Teacups Quilt Along – Block 2

Continuing the Teacups Quilt Along, this month we’ll do a block from the Cups and Saucers book.  Actually, we will do three.  If you have this version – Cups and Saucers first edition – the patterns are the same.   So, make three copies of the teacup pattern on page 53 of the first edition, or page 55 in the revised edition, called Hanging Cup.  It is the one of the teacup hanging from a peg, and we’ll do three of the same thing.  If you need a refresher on the steps to paper piecing, click on Paper Piecing Basics and Tips.

For the fabrics, I took a shortcut on cutting, and cut the following to make all three hanging cups.  I just cut some strips and cross cut bits as needed. –
3 pieces of focus fabric 3-1/2″ x 4″ each
1 strip of focus fabric 1-1/2″ wide by WOF
2 strips background fabric WOF x 2-1/2″ wide
1 piece of brown shelf fabric 1-1/2″ wide x 11 inches long

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

Make 3 copies of the pattern on a tear-away paper.  Mark a 1/4-inch seam allowance outside line of the pattern for a cutting line.  Be sure your fabric fills the seam allowance area as you go.

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

Tips – shorten your stitch length, and use an open toe foot.  Also, piece #6 looks tiny, but will be larger as it is a piece that continues through the seam allowance, so don’t skip it – I know you’ll be tempted to as I was. Be sure to extend your sewing line through the outer cutting line where it intersects an edge.

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

Do all three at once, working on the same bit over all three blocks.  Then you make one trip to the ironing board for three seams, it will save a lot of time.  It also will help you see if you make a mistake before you get too far.

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

Trim on the cutting line, and remove the paper.

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

Sew the three blocks together side by side.

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

Add the ‘shelf’ piece along the top for the cups to hang from.  Final size of this unit is 5″x11″.

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

If you don’t have the book, just cut a piece of cute filler fabric this size.  Or you could make a row of flying geese as a filler too.  Update – I have done a pdf for an alternate block for those without the book – Teacups QA Alt September.  Next month’s teacup will also come from the book, and I’ll have an alternate idea if you don’t have the book.  After that, the next several months will have the pattern as a download on the blog.

Teacups Quilt Along at From My Carolina Home

Share your progress in the group on Flickr, created so readers can share anything inspired by my blog.  Come join if you use Flickr, and share your teacups as we go From My Carolina Home Project Sharing on Flickr , or share in our facebook group – From My Carolina Home Project Sharing on Facebook.

Here’s Mia’s teacup from August, shared on Flickr. Thank you for sharing your teacup.

Teacup QAL Block 1 Finished

If you missed the first post in August with the first block, click on Teacups Quilt Along begins.  If you are ready for the next block, click on October Teacup Block.
If you want to order the book, these both have the same patterns.  There will be at least two more from the book before we are done.  The rest will be given as downloads as I get to them.  We will do mixed techniques, they won’t all be paper pieced.
Cups and Saucers revised edition on Amazon.
Cups and Saucers first edition on Amazon

Have fun!!  What do you think of the second block?

11 thoughts on “Teacups Quilt Along – Block 2

  1. Myrna Watson

    What fun I have had today, first of all no book, want a wild search and you know how that goes. Did my own drawing of a cup and got two made, that’s another story. I will get the other cup made in the next week or so and will post on FB. Tomorrow is our local Art Walk lakecountryartwalk.ca so that’s where I will be.

  2. Brenda Ackerman

    Hello Carole, After reading your post today, I went searching on the Internet for any Free Hand Embroidery or Free Applique Tea Cups or Coffee Mugs that would work in a similar way as your paper pieced pattern. I think I may have finally found a pattern, yet it will need a tad bit of changing a few pieces to get the same effect. I think the fabric you chose is gorgeous! If I did see a cup in any color and design like you chose, I know it would be coming home with me! LOL. If my idea does not work the way I am hoping it does, I will definitely be going with your Flying Geese idea. Thank you for sharing and have a fabulous evening!

  3. Mia is mine

    Yea! I finished the 2nd Teacup! It was a bit more challenging, but so much fun to make….I think I may have found my quilting niche: foundation paper piecing! Thank you for hosting and for your patience with questions! 🙂

  4. Getting a late start and just now catching up to January block….I found copy of book, 1st Edition on ebay….the hanging cup pattern is in it too….page 53. I’m using 1950’s looking fabrics—-red, turquoise, white, grey and black. The color scheme reminds me of my mom’s kitchen growing up. I wish I had the vintage kitchen table and chairs—-red formica table top and gray and red plastic chairs. She sold it to a cousin when I was in high school in the 70’s and it was still in near perfect condition.

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