Happy Pumpkins Tablescape and Recipes!

October is starting to finally cool off, and a crispness is coming into the air.  Outside, the trees are just now starting to show a hint of color here and there, and it is time for a tablescape, this year with happy pumpkins!  I got out my Halloween box and started playing with the pumpkins and some new-to-me thrifted items.  Beginning this year’s table, I used two toppers, with one placed on point to cover the table. Orange chargers I found at the thrift store last summer are added.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

I’m just not into the gory stuff, so this will be a happy pumpkins table. I have a few smiling pumpkins, and gather a couple for the center.  I set the large one on top of a candle ring for a bit more height, and a large flower was put inside the pumpkin instead of a candle.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

This little ribbon and ghost decorated item is a music box that plays Ding Dong the Witch is Dead.  It is really cute, and comes out every year at this time.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

This happy pumpkin with a black cat was my mom’s, she loved cats.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

On the other side, a cute coffee mug completes the centerpiece.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Place settings have white stoneware with the adorable Halloween salad plates and everyday flatware..

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Each plate has a different scene.  The napkins are black with pumpkin napkin rings.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Coffee mugs and juice glasses along with individual salt and pepper shakers complete the settings.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

This is a simple table, not fussy for breakfast and everyday meals.

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

Happy Pumpkins!

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

OK, so now, what do we eat? Today, everyone is a winner with a round up of some of my favorite fall recipes! First, my original delicious Pumpkin Orange Bread. Download the PDF for this recipe – Pumpkin-Orange-Bread

Pumpkin Orange Bread ~ From My Carolina Home

Next, Spiced Pumpkin Cake Donuts! Download that recipe – Spiced Pumpkin Cake Donuts

Spiced Pumpkin Cake Donuts at From My Carolina Home

Or you can try my Caramel Apple Coffee Cake , download the pdf for this recipe – Caramel Apple Coffee Cake

Caramel Apple Coffee Cake

Apple Cake Donuts is one of the first recipes I did for the blog in 2014. Download the recipe – Apple Cake Donuts


Try my Cinnamon Egg Nog French Toast for a special breakfast.

Cinnamon Egg Nog French Toast at From My Carolina Home

See this post for making Perfect Breakfast Eggs.

Perfect Breakfast Eggs | From My Carolina Home

Perhaps you need a wonderful dessert for a potluck or a holiday meal.  Try my Pumpkin Toffee Dump Cake.

Pumpkin Toffe Dump Cake ~ From My Carolina Home

And one last mention, to Mr Mills (DH to Loris) who is a dedicated addict to my lettuce and crab Asian Salad, thanks so much!!  Here’s that recipe with the Sriracha Mayo Dressing – Asian Salad.  I also make it without the crab, and add tomatoes and avocado for a great side salad.  I thought when I purchased the large bottle of Sriracha, that it would last forever, but I need to buy another one now!!

Asian Salad at From My Carolina Home

Want another tablescape idea?  See last year’s Spooky Halloween Tablescape with Lights and a video.

Halloween Tablescape ~ From My Carolina Home

Congratulations to Camille who won the Stampin Up Country Lane Suite, and to Pam who won the Halloween Mysteries books.  Congratulations as well to Nicole who won the Milk Street Tuesday Nights cookbook.  Happy Halloween, and I hope you are all having a wonderful Autumn Jubilee!  I’ve loved reading all the comments, thank you all for reading and participating.
Do you decorate for Halloween?

Happy Pumpkins Tablescape at From My Carolina Home

19 thoughts on “Happy Pumpkins Tablescape and Recipes!

  1. Your Halloween table is so cute and festive. I like the friendlier side of the holiday, too; no time for gore. I’ve made the Pumpkin Bread; it’s very tasty and my husband loves it with coffee in the morning. So enjoying Autumn Jubilee!

  2. Kathy h

    I love this table! Happy pumpkins, those are the kind that I like too. No scary teeth must help. Thanks for the fall pick me up!

  3. lv2bquilting2

    Loved your tablescape Carole. All your cute little ceramic pumpkins reminded me of when I taught ceramics for about 20 years and had quite the collection of Halloween pieces. Several years ago I took them all out and let our kids and grandchildren take what they wanted. I kept a few pieces to put out myself, which I enjoy. I used to pour a good sized pumpkin, and when it was leather hard, carve it and personalize it by putting names in the mouth, by using pre-formed metal letters and cutting around them. After it was all glazed I would cut a hole in the back for a lightbulb and wire it for electricity. I have that one sitting on the island in the kitchen and keep it plugged in all the time.

  4. Ha! Glenn will be thrilled with your shout out 🙂 Asian Salad is a staple here! As in at least 2-4 times a week. I love learning recipes from you…as I am not a cooking enthusiast and you seem to make things easier. Love those smiling pumpkins….for a HAPPY Halloween!

  5. Your pumpkins do make me happy, and had I seen your salad plates first you wouldn’t have them! I’ve never tried making donuts, but your recipe may give me incentive.

  6. Pam Jay

    I love this idea for a Halloween themed tablescape. I don’t like scary, gory either. These pumpkins are cute. And thanks for all the recipes. Not sure which one to try first. Have a Happy Halloween.

  7. manasotavacation

    Delightful tablescape…..I’ve never seen a Halloween theme that is so charming!. Happy and fun….and the recipes are just great! Can’t wait to try them!

  8. Just wanted you to know that we made the Pumpkin Orange Bread this afternoon. My husband wanted to add chopped pecans and raisins and he wanted to make a bundt cake instead of two loaves. It was delicious. He had originally thought we might drizzle some icing on it, but he said it was good like it was and it didn’t need anything else! thanks!

  9. What a wonderful tablescape. I love all of your decor, and the food looks so tasty. Thank you for the recipes. Still working on my Autumn Jubilee wool mat and the quilt. Always so much fun.

  10. Phyllis Smith

    Hello Carole,

    Haven’t talked lately, not cause I didn’t want to. Lots of things seem to be going on lately.

    The wheels are finally turning for Byron with his eye problems and they have finally decided to give him some disability but don’t know when, they told him 3 weeks ago they would send him some money but he hasn’t gotten any yet.

    Your table scape is so cute, love the musical pumpkin. I have collected a lot of music boxes over my life-time and started my only grand-daughter on a collection but don’t know if she has persued it since the divorce. I myself am like you, don’t like the scarey or horrow items. Been thinking of making a witches hat but decorating it with lots of BLING for a good and happy witch, what about that for an idea. Being a red hatter I go for the bling and fun times in my latter years

    Got chores to do so have some Halloween fun and enjoy our lives!

    Phyllis Smith.

  11. Patricia Evans

    I’ve been remiss in getting out the meager Halloween props I own. So far only a table runner, door decoration and wall hanging have made an appearance. Guess I better get crackin’ before it’s too late. I love your tablescapes, but since our table is rarely clear (DH’s stuff, not mine), I just don’t bother decorating the table any more.

  12. Beverly S.

    Thanks for the recipes! I’ve downloaded most of them as well as several from the past. I’m always looking for new fall recipes.

    No reply expected.

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