving away items for free. I live in a flat, walkable family neighborhood and the dog walkers and mom’s walking their babies always compliment my wreaths and seasonal front porch decor. Thanks for sharing, you always provide inspiration to get people’s creative juices flowing.

  3. Jennifer Rauch

    Well thanx for starting my morning with a little giggle! The middle implement is a strainer for mixed drinks! Cute kitchen wreath!

  4. Janice Snell

    Love your wreath. So many good creative ideas! I used that fabric on my first bed sized quilt. I like to use jelly rolls when I am working with gradations of a colour.

  5. JennyM

    I would never have thought of gluing pieces of potpourri on the wreath. Great idea for a light scent. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Karen McMahon

    I have a few jelly rolls but have yet to make anything with them. They look so pretty sitting on a shelf! I love your wreath. Thanks so much for all the great fall ideas.

  7. manasotavacation

    Great idea! I can tell you the center thing is something you put over a silver drink shaker and it filters the drink you are pouring. Your ideas are so clever!!!!!

  8. Camille

    My jelly rolls are waiting for a time when I need to start and finish a quilt quickly. Precuts can get a project launched and finished when an urgent need arises.

  9. stephzw

    If I have left overs from jelly rolls, i make table runners, (I have a friend who takes all I will make her) or 9 patches. They don’t even need to match, just make 9 patches for car quilts, extra beds for the dogs, etc.

  10. Niki W

    Fun project! I really like the idea of adding the potpourri to the wreath. I really like jelly rolls. Cutting for a quilt is my least favorite part.

  11. Susan Stanton

    I use jelly rolls for lots of quilting projects, especially large quilts, as they come together so quickly.

  12. Loris Mills

    Cute wreath! It’s a fun blast from the past with that fabric. I have some still.
    I don’t love jelly rolls because of the lint…however, I still have a few. One roll is going to be used to make as many flying geese that I can make out of it and then go into a quilt. Another is going to be a quilt with some added yardage. My last roll went into my Bonnie Hunter green quilt…I cut them thinner for strip blocks.

  13. Gwynette in NW Arkansas

    I like making wreaths for seasonal decoration. My kitchen is decorated with grape vines and hydrangeas and wreaths to match that I made. I have a few jelly rolls and every time I look at the pinked edges on them, I just push them back farther on the shelf. I’d rather cut my own strips without the irregular edge.

  14. farmquilter

    I have only used jelly rolls in a few quilts, but I really want to make a rug with them by putting them around clothes line!!

  15. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, Your wreath is lovely and I got a great giggle with the bit of information your “sweet babboo” shared with you! Just made me feel great knowing how happy the two of you are. Sorry, I do not mean to get to personal, I just wanted you to know. Anyway, I like your solution of wrapping fabric around this type of wreath, like you, I do not like the way they shed. Plus, the fabric you used is beautiful. Thank you for sharing a great wreath tutorial! Have a fantastic day!!

  16. Laura M

    I don’t often use jelly rolls so don’t really have a favorite use. I do love your tutorial for the wreath. I’ve always wanted to know how these are made. Guess I’ll get out some fabric and cut some 2 1/2″ strips!

  17. I got a giggle out of the ‘I don’t know what it is, but I like it’ object for your wreath. lol As for jelly rolls, I have a couple in my stash, but don’t have a real plan for them. I have saved some tutorials for sewing them together and cutting with wedge rulers that I’d like to try. Having fun with this Autumn Jubilee, thanks.

  18. Joan Sheppard

    I seemed to have acquired several lovely olive wood mixing spoons and I love this idea. Thanks for sharing this. For Christmas I might move on to a couple spoons like the powered sugar spoon and the petit four spoon. (The powered sugar spoon was for a time before we had paper doilies. It’s rather big, about 4 inches across.

  19. Pat

    I don’t have an interesting way to use jelly roll strips, but your wreath idea has so many possibilities for decorating. Thanks.

  20. Judyk

    Cute idea for a wreath. I’m going to share with my daughter, she loves vintage kitchen gadgets. She’s probably got everything she needs to create this. I am going to use my jelly roll for a jelly roll rug. Just trying to find the time.

  21. Nancy Chappelle

    I usually use my jelly rolls for quilts, but I have been saving batting strips to make a rug or maybe a basket and I would use jelly rolls for it.

  22. Rita

    I don’t have any ideas about using jelly rolls other than in a quilt.Right now I have about 7 stored in a bird cage begging to be let out and used.

  23. Kathy E.

    You are so clever and creative! I’d never have thought of using jelly roll strips to decorate a wreath, but it works so well! I enjoy making tote bags using the strips from jelly rolls, especially scrappy ones!

  24. This is a cute idea for the kitchen, Carole, and the idea can be turned so many directions! You do such a nice job of getting our creative juices going.😊 I have nary a jelly roll in my possession!

  25. Nancy D

    I have only used one or two rolls in my quilts before. Would love to make a rug. The ones I have seen made from rolls are so pretty!

  26. Melanie

    I do love fall decorations, quilts, cards, pumpkins, witches, and all things colorful and fun. But I don’t have enough jellyroll strips yet in fall colors, so I’m still working on table runners and wall hangings. Maybe by next year I’ll have some leftover jellyroll strips. Love your cute wreath!

  27. Barb K

    I love jelly rolls–have several but have so far just enjoyed looking at them–Ha!! Your wreath is so pretty and I like the idea of using the thrift store items for decorations–you have so many great ideas–Thanks!!

  28. I didn’t have a favorite way to use jelly rolls until now when I saw your beautiful wreath. What a clever idea! It is such a beautiful and versatile idea. I may have to make one for every occasion. Thanks!

  29. An absolutely fabulous project idea! Love this very much. Maybe I will see what kind of fabric bits I have to make something like this. TFS!

  30. well that is a CUTE project! I am saving my left over jelly roll fabrics to create a rail fence quilt when I have enough of them. I’m such a fabric scrap hoarder, lol.

  31. Your wreath is so very pretty….(I have that same fabric…bought tons of it years ago in the brown, and have some in blue and green background as well…lol) with just the RIGHT amount of “bits”. I never thought to use jelly roll strips to cover a wreath form but how neat is that! I generally just use jelly roll strips in quilts…usually cut into rectangles or 2.5 inch squares…but you’ve opened my eyes to possibilities. Thanks…I hope you know how appreciative your “fans” are of Autumn Jubilee each year.

  32. Patricia Evans

    I don’t like jelly rolls and no longer buy them. Had too many that weren’t cut straight or evenly. Obviously they would work for a project like your wreath, but that’s an expensive use for them. I prefer to cut my own.

  33. quilterpt

    I have to admit that I have several jelly rolls and am hoarding them! I have used leftovers though in braided table runners and they have turned out darling. Thanks for sharing the giveaway!

  34. Jelly rolls have so many possibilities! I like using for strip piecing, sashings, quick baby quilt, etc. Want to do a jelly roll rug sometime! Are soooo cool!

  35. Pam

    What a fun project! Thank you for sharing it. I use jelly roll in all sorts of quilt projects – anything that requires small pieces.

  36. dezertsuz

    I don’t, but I was using that very fabric today as tree trunks. =) Edi had bunches of it and gave me some last year, and I’m still using it. It’s funny that we all three liked it. The wreath is very clever, and I love that you painted the bow, too!

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